Bobby Brown - I Really Love You Girl Lyrics

yeah!!!yeah yeah
i really love you girl
yeah baby!!

[Verse 1:]
ohh i think i have found the girl for me
and she is the only one i need
we fit together like a hand in a glove
and there are never enough moment when we make love
can i give you all my lovin cause your the only one in my life
when you and me get such a feeling in my heart that i cannot hide cant you see

i really love my girl
(i really love you girl)
i really really love you girl yeah!
i really love my girl
(I really love you girl)
i really really love you yeah

[Verse 2:]
when we go out baby we have a real good time
we sit at a table for two candle light dinner and wine
you and me girl will live as one forever yeah
ohhhh love was made for you and me
girl you know we got to be together yeah
and i'll get down on my knees
girl im begging you please
not to leave me all alone

i really love my girl
(i really love you girl)
i really really love you girl yeah!
i really love my girl
(I really love you girl)
i really really love you yeah

Dreams were made for those who sleep
dreams are made for those who weep
and you and me we belong together baby huh
and i just want you to be the only one in my life
don't leave me all alone
BABY!! Yeah


[Bobby Adlibs]

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Bobby Brown I Really Love You Girl Comments


  2. Kerry McCollister

    Still one of the smoothest jams on earth that nobody knows!!!

  3. Tyrone Green

    I really love you Karen brown that's my high school sweethear class of 87"

  4. Steven Warner

    Still rocking this

  5. Rodrick Thompson

    From 4:15 to the end is better than a lot if songs to day!!


    I used to sing this back to him... Cuz I really loved him 😍 on repeat

  7. Bitcoin 4Life

    Still jamming this in 2019

  8. Aa We

    The Black Wonder Years



  10. pythondalova

    Virginia Union University Tiffany Ford...

  11. Montrez Holloway

    Bobby brown couldn’t lose back in the day

  12. Coretha Blount

    I was born in 1990 but I love this song. It makes me feel like I was there

  13. Aa We

    I love the background singers


    Here in the 2019... this song makes me wanna cry... for those good times and how I really loved Bobby!

  15. LGKids

    This album was the soundtrack to me talking to my girlfriend back in the day! And me trying to sang his slow jams from both albums back then! Peace!

  16. james reed

    I love it when my man tells me baby I love you so much even when we at times have ups and downs he still loves me and tell me he loves me and he show it to me I love you too my man Daddy yo hizzle

  17. Bridgette Concentine

    Bumping this today!!! What a beautiful day!!!

  18. Stefan Hammel

    damnnnnnn...what a childhood memories right here!! 80's 4 LIFE !!

  19. Hero 1


  20. Keith Witcher

    Bobby Brown's I Really Love You Girl song is a classic. Don't Be Cruel album is a classic. I like the album pictures. I love Bobby Brown.

  21. Devante Smith

    The whole comment section in the same page. As a 20 yr going on 21 revisiting the don’t be cruel album. There is not one skippable song

  22. LaLa Land

    So am I the only one who thinks he sounds different??

  23. 1950 Mr Universe __________________

    Bobby was the main man when this album hit. He was the goodie snatcher.

  24. Jamie Harston

    one of the coldest albums ever

  25. Bee Zoo

    In 2018 i would put this album up against anything out today and I bet it would krush it hands down

  26. Dream Field Academy

    He was in the zone when this open was produced. A+.

  27. Kieran Morton

    Is it me or does this beat sound like Zapp- computer love ?

  28. Bonny Tyesi

    This song puts me in a good mood....rollin with the top down, with the sun on my face...Music IS my drug of choice

  29. Barry Cunningham

    The best Bobby Brown song was not even a single smh

  30. Rickey Gee TV

    This album was a smash hit 30 years ago. He really changed the view of R&B!

  31. sheree mcintyre

    I kissed this album cover every day. I loved him!

  32. Jeanna O'Hara

    Oh my god!!! What a song. Taking me back to when I was 15.

  33. Damon Williams

    I really do love you Traci Melendez... I always have 27 years and counting!

  34. Sandra Hill

    That Album Don't be cruel is 30 Years old...I bet it'll be Bobby Brown's Movie

    Prince K

    Sandra Hill duh

  35. Natalie Smith

    My idol. Forever and ever. No one can compare! Know that. Usher who?

    Euclid’s Chemical Equation

    Natalie Smith Bobby doesn’t come close to Usher in sales and longevity so stop it ...Usher has 2 diamond albums and Bobby doesn’t

  36. Salayo Brown

    hard to believe this is 30 years old!!!  still sounds as fresh now as well as then.

    Jeezy Ming

    Salayo Brown yes indeed it is..... 30 years wow idk know that

  37. guccitwanmane

    The first thing that my uncle said when he heard this song was so much cocaine

  38. Joycelyn Mims

    Lit af!!!!

  39. NawfsideHtown

    Where did that time go?
    8th grade 1988
    Jordan 3s was out.
    I had a crush on Tonya

  40. Steven Linton

    This CD came out in 1988,thirty years ago. This CD BLEW UP. Not one bad song was on this cd. He was the man in 1988,but not the king of R&B. This brings back memories when I was younger.

  41. oliverrando

    man this song like so romantic

  42. Alex Rodriguez

    I really love u nancy im sorry for all the wrong i did. We fit together like hand on a glove.❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

  43. Mrs.T Ervin


  44. mooky

    This whole album was just...Whew!!! Lord take me back when music was good like this.

  45. highly favored

    The memories!!!!!!

  46. Hoppi The Pug

    <3 <3 <3

  47. Sasha Corvette

    The 13 thumbs down are crazy! This song is fire!

  48. Theresa Guy

    yeah really do love that song.

  49. Ramon Robinson

    this song should have made it big ,but it was like a hidden gem ,like all day all night.

    Fred Toddism

    Ramon Robinson this album had to many hits ,like Triller and Purple Rain .Bobby could have been 20 years untouched .
    The strength of alcohol and other drugs

    Don't worry Be Happy

    Mr Robinson u are rite Amen

    osaro runner

    This album had a lot of hit singles they couldn't release very song on Don't Be Cruel as a single..... i don't think this song would have been a hit if it was released as a single some songs are just meant to be hidden gems in a way they are more effective that way....

  50. king esseen

    Not one bad song on this album!


    Nope not on new editions CD either it was a tremendous summer


    Just playing them back forth

  51. Mike Bolton

    He shoulda done a video on this classic track.

    Theophany Jones

    I agree.

  52. anelson26

    Am I the only one that hears "Love Changes" by Khasif in this?

  53. SweetiePie Britt

    If this song plays somewhere I don't know how I am going to react to it lol

    Bridgette Concentine

    Lord dont ever let this song play in 2019 because I will lose all Christianity!!! An just show the whole world how I can still work it!!! Lol!!!❤

  54. HollyWoodStar2000

    I love this song! The don't be cruel def is a classic album. Hit after hit.

  55. Stacie Jones

    Dont be cruel, one of the best albums ever made

    Brandy Gee

    Slept on?


    I liked heartbreak better but byba sliver Johnny Ralph fuck unstoppable but bobby right there


    @highly favored that's up there too it was a time r b was king there were so many quality c D's crazy after 7 baby face Toni tone Tony Kieth sweat shit go on all fucking day such a great day love was the name of the game now ?.....garbage


    Moriah Carrey ....bbd Johnny hill Ralph Tresvant my God it never stopped


    Forget janey Jackson



    king esseen

    Y'all gotta switch it up all the time! Lol

  57. radaprince


  58. James Mcwright

    pimpin all day

  59. southern redbone

    I love this song....yep a real Bobby fan secret....this song needed a video


    +southern redbone I know right!!

  60. Dominique Reaves

    Love this song

  61. Lejon Forrest

    Omg omg I been looking for this thank you so so much for uploading it.

  62. Mary Ann Virella


  63. bubbles41

    thank you so much @Micahisgod for uploading this! omg! I use to play this song over and over!! everyone was listening to my perogative and don't be cruel...mean while I was jammin to this all the time!  :)

    QuJust AsIam



    Your welcome


    Your welcome

  64. Mail Box

    Notice how he Sing from the Diaphragm.
    One of his best and my favorites

    Mail Box

    Let me rephrase that. His Low Register   


    @Mail Box I noticed that too. Maybe the song was originally written for another artist with a different vocal style to Bobby.

    Mail Box

    +GanjaFarmer Maybe so, It was well arrange. And bobby did a great job

    Shadow Play in the Woods

    I prefer this style. Than again I'm a girl.

  65. Mail Box

    Bobby was better then New Edition. Going solo was his best bet. How many leads he had with new edition again?

    Mail Box

    Ralph had sensitive, last night, money cant buy you love. Other then those songs name some ?

    Stacie Jones

    @Chaio Winn Yes, he was

    Chaio Winn

    @Stacie Jones I know I'm probably waaaay younger than you fam but I see we just about listen to the same music lol

    Euclid’s Chemical Equation

    Mail Box in your mind and fandom Ralph had a successful solo career but in reality he didn’t and out of all the songs you named only sensitivity did anything notable on the pop charts ...Ralph did the absolute worst out of theNew Edition offshoots and could NEVER be a headliner as a solo artist not then and not now

    Stacie Jones

    @Euclid’s Chemical Equation true story

  66. Michael A Butler

    best song on the album...hands down

    Alexander Coffman

    Typo ,But it is like I stated above me, Roni was more of a commercial sounding song. But the song was a smash hit though, I will give you credit to that.

    Certified G

    It is a good song but damn he had mad hits like Don't Be Cruel, My Prerogative, Roni so some how it this song didn't get the props it could have

    Fred Toddism

    Michael A Butler yes sir

    Don't worry Be Happy

    Micheal Wow I forgot about this song this on repeat now wow niiiice

    Stefan Hammel

    Put your Sony Walkman on and dream away in the metro with a nice cuty pie sitting across of you...

  67. D-Jay Prime

    he shoulda did a video on this one..i kept it on repeat

  68. Halliwellsson

    RIP Nippy!

  69. FlintTownBoy

    delajones16 24, years

  70. bryan jones

    this song nobody no about...21 yrs old and i know all this

  71. bryan jones

    this song nobody no about...21 yrs old and i know all this

  72. Donn Preister


  73. Love Laura Marie

    I wish Bobby would do a greatest hits cd!!! Without wack ass New Edition

    Darkell White

    Whoa ! The disrespect on this comment......


    Clutching my pearls!!!

  74. Love Laura Marie

    One of my favs from him...Bobbaayyyy *in my Whitney voice*

  75. elroy3x1

    hot shit

    Don Perdue

    Pumpkin Chuuuuuch

  76. djsumma

    OMG....this was the tape to have...I used to fall asleep listening to this tape....awww man...these were the sweetest days ever!

  77. afroblack1000

    @mshook007 . Totally agree with u, however u forgot to mention "Roni", that tune was a killa track

  78. afroblack1000

    My tune, its now in my favourite's list

  79. Michael S

    This was absolutely the best jam on this fantastic album, did not get air play but everyone I know who had this album,cd, cassette, thought this was the best song.

  80. will Jones

    hugely underated and overlooked song on this album

  81. Unorthodox Hooligan

    i really love this song

  82. jdubbjazzbass

    the only album he had worth anything!!

    Darkell White

    You didnt like BOBBY ?

  83. Michael Carlucci

    I remember rewinding this track over n over n over again on my walkman, this truly brings me back!!

    Deana Marie

    lol me, too. I think I snapped one copy doing that

    No Sheeple

    I still rewind it!!! 2019 💕

  84. James Potter

    whatever he's been getting up to in recent years - back in the day he was sweet!~ proper music...cheers Bobby!



    Stacie Jones

    Yes, he was



  87. Chris Treacy

    @qmitch2 and 2.55, and 3.26 & 3.50 :-)))

  88. Chris Treacy

    great album, but this has ALWAYS been for me, the standout track. In a way, I love it when standout tracks don't get released, it's like you know a little secret :-)

  89. TheCynthyc

    I'm so happy I'm so happy!! I been looking for this forever!!!!!!!!

  90. qmitch2

    Who ever think Bobby cant sing, you need to pay attention at 2:25, he KILLS IT.....


    qmitch2 I recently seen him on Sway In the morning "Radio Show" and they set up basic tracks & artists have to sing live as music change, yea,he kills it.

  91. Kevin Smith

    i LOOOOOOOVE this song sooo much...i use to listen to this song every single day...Bobby is one of the best to ever do favorite artist of all time!!!

  92. siaty1

    @Jessie191000 its just a pic of bobby brown

  93. Alvin Roscoe

    He should of dropped this is a single. This is one of the greatest albums of all time. Forget about all of his negative media, and just listen to the music

  94. crydemons

    OMG - I use to listen to this and I ll be good to you all the time. I was in love with Bobby Brown. I went to a New Edition concert when I was young, but I could hardly see them. Then a fight broke out and people were throwing chairs.

  95. mayonaze2g

    yeah this was one of my favs on that album!!

  96. dirtylilpig98

    this is the bobby i miss.....this album was the shit no doubt....

  97. dirtylilpig98

    @prettygrey lol me too i love being an 80's baby.....

  98. supremejoseph

    Hell Yes my song Brown Bomber get it!


    ohh i think i have found the girl for me
    and she is the only one i need
    we fit together like a hand in a glove
    and there are never enough moment when we make love
    can i give you all my lovin cause your the only one in my life
    when you and me get such a feeling in my heart that i cannot hide cant you see

  100. ckchosen1

    That's wassup! I been wantin' to hear this for a minute. He definitely should have dropped this as a single. . . . 88' what a year! Bloods, Crips and Bobby Brown Lol