Bobby Bare - Too Many Nights Alone Lyrics

Midnight flights and barroom lights and rollin' for three days and nights
And motel rooms have been my only home
They gave me these sad knowing eyes and old age lines before my time
I guess I spent too many nights alone.

Denver trains and LA games taxis through the New York rain
On everybody's party but my own
Tellin' myself love could wait now maybe girl you've come too late
I may have spent too many nights alone.

I never let nobody any closer than my body
And I never needed someone till now
And you know I want so much to reach out my soul and touch you
But I don't know if I know how.

'Cause midnight flights and barroom lights
And rollin' for three days and nights
And open roads have been my only home
Learnin' ways to say goodbye and songs that only make me cry
I guess I spent too many nights alone, too many nights alone...

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Bobby Bare Too Many Nights Alone Comments
  1. Tina Beck

    Good song

    the winner

    thanks for listening Tina

  2. george moore

    Man, you can tell he knows how this feels.

  3. marilyn callachan


    the winner

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Mai-Liss Amundsen

    Jeg elsker denne sangen.

    the winner

    thanks for listening Mai-Liss

  5. Gary Steinke

    My life in a song!

  6. EddyJS96


  7. Glen

    Bobby you can make anything sound good... it is a godo song and he makes it just great

  8. grassic

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting, I haven't heard this for years. Originally written and sung by Even Stevens whose version is great but Bobby's is harder and sadder, just great!

    the winner

    You're welcome!  I'll have to try to check out that Even Stevens version.  Thanks for listening!

    Jeffery Willoughby

    @the winner Even Stevens co-wrote the majority of Eddie Rabbitt's hits.

    Jason Twell

    This song was co-written by that great songwriter Shel Silverstein!


    I love Shel, thought it was Even Stevens, though

  9. Samandrosa jones

    I agree, Bobby got that special voice!!!! Our weekend is going great too.

  10. the winner

    Bobby's got one of my favorite voices! So much feeling in it. My weekend is going good here. Hope ya'll's is going good too!

  11. Samandrosa jones

    Great song by Bobby Bare !!! He sure can sing them good old country songs. Thanks Brent. Have a great Weekend.

  12. the winner

    Yeah, it's a good one. It made it to #29 on the charts when it came out. Thanks for listenin' and commentin:)

  13. the winner

    you're welcome. yeah, Bobby Bare is one of my all time favorites!

  14. Charlie Burttram

    I love this song. thanks so much for posting..............

  15. dvdman49

    I admire Bobby and his music! thanks!