Bobby Bare - My Elusive Dreams Lyrics

I followed you to Texas, I followed you to Utah
We didn't find it there so we moved on
I followed you to Alabam, things look good in Birmingham
We didn't find it there so we moved on.

I know you're tired of following my
Elusive dreams and schemes
For they're only fleeting things
My elusive dreams.

I had your child in Memphis, you heard of work in Nashville
We didn't find it there so we moved on
To a small farm in Nebraska, to a gold mine in Alaska
We didn't find it there so we moved on.

Now we've left Alaska because there was no gold mine
But this time only two of us move on
And now all we have is each other
And a little mem'ry that we could to cling to
But still you won't let me go on alone.

I know you're tired of following
My elusive dreams and schemes
For they're only fleeting things
My elusive dreams.

For they're only fleeting things
My elusive dreams...

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Bobby Bare My Elusive Dreams Comments
  1. spencer bautista

    This is the perfect song for Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham back in their early days.

  2. Neville Gardner

    OW WoW what a sweet couple, they are genuine singers doing duets in their own voices Love IT xxxxxxxx

  3. Randall Sundeen

    One of the most beautiful duets I've ever heard this story is one of true love

  4. Mariam Fritsi


  5. H D

    My favorite is Tammy and George Jones. I also like Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley. I think there are many who do this song well. I also like Bobby Vinton.

  6. Priyanto Sudirman


  7. Lt Mason

    Probably the best rendition of "My Elusive Dream."

  8. Grenville Gage

    Glen Campbell and Bobby gentry was the best I heard

  9. alan kamau

    Are there no free downloads

  10. Uma Seuman

    Thanks for the beautiful remake

  11. Gunter Neumann

    Fantastic duo. Skeeter is terrific by hereself and/or with any other male singer. Could listen to her alone, with Bobby Bare or Porter Wagoner all day. They just don't make singers like that anymore. Can't stand modern day C&W music!

  12. David Daniel Gladwin

    My wife and I sang this on the Quaysde when we were moored up. Like any tramp ship we never knew where we were going we moved on. Might as well sing and play my old Hohner, however ruefully.

  13. Fay Weeekes

    I came of paxil 20mg cold turkey and had no withdrawal symptoms. I came off Xanax. 25 and had no withdrawal symptoms.

  14. rene florencio

    wow perfect good

  15. Ge barrerajr

    buetyful voice

  16. Peter Graham

    Beautiful rendition of my favorite song.

  17. Susan Mohammed

    This is nice but Tammy & George Jones took the the cake

  18. Charles Sandino

    This song obviously is a tribute to faithfulness. But I for one was never brave enough to ask that from anyone. Somehow I knew only a fool or someone without any sense would trust me that far. You can't build a future on ' dreams and schemes ', you have to be more realistic. But the thought and the possibility is nonetheless beautiful and so is this song.

  19. Mme Kustina

    i love this song

  20. Maraline Campbell

    love my elusive dream I could listen to over and over again and again

  21. Frank M

    Thought I died cause I am hearing an angel

  22. James Hooper

    2 of the real best, make a real best song. I miss S Davis. Fan in San Antonio Texas.

  23. David Walsh

    One of my favouriye songs of all time beautifully performed by this delightful duo

  24. matthew hayes

    Great singers.

  25. Lemwel Massana

    l remember the good old days of m

  26. Kenneth Lingle

    Not George and Tammy. But not bad. Great song.

    matthew hayes

    +Kenneth Lingle Cant compare them theyr both great versions and lovely song

  27. Lawrence Dolha

    I remember listening to this song on a 8 track while working grave yard at the Esso in Princeton BC, I was 17, living on my own, and working full time while still going to high school

  28. Lee YS

    Love this version best. Bobby Bare's strong and emotional voice suits the song well!

  29. hanna pretorius


  30. imusfan48

    Would love to have this CD!! Great duo, reminds me of Jim Ed Brown/Helen Cornelius, but I don't think Bobby was 'hitting' Skeeter, like Jim was ''tapping' Helen!?

  31. Irina Sulati

    I like this song.....

  32. Meade Music

    This is good. My favorite version is the David Houston/Tammy Wynette version.

    Merle Gann

    @Meade Skelton you are sooo right. I agree 100 percent.

  33. keen observer

    oh so sweet i just love this song!

  34. ขนิษฐา สุวรรณศรี


  35. Regina Djohan Madya


  36. caroline samson

    Please find Skeeter's "I'm longing to hold you again".Thanks.

    Maraline Campbell

    I also wish

  37. threemississippi

    Still a very beautiful duet - catch Bobby currently on RFD TV, still singing these days!

  38. swampzoid

    i totally like it !

  39. Rick Stange

    Nice version, but if you get a chance, listen to Roger Miller's. He put some feeling into it.

  40. Stacy Wilson

    @Wordsmith37 so sweet so sweet, thank you for sharing that :)

  41. Nicer manNson

    thank you for these romantic love songs.
    just like those were the days - 30 years ago


  42. jim GEYER

    Glad to see people still posting the oldies. Brings back some fine memories

    Marelineu Capmbell

    skeeters Davis your songs make me feel so emotional and comforting