Bobby Bare - Maggie Lyrics

Maggie, how I wish we'd never met
Never kissed or tried to fall in love
For Maggie fashion's not the same as love
It's just a game we're soon tired of.

We were too young to marry anyhow
Hot blood was all there was between us
Now there's the kids, a house and more than bills to pay
It breaks my heart, we're not in love
Maggie, Maggie, how I wish we'd never met?

Maggie many tears ago
Love we thought would grow was dead and gone
Maggie, it's hard to pretend
When things that need to end keep draggin' on.

It's not quite fair to raise our kids like this
They're not too young to know we're fakin'
But nothing's ever said out loud and time takes on
Clean to the bone our souls're achin'
Maggie, Maggie, how I wish we'd never met.

Maggie, Maggie...

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