Bobbie Gentry - Niki Hoeky Lyrics

Down in Louisiana
Down in Cajun land
Folks got something goin'
Goes something like

Folks come an git'cha tootsie
I wants to t'tie ya puppe'tame me
Gonna dig ya on a scoobydoo
Gonna gitcha on'a scubadie

Ooh boog-a-boo you
You ooh boog-a-boo you, little boy
Get hip to the consultation of the boolawee
Umm hmm, umm

Said, golly, golly miss Molly
Everything's copesetic now
Boog-a-boo, look at you
What I'd like to do to you boy

Ooh boog-a-boo you
You ooh boog-a-boo you, little boy
Get hip to the consultation of the boolawee
Umm hmm, hmm

Niki, Niki, Niki Hoeky
Your pappy's doing time in the pokey
Your sisters on a trip
Your momma got hip

Little boy you're lookin' OK
You ooh boog-a-boo you
You ooh boog-a-boo you, little boy
Get hip to the consultation of the boolawee

I'm talking bout your boola
Talking bout that wee
I'm talking bout your boola
Talking bout that wee

Well, get hip to the consultation of the boolawee
Niki, Niki, Niki
Niki, Niki, Niki
Niki, Niki, Niki

Niki, Niki, Niki Hoeky
Niki Hoeky

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Bobbie Gentry Niki Hoeky Comments
  1. Funky Babazozo

    A body for the ages! Oh yeah, she could sing too!

  2. rick huff

    That little smile at the very end. Smokin hot!

  3. Explorer Mike

    Wow! This was country music in the 1970's? I don't remember it like this, but holy smokes. This is HIP, man!

  4. Frank Bowden

    My husband won’t watch this because it’s “naughty,” which is the highest praise I can think of. All hail Bobbie!

  5. tbonebryant9

    What a babe.

  6. Jeffery Wines

    Bobbie Gentry by any measure is one of the top 10 women in American music. 🌹

  7. Nuancolar

    This is good. This is real good.

  8. mizzury54

    Digging that sassy hairdo !

  9. Nancy Desch

    Sexy without being vulgar or taking all of her clothes off. One hell of a talented woman.

  10. Cajunman Dick

    Damnit she's hott but the powers that be in Hollywood yankeefied the song, too much PC liberal interpretation.

  11. taddyd1

    Cute but..... not near PJ nor Aretha.

    BillyJene musiclover

    As a hardcore Queen Of Soul devotee, I with R-E-S-P-E-C-T (pun intended) totally disagree with you taddyd1! I feel that Bobbie's rendition of Niki Hoeky is of course different than Aretha's and PJ's but hold it's own with just as much power and artistry!!

  12. guitawrizt

    Bought an album reissue of 'Ode' and discovered to My dismay the 'Ode'
    musical riff repeated thru most of the songs.

  13. Nelson X

    Aretha made this her song. This version is so wack. Go listen the version of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

  14. Rob M

    see now that's rappin

  15. Herley Taylor

    Aretha Franklin did it best.

  16. Jswines123

    As wonderful today as it was yesterday. ♥️

  17. Sandsculptor

    I missed seeing Bobbi sing this song on the Smothers Brothers Show. I was in Vietnam at the time. But while I was in basic training at Fort Benning Georgia in early 1968, her song "Ode to Billy Joe" played on our "transistor" radios just about 6 or 7 times a day. When I got home and went to my stateside duty station at the Presidio of San Francisco I bought a few of her albums... and I still got them, 50 years later. She's an awesome singer and a beautiful woman... what more could you ask for, huh?

  18. J P

    That's class

  19. phillip trenthem

    I'd like to marry her 20 or 30 times.

  20. SoLasVegious


  21. city zen

    She has it all!

  22. guitawrizt

    Delta Smokin'.

  23. Juicy Fruit

    Damn she is so sexy, cute, adorable and a complete dynamite. Love the music also.

  24. Rufus Goldstein

    She is one of a kind!

  25. Stephen Morgan

    Absolutly Lucky to have this video, and thank you! I truly love this video, love this woman. such class and very sexy. I mean WOW!

  26. Brenton Horner

    Love this song by Native American rock band REDBONE.

  27. ArmedAndStoned1

    shes wonderful x

  28. Stephen Morgan

    Love this video, love this woman. Wish the video was better quality though.

    Lee Cooper

    Stephen Morgan: 'Do not adjust your set' .... LOL. Not sure there's any version available that's clearer...This was a clip from her appearance on the Smothers Brother's Show, back in the day. It appears (to me) as a music video - LONG before there was such a thing as a music video! Agree it would be so much MORE if it were clearer, but I figure we're lucky to have it, in any fashion.

  29. GL AnnapolisTeam

    I wonder what would have happened had she done a DUSTY IN MEMPHIS style album with Jerry Wexler. I know she worked with Rick Hall at FAME for a few songs.

  30. Brenton Horner

    GREAT song written by Native American rock band Redbone, who are in the
    Smithsonian; they wrote many great songs like Come And Get Your Love (
    maybe the most popular song in Guardians of The Galaxy movies- and the theme of F.. .is For Family on Netflix), Custer Had it Coming, Wovoka, Witch Queen of New Orleans,
    Maggie, Suzy Girl, Nikki Hoeky, Chant 13th Hour (which introduced EARTH
    DAY to the world in 1970), We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee, Message
    From a Drum, When You Got Trouble, One Monkey, Tennessee Girl , Drinkin' And Blo, Liquid Truth, Fais Do - and more. Check them out.

    Rick Pickren

    To set the record straight: The Vegas brothers Co-wrote Nicki Hoekey w/ the great Jim Ford.

  31. Nancy Desch

    She was so unique.  This wasn't country, it wasn't rock per se - it's a whole new category.  She was brilliant and so damned talented.  The lyrics on this song are very odd - I'm talking by your boola, I'm talking about that wee?????  Is that cajon?

  32. Tom Jones

    Hot, that was pretty radical in the sixties. She was hot, I remember here well. Us boys noticed her a lot.

  33. Micheal Calthorpe

    love that sixties style they really had something going then

  34. Josie Springfield

    Mark and Kimmie will have a consultation shortly. Mark is no longer in existence.

  35. opentrunks

    You gotta be kidding me. This is an obvious play off of Ode To Billie Joe and it doesn't work. It screams one hit wonder, except the one hit was the other one.

  36. Cynthia Hawkins

    Name calling!! Aren't you smart???

  37. Scott Lewis

    This is a very sexy and well-performed dance number. Can't get enough of it.

  38. kal Desjarlais

    the body on the yellow dancer at :11--yikes


    Very nice, but my eyes are trained on Bobbie. She's like...WOW! Cute song too.

  39. Scott Lewis

    mongo wont to kiss and touch prettie dollie

  40. Cynthia Hawkins

    BG wasn't like anyone else..I can almost hear Bonnie Raitt doing this (in my head,) but great as Bonnie is...

    Chico Gonzalez

    You are a moron. Bonnie Raitt is a fantastic guitarist and singer. Just shut up.

    Cynthia Hawkins

    Have we been introduced? Blow it out your ear!


    Haha you two are cracking me up

  41. Nick Campbell

    It was a great time. "Ode to Billy Joe" is a remarkable album as is her next two following it.

  42. Stephen Morgan

    She was so beautiful. Love it!

  43. Peche Lele

    Man, that lovely southern lady could sing!!! Mississippi gold!!

  44. Chrissy Metz

    Get It Bobbie!

  45. Bruce Baldwin

    Hottest singer there ever was! No gimmicks just beautiful Bobbie!!

  46. Charles Moorman

    I wish I was one of those male dancers; of course I might of gotten bounced from the performance since I would have made a grab for Bobbi--ha-ha!

  47. doo rag

    "I'm talkin bout that weed..."

  48. Tim Myles

    we need more of this an less of MILEY CYRUS


    A lot of what Miley does is inspired by the women of this era. Bobbie, Dolly, all of them. Look past the tongue sticking out and realize its all the same before you go passing judgement on things you don't understand.

    Joey B

    @AV6Q . . .Its not the same and if you were a musical artist or performer you would know that whereas I am. . .BYE!!!!!

    Jacki Miller

    @AV6Q I think this video and Wrecking Ball are two of the sexiest videos ever. Different, but yeah...

  49. al smith

    Ok guys she was my girl so you all leave her alone. I was 17 and me and Ms Roberta Lee (Bobbie) were on a date and things were just getting interesting when Mom woke me up and said it's time to get ready for school. Ruined my day!

    Steve Douglas

    Proof it wannabe!!!

    Steve Douglas

    Proof it wannabe!!!

    Bill Kusnerik

    You understand he was having a dream, right?

  50. Marcus Leath

    100 views are from me

  51. Marcus Leath

    The fuck is she sayin?

    kal Desjarlais

    doesnt matter-- does it

  52. Carlito1988

    A true old school southern girl and she was a hottie for her day!

  53. Gregory Whoee


  54. Gregory Robinson

    I was in complete love with this woman when I was five.You can plainly see why

  55. Bruce Baldwin

    Bobbie was so HOT! Fell in love with her first time I heard her on the radio back in 1967! Then saw her!!! Always was my #1 favorite! Still have her records!

  56. Gerry S.

    I sure wish there were voices like her still today. She's one of a kind.

    Charlie Ressler

    @Gerry S. and she was smoking hot!

    Gerry S.

    @Charlie Ressler
     Ha ha! yes she was.


    Damn right she was..

    Bruce Don

    Don't talk about my sugar plum that way i get jealous

  57. Matt Helm

    The look on Bobbie's face at 00:35 secs is totally loveable!
    Her body of work is quality throughout. Every singer/songwriter would kill to produce a standard. Bobbie did just that with 'Ode To Billie Joe'.
    A beloved lady!

  58. Bob ZmudaVision

    Searched all over for a Bobbie Gentry , Can't find me one anywhere :(


    Nope, the mold was broken when they made this one.  She's one of a kind amazing woman.  Her beauty alone could make most men jump off a bridge for her.  Oh wait!  I think she wrote a song about that one already.

    mk toohtwo

    Did you check the Tallatchee Bridge...? 🤔

  59. cary dimmich

    my god she is awsome

  60. teller121

    wow!  I wish this came in clearer on my screen!  What a dreamboat.

  61. 37terraplane

    One of the sexiest chicks ever!!!


    NO SHIT............

  62. metalhijinx

    Burton cummings also sang this,

  63. John Raynolds

    I agree we needed more songs from this lady ...WoW! I 'm impressed 

  64. Starr Lara

    She was so hip, beautiful, and talented.  We needed more songs from her!!!

  65. don marland

    wow, one of the most underreated beauties of the 60's.


    I would say much of her music, which was hard to categorize as she had a broad range of styles, was underrated.  Her beauty was almost always apprecitated,  I recall many stories of her beginning with, "That dark haired, dark eyed beauty..."

    blackbirdsIn October

    Ditto. ..beautiful classy

    Explorer Mike

    Bobbie Gentry was not underrated in her day. In the 1970's, Bobbie was the talk of the town. She was famous for her talent and beauty. That is why we are still talking about her today.

  66. C Flow

    I like this! I know Aretha recorded this also....thanks Bobbie Gentry, now I get it!!!

    cindy jones

    I didn't know Aretha covered this song!  Bobbie Gentry is my all time fave.

    Michelle DJ

    C Flow this song was originally written by redbone

  67. livi C

    I was feeling down...Not Anymore!!

  68. J Lee Cline

    She's just outstanding!



  70. Gypsylady Laura

    If Faith Hill did these moves, she'd break. Ms Hill needs a good meal. Bobbie has the talent & looks like a real woman--not a stick. Bobbie was the real deal.

  71. phillyflash43

    She had been a Vegas showgirl years earlier so she's unsurprisingly a good dancer...

  72. Rand Baer

    Not entirely true. Despite occassional overarrangement, "Delta Sweete", an actual early concept album, is unquestionably Bobbie Gentry's masterpiece. Unfortunately, she dropped out too early to fulfill her very real potential as singer and songwriter. Interesting how cool she looks amid all of that massively unflattering '60's Shindig-style choreography.

  73. kimberly longman

    I love this song.

  74. Lynn Claughton

    Talk about corny dated musical arrangements....Since she had a big hit with ODE TO BILLY JOE, her music arrangers put a ODE TO BILLY JOE beat to almost everything she did. Had she had an opportunity to work with good arrangers and a good band so she could extend her talent to the greatness it was, the world missed out on one of the greatest talents ever. She was a total class act that never got a chance to prove it.

    scooby doo

    Excuse me? She WAS her "music arrangers". She produced her albums, wrote and composed most of the songs..

  75. steve bardill

    shes very lovely



  77. Donnie Mrkacek

    I think Bobbie Gentry is pretty and talented why wouldn't any body adore her?

  78. Scottie Ulon

    is it just me or does anybody else wanna watch Gilligans Island

  79. grecomic

    Mad Men only reached 1967 as of last season. If "Ode" makes an appearance, it will be this season.

  80. BamaShari

    Bobbie wrote and produced most all of her own work. She also played several instruments and was just "too nice" for the business she was in... and the man she married (Stafford) ~ he and the industry just took it out of her, I don't blame her for walking away... I do wish she would have remembered a few of the friends she made that adored her though.... when I think of her I think of an AFRTS studio, my dad, cold pizza and warm dr pepper.. God love ya Bobbie where ever you may be...

  81. jfms777

    Am amazed "Mad Men" has not referred to Bobbie Gentry in some way. "Ode" is one of the most remembered records of the 60s.

  82. J.J. Gonzalez Gonzalez

    U-u-u-uuu U-uuu!!!! WOW-WOW-WOW!!!

  83. HCIKFS1

    An incredible talent.

  84. Mickey Sanker

    Faith can't do much with out ProTools helping her sound better, Bobbie wrote most of her song Faith has to rely on others to find her a hit. Her live show is a recording she sings very little of it. If the hard drive holding her background is not working she's not working.

  85. Scot Terrell

    fuck faith hill. she cant do this.

  86. Scot Terrell

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!

    Reminds me of why my parents watched the Smothers Brothers..

  87. danielrdrown1

    Bobbie fans" T.C.M has aquired the rights to Bobbie's two television specials from 1971. Go to their web site to vote to have them released on home video!

  88. Bruce Baldwin

    my favorite singer! fell in love in 1967 when I was 15! I still have all her records! my prize possesions!

  89. DaveDaShrubber

    Faith Hill should do something like this for the opening of Sunday Night Football.

  90. brett symington

    This song could have written about my neighbour Nicholas Hoklebotham,his Dad went to jail,his sister used to go on coach trips and his Mum got a new Hip.........but then again,he lives in the village of Mutch Spoofing,which is nowhere near Louisianna......and he wasn't born until 1975......

  91. phillip martin

    The drugs were really good back in the 60's.

  92. Spellbinder

    you need a hearing aid.

  93. Daniel Horton

    Great Vid!!! I really had a crush on this lady, especially when she had her own summer show on CBS in the late '60's. Thanks and Keep 'Em Comin'

  94. girlie3379

    I love, love Bobbie. Wonder what happened to her.

  95. Dan Stevens

    She has her own HimBots lol

  96. kajunmoon

    I have no idea :)

  97. James Fabiano

    Is there someone I can go through to send a fan letter to her?