Bobbie Gentry - Lazy Willie Lyrics

Get up, lazy Willie, there's work to be done
Out of seventeen kids, you're the laziest one
Pigs in the kitchen and the roosters in the pig stye
Weeds in the garden busy growin' up knee high

Lazy Willie, look at you, ain't you a sight
Tuh tuh twee tuh twee dee twee, tuh tuh twee
Lazy Willie, sleep all day and play all night
Umm hmm, umm

Get up, lazy Willie, up and outta that bed
There's cows to be milked and mule's to be fed
Thin the corn, harvest the soybeans
And help me set the table for our company from New Orleans

Lazy Willie, wake up, you ain't heard a word I said
Tuh tuh twee tuh twee dee twee, tuh tuh twee
Lazy Willie, you gotta get up in time to go to bed
Umm hmm, umm

Don't you remember, lazy Willie, what moma would say?
That all summer long the grasshopper would play
The ant would work hard stowing up his winter supply
And when the snow came the ant lived, the grasshopper died

Lazy Willie, well, ants work hard and grasshoppers play
Tuh tuh twee di twee di dee, tuh tuh twee
Oh, Lazy Willie, you're gonna sprout green legs and hop away
Gonna ha-hop away

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Bobbie Gentry Lazy Willie Comments
  1. Gord

    Another classic Bobbie Gentry. Timeless.

  2. Tom Klone

    We want more !

  3. wendy pearson

    She was just awesome! I wonder why she disappeared in '81from the music biz? It must've really affected her for her to walk away!

  4. Katies Korner