B.o.B - Stanley Kubrick Lyrics

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break, walking on
Walking on the moon

B.o.B, what the hell you doing?
What the fuck does Stanley Kubrick have to do with
Astronauts and moon men
Who the hell you fooling?
Fuck you and this whole stupid flat Earth movement
Well, if you don't like it sue, if it's science prove it
You're a college student, shouldn't be assuming
Green screen, sound stage, sound proofing
Time to film a movie shoot
Gotta use my tools in the glass case
Astronaut suit footprint don't match the boot
Been to the moon once and ain't been back since
And I'm just trying to figure out where the tax dollars went

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break, walking on
Walking on the moon

Not a huge fan of the award for the best rapper
But they give the moon man award to the best actor
Guess we must go straight to the source and let's ask NASA
Uh, how do you explain the occurrence of lunar waves?
Why do we only see one half of the lunar face?
How do you explain air bubbles you view in space?
Why is it so important to lie to the human race?
Million mile internet that travels light years
But they can't show a space shuttle re-enter the atmosphere, okay
To blast off you gotta practice Freemasonry
An acronym that stands for Not A Space Agency

Some may say, I'm wishing my days away, no way
And if it's the price I pay, some say
Tomorrow's another day, you'll stay
Walking on, walking on the moon

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B.o.B Stanley Kubrick Comments
  1. Richard McConnell

    Ghostpolitics brought me here

  2. Xiomara Quijada

    Be AWARE of Bob Stanley, he is THIEF, he took my money last year, and never send me the stupid pill.
    Those were all my savings, I am talking of thousands. Then he blocked me from his email [email protected]
    I really don get it, how a man wanting to start a business could do something so LOW, and COWARDLY WRONG.
    I hope he could read this note. And I know he will no have peace of mind from now and on.

  3. Truth Solid

    Need electricity for element project

  4. john doe

    Moon landings were all fake.

  5. The Colored Truther

    Bob speak it


    peace and power!

  7. Miluik Powell

    good video

  8. Matt Clemons

    This shit is so filtered. Bullshit it only has 2,000 views

  9. joe doe

    Thank you Bobby from a saved soul..

    James Causey III

    Feel the same God bless you brother

  10. nick stone

    hahaha lit.. believe your eyes