Bob Sinclar - Tennessee Lyrics

Wild city living
In takes my breathe away
But I'm not living
The way I ought to be
Check it out, there's surely
Something missing
Got to move, on, before I kiss the ground

I hear you calling
I see your beauty in my mind
A piece of heaven
A place where living in crazy
Check it out, I still recall the feeling
Got to find me a way
Somehow, got to make it back ... to Tennessee

Chasing the rainbow - shooting for the moon
Aiming much too high - getting so confused
I'm all out of luck
I'm all out of love
Guess I... I just had enough

Now my western tears
Remin me of my home
And my western heart reminds me I'm alone
But my heart is sure that love will guide the way
Now my western soul goes... back... to Tennessee

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Bob Sinclar Tennessee Comments
  1. 1804SOF

    "Club Original"

  2. killerjhul


    Wild city living 
    In takes my breathe away 
    But I'm not living 
    The way I ought to be 
    Check it out, there's surely 
    Something missing 
    Got to move, on, before I hit the ground

    I hear you calling 
    I see your beauty in my mind 
    A piece of heaven 
    A place where living in crazy 
    Check it out, I still recall the feeling 
    Got to find me a way 
    Somehow, got to make it back, to Tennessee

    Chasing the rainbow, shooting for the moon 
    Aiming much too high, getting so confused 
    I'm all out of luck 
    I'm all out of love 
    Guess I...I just had enough

    Now my western tears 
    Remind me of my home 
    And my western heart reminds me I'm alone 
    But my heart is sure that love will guide the way 
    Now my western soul goes, back, to Tennessee

  3. Sebastián Arce

    2019, son.

  4. Raezer

    Heard this song first on an MC Mario CD back in 07 and I haven't found it again after all these years

  5. Jonas Aschenbrenner

    Childhood Memories

  6. Ivana Sirena


  7. Lucky Luke

    Fabuleux .du rêve

  8. Rudi Verhelst


  9. Anna Santostefano

    Still listening in 2018, still epic

  10. Ben M.

    The last time I heard this song was 10 years ago, how time flies...


    The best song of Bob Sinclar

  12. Erge13

    these basses lit

  13. Faraid Faridov

    Empoli 2018

  14. Faraid Faridov

    2018 🍄

  15. luk3ttino bellerofonte

    So 2018.....😎😎😃

  16. pichi UL

    2018 !!!! Love ittttt ❤

  17. Santiago Palacios

    2018 y aún recuerdo como si fuera ayer los momentos que viví con esta rolota!

  18. Carlos Alarcón

    2017 ;)

  19. lazyass1812

    So much emotion in this track. And now, a lot of nostalgia as well.

    A nisam ni sumnjao da ima naših u komentarima. :D


    ohhh....and everyone gets a like from me.......hahaaaa

  21. Krupa Patel

    Fuck colonization but I like this song still

  22. Maciej Zagumny

    2017! <3

  23. Gaëtan Dubuc

    A track with a certain soul still listening it in 2016 . That's the difference with the other "DJ's"

  24. stephen harle

    this is the only thing good about Tennessee.........

  25. Hartake


  26. tamy tonse

    how much have i searched this song! even typing tennesse did not lead to it!

  27. Matt San Giorgio

    Been looking for this song for years! 

    jack bullock

    haha i've been looking for that sound for 7 years hahaha

  28. David Yancey

    It's downright shameful that I LIVE in Tennessee (Nashville even) and I'm JUST NOW hearing this song for the first time in 2014. Great song!

  29. William Weiss

    lol 4to?

  30. Seb Min

    Who had listened it in 2007 !!?? like my post!

    Moon Buckets

    @***** Me too, thanks.


    Sorry liked your post anyway....but I didn't hear this song till 2 years ago..when i heard it on my Jango Radio Station ELECTRIC 101..(cheap plug) see down in Winnipeg...our stations just don't know good music, like this...and we even have a station called BoB FM.....ha.....would of went good together...

    Justin Decker

    Seb Min bought the album in the summer of 2006 when it came out!


    I m here in 2019.

    hukso huksovich

    Me i was 19 at the time, that makes me 31 now

  31. jorgeeandress

    2014 :D

  32. Karolis Klikna

    Just Epic

  33. Ivan Zečević

    Best song EVER!

  34. Anne Fernandes

    Adoro essa Musiica !!!

  35. Sigmax 4652

    una de las mejores musica q puede aver me retorna a mis viejos tiempos nostalgia snif snif

  36. arnold condor

    esta cancion es la q mas me gusta d ese album, luego la cancion love generation y hold on d ahi las otras estan en algo

  37. carls90

    Buenisima de verda......

  38. matej jurić

    whole album is one big masterpiece :D good job Bob :D

  39. Duje Vukelić

    great song ;DD greetings from croatia <3

  40. Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News

    i'm in loooooove

  41. mtenjoy

    Moooorda! tu Polska :D


    mtenjoy pozdro

  42. wuksna

    Биг лике :)

  43. powermaxcz

    Supéééér :-)

  44. Halekz190

    si, de lo mejor de Bob!! :D

  45. Piero

    si o no? buenisima! lastima que ya no hace exitos como estos :/.. pero en fin queda para el recuerdo jaja

  46. jorgeeandress

    apoyo eso hermanoo...EXCELENTEE!!!!

  47. Piero

    que buena musica carajo...