Bob Seger - White Wall Lyrics

Springtime of new years, the young thoughts see more dreams
while you live on the wind, how lovely it all seems
With moments yet unshared, and wishes incomplete
The stars above your head, the world beneath your feet

Suddenly your nights, begin to seem so long
There's no one there to touch, when things start going wrong
You finally realise, you've never loved at all
and everywhere you look, you see the white wall

Your father's been too far, your mother's been too near
And now you're on your own, withdrawing in your fear
Through long and sleepless nights, the foxes are running free
You long to be with them, when the scare meets the sea

You climb and then you fall, and then you try again
You curse yourself aloud, for living so weird
and took it to the ground, your eyes are filled with tears
Imprisoned there you lay, in the autumn of your years

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Bob Seger White Wall Comments
  1. Harry Casper

    Great song (though the vocals are tough to make out), but the title could well be what Trump really wants.

  2. WeAreThey

    My favorite Seger song. Thanks for posting this. I had it on cassette, but the tape wore out years ago. I was bummed. I met him backstage at the Detroit Music Awards around '99 and mentioned White Wall to him. He got a laugh out of the fact that I knew this song.

  3. impalafarmer

    Actually, the first pressing of this record was in 1967. And it's available:

  4. Nedrick Hunch

    Want to sell them???

  5. ochoa knose

    Great song! I like the psych elements.

    I have to make a correction though – "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" was written by Seger himself, not Dickie Betts. I presume you're confusing it with Betts's own "Ramblin' Man".