Bob Seger - Tryin' To Live My Life Without You Lyrics

I used to smoke five packs of cigarettes a day
It was the hardest thing to put them away
I drank four or five bottles of wine
I kept a glass in my hand all the time

Breakin' those habits
Was hard to do
But nothin' compared to the changes
That you put me through

Tryin' to live my life without you babe
It's the hardest thing I'll ever do
Tryin' to forget the love we once shared
It was the hardest burden I'll ever bear

I had the worst reputation in town
For chasing all the women around
I thought changin' my way of living was hard to do
But it's nothin' compared to the changes that you put me through

I've done everything I tried to do
But it's gonna take a miracle to get me over you

Tryin' to live my life without you babe
It's the hardest thing I'll ever do
Tryin' to forget the love we once shared
It's the hardest burden I'll ever bear

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Bob Seger Tryin' To Live My Life Without You Comments
  1. Marcelle Barth

    Hell yeah!!!

  2. Dennis A

    I'll never understand why Otis Clay's original version of this song was completely ignored by top 40 radio in the early 70's..

  3. pappy999

    The late, lamented brought me here.

  4. Dalton Floyd

    I used to smoke 5 packs a cigarettes a dayyyyy, it was the hardest thing to put them away. Maybe one of the best opening lines ever

  5. dale hooper

    Bad ass music

  6. Darrell Somers

    Sounds like the eagles ,long run

  7. Lisa Fury

    I was there! Excellence 💋

  8. Rickey Engle

    how it working out,,

  9. Greg Yarber

    Know of someone who met him at a dentist office & talked to him for 20 mins, said he was more down to earth than the average man. He didn't act conceited or arrogant, just a darn nice man ! We need more people like him in the world.

    Jenny Àldrich

    Heck I'd love to meet Bob Segar

  10. Stephen Busch

    Bob seger had soul my friends!

  11. Falling Up

    But it’s gonna take a miracle , to get me over you ! ✌️💜

  12. Michael Cantral

    This is an old Memphis song hell this is my song

  13. Dreamers Rock

    I kept a glass in my hand all the time ✌️

  14. Justin McKnight

    Hardest thing I'll ever do

  15. Dave Aldridge

    Living it!!

  16. groovy doobies4

    Only 18 an pretty much a alcoholic haha

    Cyclone Lantern

    groovy doobies4 hope you get to an aa meeting like this isn’t funny

  17. Kevin Willis

    I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day!


    Hope you aren't bragging about it. I used to smoke a lot of cigs too and regret starting it. Very costly. Smoked for 43 years and still smoke. Just not cool anymore

    Jenny Àldrich

    I do to it's difficult to stop

    jim ogrady

    Jenny Aldrich   I live near Indian Reservation I can get a carton for $ 15.00 dollars, Crazy at Buffalo Bills football games 1 Beer is $10.00. Bob is coming to Buffalo in Febuary 2020. Rolling Stones played here 6 times, Big Bummer Led Zeppelin cancelled when drummer OD on Alcohol Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Journy, The Who, Bob Seger,  Allman Brothers & Lynyrd Skynyrd came to Buffalo. Country singers Alan Jackson & LeAnn Rimes. It was cool most Bands opened saying HELLO BUFFALO. That Buffalo ranked #1 for most snow. True we get 10 feet every winter from Lake Erie. No one knows of all Citys near 5 Great Lakes why Buffalo gets the most snow. Always WHITE CHRISTMAS IN BUFFALO

    Jenny Àldrich

    @jim ogrady Oh wow so you've been to alot of concerts that's cool. That's cheap for cig I thought they were over 50 for a carton? I did not know the drummer OD. I wish Bob would come to this crappy city I live in. I was born in new haven CT most of my family still lives up there it is beautiful and alot to do I've been to the casino up there can't spell the name right mohican. I sure miss the ocean. There is nothing to do where I live and no good jobs but its cheaper to live here. Anyway thanks for responding.

  18. Pj Durkin

    Huge crowd going crazy. American music has always been the best. What other country has guys like Bob segar singing about busted relationships.None. America. Invents auto, electricity,,internet and great music 🎶 Yes we are great. Red white blue

    Donald Braley

    just wish all the fans who love Seger would bother to spell his name correctly!

  19. spacewrangler68

    I'm going to do what Cicero did, and put the same thing at the end of everything until it catches on (here goes): Bob Seger is a thousand times better than Bruce Springsteen.

  20. William Stewart

    So, is this an old Memphis song?


    He used to introduce it as "an old Miracles song", so I looked through all the old Miracles albums for their version of this song. They never recorded it.

    Ominous Dust

    He still does introduce it as “An old Memphis song” to this day

  21. William Stewart

    Sweet ass tune!!

  22. Melissa Danko

    One of my favorite live songs!

    Lisa Fury

    Melissa Danko mine too!

  23. Rhiannon Welsh Witch

    Great cover!

  24. Blondie Girl

    Great song

    Rod Querini

    What's up Hot n Sexy.i know,I like this song to.use' to listen to this when I drank a lotta be booze.

  25. chosicano57

    Great song... makes me remember when I was an alcoholic...

    Sarah Harris

    Im glad you dont drink anymore

  26. spacewrangler68

    really good sound quality!

  27. Kate Busch

    When you've actually been through it, the song takes on a whole new meaning

    Nero Wolfe

    I suspect most people have gone through it.


    Kate Busch 😆

  28. Stephen Joiner

    White man singing a black song like a black man.

    Stephen Joiner

    Otis would be proud.

    Benjamin Kelly

    ... and NAILING it :)


    Even better

    Charlotte wM Brown

    Otis May have introduced this back in the day, but he couldn’t ever do it like Bob Sefer... The Silver Bullet Band was the best then, and it still carries on in 2019, I’d say it speaks for it self...
    Against the Wind, is my most favorite.

    Tom Gorman

    come on give the man credit dont play the race card

  29. Michael Fabyan

    I always liked Bob Seeger I thought was a cool dude .

  30. Sunrae117

    Amazing song