Bob Seger - Tales Of Lucy Blue Lyrics

Empty words falling on ears which have never heard
Hollow lies, comin' from lost, hung up and lonely guys
Through the night, make a sight
Other rider looks so true
Sinnin', spinnin', tales of Lucy Blue

Piercing smile filling her face for a little while,
Closin' door, leaving the heart open and wounded more
Gone away, lonely day
Turning gray with no clue
Faking, making, tales of Lucy Blue, oh oh oh

Restless night longing for love beneath the neon light
Desperate hands reachin' for someone who'll understand
Stroll around, through the town
Lost and found, when it's due
Sellin', tellin', tales of Lucy Blue

Yeah Lucy Blue one or two
Just for you hey yeah
Tales of Lucy Blue

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Bob Seger Tales Of Lucy Blue Comments
  1. Nycholas17

    The 1960s needed more double bass like this...

  2. madelefant05

    This is a great song but they tried to hard to put a James Brown Funk bottom under a rock and blues veneer. So it doesnt totally work.

  3. Zeyes 1951

    Great B side song


    great song that is 20 years older than me :D

  5. meowmix1012

    This is the B side of "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man".......awesome music back in the late 60's!

    Judi Harbin

    As far as I am concerned there was no B side.

    Michael Kelly

    I'd say Ramblin Gamblin man is a better song but hard to say one is a "B side" song

  6. Paul Legood

    I had this Album on Vinyl and saw Seger sing it live late 60s or very early 70. I think.

  7. Judi Harbin

    The album that made me fall in love with Bob Seger and his music.  Saw the Bob Seger System in concert at Orlando Sports Arena shortly after this album was released.  They opened for Country Joe and the Fish.  They should have headlined

  8. sweetsurrender2me

    the 'Bob Seger' I knew!  He sang with heart, conviction!!   can you feel it!!