Bob Seger - Something More Lyrics

When you reach the point where nothing's in your way
When your family and your friend have had their say
When you're here at last, you're right outside my door
Is that all you want or is there something more

Everyone becomes what they believe
Everyone is drawn to what they seek
We all feel the need to come ashore
Is that all you want or is there something more

This is decision time, you must either fight or flee
I can let you in, I can lock you out
Who knows what you mean to me

In the afterglow when all will be revealed
Between the truth and all, it stays concealed
If you find out I'm someone you can ignore
Is that all you want or is there something more

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Bob Seger Something More Comments
  1. Lee Ann Miller

    HBD!! Love, Love it!! Reminder of the Good Times with LKH💕😘


    Let's wish him many happy returns of the day!

  2. alan james heidemann

    Only the true heart knows more and its eternal purpose from within.
    That's where we begin.

  3. Dee Harris

    What can I say about this man. I know I like what ever he sings.
    🎵🎶 🎶🎷😙👍


    You're very welcome to my Bob Seger playlist!

  4. Lorraine Gagnon

    Perfect.....I love your depiction ....Beautiful

  5. wolverine3566

    *Bob Seger playlist* @

  6. Matvey

    Wonderful song and video! Thank you my friend!


    Thanks, Matvey! Have a wonderful Sunday today :)

  7. Alex Bo

    Very lyrical! Watched with pleasure! Thank You!


    Thank you, Alex! My pleasure.

  8. Eddy Sun Music Probe

    Wow Wolvi! Very involved lyrics and outstanding video, specially created for the occasion! And you did it very well! Thanks for the upload dear friend.. Have a wonderful evening.. Cheers, Eddy.


    Glad you pay attention to lyrics, Eddy, Bob Seger is great not only as a singer and composer but really meaningful lyricist

  9. Jesse Torres

    Can you please upload the highway


    Can you wait for a while?

    Jesse Torres

    When you you have time buddy! I enjoy your videos!


    Thanks :)