Bob Seger - Sock It To Me Santa Lyrics

[Talking intro:]
You know what pop? What's that son?
Christmas just isn't gonna be the same this year.
Why is that?

Cause Santa's got a brand new bag!

Come on jump up, ohhhh
Sock it to me Santa, you know what I like
Sock it to me Santa, just bring me a bike
Christmas just won't be a drag, Santa's got a brand new bag

Don't you dare let those children bring you down
You gotta spread those toys all over town
My stocking's all hung so you can see
Don't hang me up Santa lay some toys on me
Sock it to me Santa you know where it's at
Sock it to me Santa I want a baseball bat
Christmas just won't be a drag, cause Santa's got a brand new bag
I say come on Dancer, come on Prancer
A brand new Santa's got to be the answer
Come on Comet, and come on Cupid
Don't just stand there lookin' stupid

[guitar solo]

He's got a bright red cape and a white moustache (sock it to me Santa)
He's got lots of toys but no time for trash (sock it to me Santa)
He's dressed real warm from his head to his toes (sock it to me Santa)
He lost a little weight but his jelly still rolls (sock it to me Santa)
Sock it to me Santa, you heard what I said
Sock it to me Santa, just bring me a sled
Christmas just won't be a drag, cause Santa's got a brand new bag

Sock it to me Santa
Sock it to me Santa

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Bob Seger Sock It To Me Santa Comments
  1. R&R Peg

    ALL THE BEST PIX, TOO. NICE JOB! WHOOP! COME ON! JUMP UP! this may be the first real punk song. ha! Mc5? Stooges? NOPE, their pal Bob did it first. hee I keep waiting and waiting for some smart new punk band to cover this fucker!! love it. i cannot stop singing this song all season every year. Keep your Drummer Boy, man. lol thanks

  2. panama_rose

    Just saw Derek Hough sing this on the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting special. Lots more soul in this version.

    John Obando

    Same, wow he was terrible

  3. 13SKR13

    I remember when i was a kid I would always say sock it to me Santa and had the sticker on my red wagon and never knew it was Seger until some 40 years later.

    R&R Peg


  4. Bob

    Bob Seger rocked back then.

    morrow makenna

    Bob still does

  5. Otto Greenleaf

    This reminds me of Peter Wolf(J. Geils Band). I like it. Cheers!

    wrecking crew

    Yes sure does

  6. Dean Laffan

    Best Christmas song. Ever.

  7. Janice Pedroli

    Bob just heard Santa's got a brand new bag on the radio. I may survive Christmas because of it. Thanks. Jan I m 73

  8. Paul Warner

    Go, Man..Go!!

  9. my2cents2u

    He was soooo darn hot back then. Saw him a couple of times at The Garden. Always put on a tremendous show.

    David O'Malley

    my2cents2u I would so do him LOL

  10. Leon Purta

    Some Chrustmas love for you from the D!

  11. Noah Sullivan

    Christmas with the Kranks

  12. Dawn Pisturino

    Such a fun song.

  13. googuse

    Remember when Bob Seger didn't suck?

    Ken Vail

    he's still good but let's face it he's a bit more middle of the road now..

    Kelly Craig-Slogar

    Over 50 years, he never has sucked......

    David Theisen

    He's never sucked!! I LOVE Against the Wind, Little Drummer Boy, Accomp'ny Me, Fire Lake, Kathmandu, Old Time Rock and Roll, Her Strut and Betty Lou Is Gettin' Out Tonight

    Troy Astro

    Christmas music suck but Bob Seger could sing the Yellow Pages and make it Rock!


    He still doesn’t suck, but I know you do, you suck a lot of dick.

  14. cindy br

    Merry Christmas

  15. imdogoflanders

    Not swipe - HOMAGE!

  16. imdogoflanders

    Bob Seger - my FIRST ROCKER CRUSH! And if there HAS to be stupid "Christmas" songs, let there be JUST ONE - this one, the perfect antidote to "Santa Baby!"

  17. thecarolinabull01

    One of the few Bob Seger songs that I don't care for.

  18. blueticecho

    We got a big time swipe job from James Brown going on here.

    Karen Freeman

    Yes, but he's always given JB his props. It's all good.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Karen Freeman Yep. Live Bullet🎤🎤We Like to A funky thing for ya now. This is from 1 of my MAIN MEN MR. VAN MORRISON IT'S CALLED I'VE BEEN WORKIN..right on Karen always pays props

    Troy Astro

    I always hear some Mitch Ryder in this song.

    Steve M.

    And from Mitch Ryder.

  19. fuckyoutube

    come on comet come on cupid just don satnd there lookin stupid
    graet line

  20. Frank Catney

    Always thought this was Aerosmith.

    David Theisen

    Frank Catney I thought it was James Brown!! Hence the screaming at the beginning!!