Bob Seger - Neon Sky Lyrics

There's the neon sky, that I know so well
There's the smokey room, where I chose to dwell
Though I hear your heart, many miles away
The neon sky, tells me I must stay

Through the windy field, of another land
I have seen your face, girl, I have held your hand
Though I should be there, with you there today
The neon sky knows that I must stay

Cause the devil's red, but his money is green
That's where I'm from, oh, that's where I've been

On a dusty stage, many years ago,
I chose my road, still I hope you know
That there'll come a day with the neon sky
When we'll walk into the sun, you and I

Yes now he calls, beckons unto me
From the empty hall, from the galleries
And so I must go, leave you here today
Cause the neon sky orders me away

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Bob Seger Neon Sky Comments
  1. drop dtune

    Lefsetz sent me here but Ive been to Back in 72 many times. One of Bob Seger’s forgotten gems.

  2. Sonic Mag

    Bob gets one right now and again, this is one of them for sure.

  3. Bill Seipel

    Thanks Lefsetz.

  4. TheLegacyRadio

    One more thing its from the vinyl Album Back in '72 something you won't hear on Regular Radio but you will hear on The Legacy (SEE BELOW).  Hopefully I can get more people to know we are out there playing more of the stuff you grew up with and more. 

  5. Gordon Craig

    I have always felt this was one of his better albums. I don't even think you can buy it anymore.

  6. jeffthrow6892

    Excellent, as is all the old Seger material that is unfortunately out of print......

  7. Nycholas17

    A smart, smooth, and clear psychedellic tune from the rocker master. No one's done it better. Excellent song, excellent album. Bob's ruled since " back in '72."

  8. crazymactech

    One of Seger's "forgotten" classics.


    Cross of gold , Beautiful loser. Neon sky. I'm sure there are more but I cannot think right now, I think seger hates greed.

  9. Jeff Webb

    God what a beautiful song this is!!! Probably my favorite song of the 70s-80s-90-s era. Awesome. thanks for putting it on so all can hear. Jeff

  10. Brian Dusel

    Please post the last song on this fantastic album "I've Got Time"