Bob Seger - Lock And Load Lyrics

Well I wish I had a nickel
For every time I fell and blamed somebody else
I'd give a ton of money to the ones I've hurt
And I'd still be sittin' pretty well
I've spent years losin' touch of what's right and what's real
Caught up in these missions of my own
And you're tellin' me you think I've done so damn well
While we're sittin' here a thousand miles from home
There's a hole in your wisdom, a hole in your sky
Two holes in your head where the light's supposed to get by

Time to lock and load
Time to get control
Time to search the soul
And start again

So many times I've seen chances disappear
I hesitate and watch them slip away
Like the time I fail to spend with the ones I love
And it's gone as sure as yesterday
All these users and fakers, big time takers
Manipulating everyone they see
I get caught up in their schemes and their useless dreams
And the only one I have to blame is me
I get turned `round and twisted, pulled left and right
I can see where I'm goin', but I can't see the light

Time to lock and load
Come in from the cold
Take a different road
And start again

I can sit here, in the back half of my life
And wonder when the other shoe will fall
Or I can stand up, point myself home
And see if I've learned anything at all
Anything at all

Mediocrity is easy, the good things take time
The great need commitment, right down the line

Time to lock and load
Come in from the cold
Pay these debts I owe
And start again

I've been down this road
I've seen things get old
Time to get control
And start it all again

Time to lock and load
Time to get control
Time to search the soul
And start again

I've been down this road
I've seen things get old
Stand up, get bold
And start it all again

Time to lock and load

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Bob Seger Lock And Load Comments
  1. AlwaysPrisms

    one of his best lock and load


    agreed :)

  2. Jon Little

    Bob Seger's the best seeing them twice like to see him again in Seattle or the Tacoma Dome or somewhere in the state of Washington


    I will be seeing him 3 times this tour. cant wait for the pine knob show :)

  3. Paul Huerta

    My favorite seger tune


    its hard for me to pick a fav but its up there! :)

  4. 72kamber

    guy is a legend...just listen what he's telling you thru his lyrics...


    nothing better than a living legend who is going on tour once more :)

  5. Brenda Jones

    love this.

  6. Brenda Jones

    had to do this this song helped me do it.


    it motivates me as well

  7. Calvin Mills

    thanks for putting on Youtube, my fav plus the song sounds like my life n how I feel...thanks again


    youre welcome and thanks for the comment. always loved the song but i could never find it here so i made my own :)

  8. Shirley Roberts

    I HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 73 TEARS AND BOB SEGER MUSIC IS THE MOST HEART WRENCHING 7& soul searching ever written. one of the greatest performers ever, .it is the past, present, and future all at the same time today is so lacking of great music and artist like this.


    amen to that!

  9. Brenda Jones

    the man

  10. Brenda Jones

    the greatest singer song writer ever.owns the stage these could learn a lot from him in everything he does

  11. Wanda Beverley

    this is one of the best that bob has done on the album its a mystery he has alot of great songs but this one is my favourite song


    agreed :)

  12. Geo B

    If you're from Michigan, you say Uncle Bob.

  13. Brenda Jones

    I love this song all his songs


    me too!

  14. Brenda Jones

    play this ever day 5 times

  15. Michiganrocker

    Uncle Bob you said it perfect. Time for me to get back home

  16. Trenia Coleman

    love Bob Seger. Gosh at the great memories listening to his music, I never got to see him in person, but that's one of my bucket list to do, thanks for the great music

  17. Jonathan Zellmer

    "Sometimes you just have to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you." 
    Quote by Robert Tew


    ive got Seger cranked up to 11 in 2017

  19. patrick kennedy

    the best rock and roller of all time  .  I am with out a dought his biggest fan

  20. Michiganrocker

    Yes you have done excellent !! I'm Michigan Made. Love your niece, Always positive energy from you. Thank U Tube

  21. Michiganrocker

    Yes you have , you're correct again Uncle Bob always positive energy

  22. julia whiteside

    I am without a dought Bob Seger's Biggest Fan... He is the reason I fill in Love with the Man Made me see the LIGHT!


    julia whiteside *doubt

  23. Marilee Dent

    loved this concert

  24. Marilee Dent

    loved this concert in Charleston West Virginia

  25. Wanda Middleton

    Love it thanks bob

  26. Killbilly Apocalypse

    He sounds great

  27. Michiganrocker

    Uncle Bob you are correct. Time for me to return home. Thank you U Tube♡♡♡

  28. Michiganrocker

    U Tube Rocks and so does Uncle Bob

  29. Sally Goldner

    thanks for posting this one - some of Bob's later stuff sadly gets forgotten when it's as good as earlier hits lyrically, musically and vocally. Rock on. :)

  30. Zsuzsa Bekő

    Nagyon jó!

  31. Carl tucker jr.

    thanks my friend .

  32. Michiganrocker

    Yes you have done excellent !! You're niece loves you ♡♡♡


    thank you :)

  33. Michiganrocker

    Thank you very much I appreciate it.

  34. Crystal Belle

    Great video and great pics. Thanks for sharing.


    Thank you

  35. robert leger

    Thanks for a direct hookup to Master seger you rock!


    +robert leger you rock too sir :)

  36. Chris Hoyle

    Thanks for return msg - hope your having a great day NC hear where are you. ?


    +Chris Hoyle im in tennessee

  37. exel234

    I also tried to get the songs its you off of I tunes I cannot U used to get it off of Lime wire but they shut them down , years ago , Thanks for the information


    +exel234 youre welcome

  38. Segergirlrox

    Thank you everyone for all the great comments. It took me a bit to figure out how to approve and reply with the youtube changes, but its always nice to hear from other Seger friends :)


    I tried to get a Bob Seger , album on cd , all I know is that I tried the songs are It's You , Miami. The ring , I cannot get this on You tube either they have some copy right infringement thing going on , with BMI records, cannot get it on Itunes either ,


    amazon has the cd like a rock. its on there

    Greg Couch

    Segergirl-we cannot go wrong with Mr. Bob Seger!! The man is gifted!!

  39. Chris Hoyle

    Bob your still the SAME. !!! Great song - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ....


    +Chris Hoyle yes he is. :)

  40. TechNOGeek Reviews

    I love this song as much as night moves and beautiful Loser from this singer and relate.


    +TechNOGeek Reviewz both awesome songs as well

  41. Patricia McElvain

    He just keeps getting better with age however the older music will always rock the house down!!!!


    +Patricia McElvain true story!

  42. Patricia Huffman

    Love my Seger....😍


    +Patricia Huffman me too!

  43. kylevarnsin

    This song helped me change my life around, listened to it over and over, hard to look deep and realize your the one who needs to change. DAMN I wish there was any type of music like this around nowadays. Where has the soul in music gone


    +kylevarnsin i couldnt agree more!

    Brenda Jones

    if we buy music like many the performances that r out there who make great music would get a chance.

  44. exel234

    Good song ,  First time I heard it .


    +exel234 its in my top ten favs :)


    I did try to get this song on I tunes I cnnnot it is Di scourging 


    its off the its a mystery album. i think you have to buy it off amazon. not sure though :(

  45. Steve Obee

    I golfed with Bob Seger for charity kick ass guy we became friends still keep in touch i am glad i know him and i never asked him for his autograph he did it anyway he seen one of his cassettes in my camaro he picked it up and signed it i still have it


    +Steve Obee that is awesome and a great treasure indeed!

  46. Kathy De La Hunt

    Hell yeah


    +Kathy De La Hunt yes maam!

  47. John Wryght

    None better than Bob Seger. Personally, I don't he gets the recognition he deserves.


    +John Wryght i agree. he shoulda had way more number ones and awards

  48. Sally Salmon

    Bob ~ never have truer words ever been so perfectly been put....rock on Mr. Bob.¿~

  49. Leslee Carles

    WOW! love the pics! some I NEVER seen! thanks! 30 yrs later and he STILL looks hot!! 


    +Leslee Carles there are some old ones there indeed!

  50. James Langford

    well i think you shouid come to east side bar and grill


    thanks for the comment

    James Langford

    all good thanks for the time too say thanks

  51. Michiganrocker

    Uncle Bob you always Rock ! So does U Tube


    +Michiganrocker you are so right!

  52. Michiganrocker

    Uncle Bob you always Rock ! So does U Tube


    RIP Ronny Bunkie Scarberry


    +JOHN BENDER sorry for your loss

  54. Kimberly Gross

    Timeless lyrics! My mantra!


    +Kimberly Gross no one writes em like bob. :)

  55. gitr done

    amen bro

  56. Gloria Stutts

    Great song again UNCLE BOB love you


    + bob rocks!

    Gloria Stutts

    Uncle Bob Rock On

    Gloria Stutts

    My Uncle Bob Seger always Rocks and is positive♡♡♡

  57. Greg Fitzmaurice

    great for running


    +running against the wind :)

  58. Gloria Stutts

    Love this one Uncle Bob

  59. Raymond Mccallum

    It might not be his best, but could sure be his truest. Seger always hits you right in the gut or the heart, usually both. 3

    Donald Johnson

    that about as true as it gets. he can dig down in your soul and make you see Shit that you don't want to see


    +Raymond Mccallum hes my hero!

  60. Spencer Taylor

    Awesome drum sound!


    +Spencer Taylor agreed!!

  61. HardRide09

    "If I learned anything at all"  My life story.


    +HardRide09 i think most of us can relate!

  62. gemstone555

    Here here mike67006700

  63. Kellie Dawn

    I love this song. It really needs to be played a lot more

    Hot Rod Kirk

    @Kellie Dawn yes i love this song 

    Kellie Dawn

    I grew up listening to his music. There is not to many of his I don't like. I like somewhere tonight, the ring and many many more

    Hot Rod Kirk

    yes i love his music also dont think he ever sang or sings a bad song

    Kellie Dawn

    Ohhh no. I never heard one

    Hot Rod Kirk

    no me either

  64. Joe Kac

    Will there EVER be another Artist that can deliver this kind of music and / or Lyrics, Most of us would say " NO WAY "  Bob is the ABSOLUTE BEST when it comes to touching the Heart and Soul  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    +Joe Kac we are on the same page!

    Debbie Greene

    Joe Kac He is one of the very best .I saw him in concert in Halifax a couple of years ago and they blew me away.I am a huge concert fan,but that was my favourite by far.

    john martin

    the first CD i ever owner was a Bob Seger greatest hits CD and i used to listen to it 24-7 on my disk walkman (born in 1990) and one day it just vanished and i was devastated....SEGER TRULY IS NUMBER 1


    you are the same age as my son and he loves seger too. he got that from me and i got it from my dad. this past march 2015 i took my 69 year old dad to his first seger concert and i took my son. awesome memory to watch grandpa and grandson raise their hands in the air for come to poppa and beautiful loser. 3 generations had a blast that night

  65. mike67006700

    FOR BOB= Submit a Kennedy Center Honors Recommendation

  66. Carolyn Porter

    Me too!!!

  67. JM Cinq-Mars

    Love is not the word!

  68. Rob McQ

    To all my Canadian Friends Dont be Naive Its commin soon the 51st State\
    Lock and Load Two holes in your head where the lights supposed to get in " start again" NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  69. alpha18412

    There ya go.

  70. alpha18412

    "The only one I have to blame is me..."
    "Pay these debts I owe.."
    "Time to search my soul.."

  71. Helen Isaacs

    Love It!!

  72. howard jones

    I wish I had a nickel for everytime I fell.

  73. knr071

    I would love to be able to download some of the pics used in this video! Awesome. Thanks for posting! <3

  74. Richard Smith

    This album was the nearest to being perfect. Capitol should have released singles from this LP. They would have had many hits thus increasing LP & CD sales. Once again Capitol screwed up again on p[romoting Seger.

  75. Michelle Lowther

    Lock and Load is what we feel it's time to love but be free and i have the same feelings!

  76. NANCY

    i always thought you where sexy with that long dark hair well now your even more sexy and love watching you, the only think i wish is i could have seen u play i have no idea if u every came to New Brunswick Canada

  77. mylovewillneverend

    Can't Get Enough Of This Song , Thanks For Sharing

  78. Kirkola

    A rock gem. Great riff with great lyrics

  79. Terri S. Thomas


  80. thecarolinabull01

    Great song.

  81. Angel Tackett

    i have always loved listening to segar .

  82. cmb1876411

    Will you please upload Golden boy from this album please? I can't find it anywhere on here. If you could that would be great..... Thank you.

  83. Max Berry

    This song hit me big. My last night at Betty Ford, I got to play it and have made it my theme song. 10 years now. still locked and loaded and am in from the cold in the back half of my life still trying to figure out what if anything I've learned in my life. What a great song.

  84. CampbellRR

    Great Job!!!! Thanks for posting

  85. epistte

    I love the sarcasm and wit in this song.


    i wish some one would put hands in the air on youtube

  87. RS Datz

    lock and load.....AMEN....RICHARD U.S. ARMY

  88. Richard Smith

    I thiink "It"s A mystery" Is bob's finest LP. But radio(Album Rock Stations Especially didn't give this aalbum any play. Thus it died here in Boston because are 2 Album Rock stations WBCN and WZLX were beginning to really falter at that time. BCN is gone ans ZLX is now Classic Rock.

  89. blitz811

    @piratesmvp The WARROOM!!!!

  90. ilazernerd

    Heard this song from Quinn and Rose!

  91. epistte

    @cdautrey This song struck a chord with me but radio didn't give it much airplay. I'm from Ohio and I've always believed that Bob Seger was the voice of the Midwest kids.

    I love the lyrics and grinding guitar.

  92. misslantana52

    Beautiful song~beautiful pictures~beautiful man!!!
    Love Bob's smile~it contagious!!! ; )

  93. smiley chalfant

    Great song, Forever fan here ! Hoping to see him in concert again soon, maybe in Orlando, FL.. Always awesome...

  94. PBO/Bulls Blues Band

    Nice, like this song!!!....PBO

  95. kez51able

    There's no other like Bob:)))

  96. piratesmvp

    Quinn and Rose!

  97. cdautrey

    Very under-rated song...classic Seger.
    Don't know why this one didn't sprint up the charts...