Bob Seger - Let It Rock Lyrics

In the heat of the day, down in Mobile, Alabama
Workin' on the railroad with a steel drivin' hammer
Tryin' to get some money, get some brand new shoes
Tryin to find a lady, chase away my blues
Hot and wasted Lord sweatin' in the sun
'Cause I'm not a foreman 'till my work is all done

Later in the evening when the sun is sinking low
I'll be out there waitin' for the whistle to blow
Sittin' in the teepee smokin' out on the track
Drivin' in a Chevy till my foreman get back
Suddenly I hear the breakman up and shout
There's a non-stop train comin' two miles out

Everybody jumpin' and a screaming around
Tryin to get the line an get the teepee down
Railroad owner's 'bout to go insane
Tryin' to get the workers out the way of the train
Here come the engineer honk his horn
He got a train you got to let it roll on

Let it rock
All night long

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Bob Seger Let It Rock Comments
  1. Ken Benson

    Deeply honored to have my name in the liner notes.

  2. Dan Halpin

    i second that was at this concert

  3. Harold Mackie

    the Eagle went to school less than 3 miles from where I grew up

  4. Harold Mackie

    Glen Fry is from Royal Oak Michigan

  5. Harold Mackie

    any day

  6. Harold Mackie

    this is a good band,I'd put them against Springsteen and the E STreet Band

  7. Harold Mackie

    these guys practiced since the 60's they weren't overnigfht sensations
    Madonna heard these guys practicing near hear,she lived,as do I
    these guys put in their dues

    Harold Mackie

    I used to live in Royal Oak

    Harold Mackie

    so did DR Kevorkian the Murder Doctor

  8. Dale Deimel

    I love all Rock and Rollers who loved Chuck Berry. From Bob to Keith they have all become great. Bob said' All Chuck"s Children are out there playing the sticks. He Became amazing and so did so many who were of the Chuck Berry line.

    Dale Deimel

    Has to be on top and so many of his contemporaries did so many great things. I agree that so many did so much. Me being a Chuck Berry guy this is my top. Love You Live by the Rolling Stones is to me right next to this. Rock N Roll all night long...

  9. Thomas Maynard

    Thank you Bob, the band and especially the rocking audience of Yankees for making one of the best live albums EVER.........yeeee. Hawwww from Bama

  10. Mike Quintard

    Can't say enough good about Bob! But i'm really sick of these vroom ads; are you youngsters really so lazy you'll buy a used car online? Morons!!!!!

  11. kenny lars

    Err this ain’t the live album version - its clean

  12. Andy Roman

    This song is more electrifying on NINE TONIGHT. Throughout the whole AGAINST THE WIND tour from 1980.

  13. Andy Roman

    Cobo Hall,Detroit,Michigan September 4 or 5,1975.

  14. Keith Ferrilla

    "Shit, I've known that for 10 years!"

  15. Keith Ferrilla

    Silver Bullet, yeah!

  16. Spencer Cason

    Saw Bob in Charleston WV, 1975ish. Opened for Kiss. Good times!

  17. Jason Burris

    Bob Detroit

  18. Mr Breeze

    Go on and let it rock!!!

  19. 63striker

    Dance Music, period.

  20. Mr Breeze

    This Rebel loves the hell outta that Damn Yankee. What a talent, one of the all time greats. And one of the best (if not the best) live albums of all time

  21. Michael Cantral

    These best album of all time going to see seger in June can't wait

  22. Mungo Munro

    Who's life does Bob not sing about?

  23. Clint Allphin [TE]

    please let it rock!!!!!!

  24. smith175150 sensei

    Dang, this always gets my legs bouncin'. My air-piano rollin'. Air-drums beatin'. Air-sax blowin'. Air-guitar and air-bass strummin'. Drew, Chris, Charlie, Tommy, Robyn & Alto. Shout out to Chuck Berry. Damn good music.

  25. Hager Rice

    That feedback distortion after Bob introduces himself is killet. Never miss it.

  26. Harold Mackie

    I'll say it again,Bob is one of the few who r good on an album but Better LIVE

  27. Kris Martikris

    For those wondering why Cleveland? DJ Alan Freed is credited with inventing the term "Rock and Roll" and he organized the first rock concert on March 21, 1952. It also helped get the music careers of the following off the ground: Bruce Springsteen, Chrissie Hynde, Roxy Music, David Bowie, and the James Gang.

  28. K Lents

    One of the best live albums *ever*.

  29. Harold Mackie

    KISS a Band from New York,came to Detroit to record their LIVE album...J.Giels Band also...I hope ur done looking inside 'cause that case is closed!

  30. Harold Mackie

    Bob and his Band are one of the few who are great on albums and even better LIVE...especially at Home...Detroit

  31. Harold Mackie

    I know these guys

  32. Harold Mackie

    I grew up on this song

  33. Harold Mackie

    Seger at HIs Finest

  34. Harold Mackie

    don't quote me

  35. Harold Mackie

    u can't say Live and ABOB Seger in same sentenceHIT uitSunji and his indian banana band

  36. Clint Allphin [TE]

    just crank it !!!!!

  37. Jason Burris

    God Bless Bob

  38. Harold Mackie

    Everybody in Detroit...come on...I'm gonna turn ya loose

  39. Harold Mackie

    Bruce who?

  40. David Coston

    Going to his retirement party in Grand Rapids,MI Jan 5 2019! Be #3 for me. 1976,2008 and 2019!

  41. Ron Wiley

    Rock It Bob!

  42. in themix

    i remember listening to this at Ferris the first few years right after it came out.  fantastic. still sounds good.  went to Bay City Jam two years in a row. so good.

  43. Nancy A

    Our generation got all the good stuff--muscle cars, parents who would kick out butts, greatest music ever, pickups w/deer rifles in rear window in the school parking lot, and so much more freedom. If we broke the rules, we knew what was coming and actually respected it even in our rebellious moments. No gender confusion, no political correctness, and TV that was actually entertaining, comedy that was actually side-spitting funny. What a great outlook but for the draft and Viet Nam---the guys came back with with honor and fortitude. Bless them all. It's cool now how the Gen Z's "get it" and like our rowdy music, lack of PC, and the same bright outlook instead of the confusion-laden false philosophies of their assumed teachers and mentors. Yuk. Bless these young kids who GET IT and don't want to be wimps and betas but want families and to enjoy life as God intended.

  44. John Dickmon


  45. Mike Yensch

    All these bands r great except non give tribute 2 our arméd forces 4 making these possible

  46. Ken Wilshire

    I love the sax!

  47. Michael Cantrell

    This is the very best seger album of all time im born and raised in detroit love u bob

  48. Mr Breeze

    "In the heat of the day down in Mobile Alabama... my home town

  49. Randy Purdom

    Should have been at the Grande Ball Room ,Detroit .1966-72

    Denise Miele

    Randy Purdom my sister was

  50. Randy Purdom

    I was at the concert in Cobo Hall Detroit ,Was Great to see Bob .He has always been a Rocker from Detroit

    english shab

    Randy Purdom ~ i was at this concert too!

  51. Rob Addison

    Best album ever made...

  52. Connie Williams

    so awesome just to Awesome like right on 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👊🍻🍻🍻🔊🎼🎼🎼💋

  53. prebooomer

    Love this Album, play it on my Marantze glass tube driven sound system circa 1965, and my neighbor 5 miles up the canyon from my ranch in Nevada says he can understand some of the words when I play this on our Sat Nite Swing Dance parties

  54. Tom CONWAY

    This is a great Live album.The music is great, Bob is great and Bob is fully engaged with his audience and you can hear the audience loud and clear.

  55. Tom Scribner

    This man was only a little more than an hour from where I grew up and live today, my first bought and paid for vinyl, kiddies, this is what your gparents rocked to :-)

  56. Dean Beyma

    Recorded at Cobo Hall. Detroit Michigan. Look up the Doors live album recorded at the same Hall. Awesome

  57. Jon G R

    going see him nov 27th 18 :D cant wait like a kid at christmas time

  58. Robert bishop

    One of the best live albums ever recorded. Seger, REO SPEEDWAGONS You get What you play for, and Frampton comes Alive I think are the 3 best live albums ever recorded.

    K Lents

    The REO Live album was recorded at four different venues. Live Bullet was a one-shot recording. (Love the REO album, tho)

  59. Mark Balston

    Bob Seeger & The Silver Bullet Band Great Night Thank You, it’s Turn the Page & Let it Rock&Roll!!!!!!!!

  60. trau matose

    Someone kinda edited the vocals. At the start, on the album I had, he sings about rollin' great big joints til the fireman gets back. Here, he sings about rolling them bones. That was in the older versions. Someone didn't like him singin' about rollin' great big joints instead of rolling them bones. Pussy.


    I agree, on my album from 1976, I'm sure he says rollin' great big joints till the foreman gets back. He says it on the Let it Rock from Nine Tonight, so maybe that is the version we are thinking about.

  61. Harold Mackie

    Bob Seger's  Home Stadium

  62. Harold Mackie

    Let it rock

  63. Harold Mackie

    Rockin Robbin on Keyboard

  64. Dalton Sawyer 36 Sawyer

    Yes Sir,Bob Seger is the best Rocker by far.Saw him at 1978.

    Harold Mackie

    I was in Norfolk :)

    Harold Mackie

    Norfolk ain't Detroit

  65. Harold Mackie

    Michigan Grows Musicians always has

  66. plumbfitter2007

    Went to this one>>took a date from High school on the DSR Bus there & back>> to Cobo Hall Downtown Detroit..Hey all the class I could muster up as a sophomore in High school,,We had fun>>LOL Concerts were about 5-7 dollars then>>> bus,25 cents >>LOL

  67. max imovich

    wow i was fortunate enough to cut his grass and keep there place nice
    foe about 3 summers and to find out it was his place was unreal,cause
    i am actually on the cover of live bullet lol. i never saw him there but there weas always folks there for weekends and summer.all good,cant wait till i smoke a fat 1 and crank live bullet,to me thee best live album in history.ahhhhhh
    your a beautiful audience god nite good nite and get hi and have a goodnite.

  68. Dan Baldwin

    The older I get the more I appreciate what Bobby did back in these days. Took it for granted when I was young. Awesome

  69. todd020981

    People listen to this on shitty computer speakers or headphones,fuck off crank this loud ,your parents won’t mind

  70. Harold Mackie

    it's Music

  71. The amazing pops thompson

    The definition of R/R

  72. Thomas Sprouse

    The best live album ever!!!!!!!

  73. Harold Mackie

    while I'm at it

  74. Harold Mackie

    I woulda let Seger in HOF after just this ONE song

    Harold Mackie

    and he has 50 other songs like this\

  75. Billy Lane

    OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL AUDIENCE, GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!! 7:37 It would turned in significant celebration.

  76. John Baldwin

    Detroit does rock

  77. Harold Mackie

    Everybody in DETROIT

  78. Gary Goss

    1st. saw Seger and the silver bullet at an outdoors concert in Skidway lk. mi. around 1975

  79. Gary Goss

    1st. saw Seger and the silver bullet at an out doors consert

  80. John Worley

    From St. Louis originally, living in Columbus,Ohio now and for the life me can't figure out how these people got the Rock n Roll hall of fame. DETROIT is the HOME of ROCK N ROLL AND ALL WAYS WILL BE. BOB SEEGER IS ROCK ROYALTY. FROM THE CITY OF SOUL.


    Everyone wonders about this.....

  81. Warchief01

    My lp from the 70's don't have the bonus track.

  82. John Baldwin

    Detroit does rock can I fuckein get a amen hello

  83. Sonny Henry

    I seen Bob Segar in 1978 in Shreveport La, without a doubt the best rock show I ever had the privilege to witness, I seen many before and a multitude after and I stand by my statement best ever!!!

  84. Mike Willey

    I was reading a Rolling Stones article that Detroit audiences were the greatest rock and roll audiences in the world I said to myself shit I known that for 10 years.....

  85. Randy A.

    He did the first concert at the New Ford Center in Evansville IN....he had the building shakin' for 2 hours...this guy rocks in concert

  86. fxsrider

    In the heat of the day, when I do this live. Makes my hair stand up. ROCK ON!

  87. sunshine superman

    ST LOUIS MISSOURI home of the blues , birth of the blues

  88. Robin Cowhy

    Love this song Let it Rock! Please do this song at DTE tonight! We want to be rocked!❤

  89. John Stillabower

    one of if not the greatest rock-n-rollers ever to come down the pike

  90. jim bo

    rock n roll

  91. John Belcher

    I would put it right up there with Frampton comes Alive, The Outlaws live, REO, ( you get what you play for ) and Lynyrd Skynyrds ( One more from the road). I'm sure I am missing a few. I remember the first I heard live bullet and I was blown away!!!!! You just don't have this kind of talent these days!!!

    Dan Baldwin

    Humble pie rockin the Fillmore

    Eric Underwood

    In a nailed em all... includes the other gentlemen's comment.... blessings from California

  92. William Walkowicz

    This is the greatest live album ever. Not one song that doesn't make you feel something. The first concert I ever saw, 13 years old, and I ain't looking back. Love you Bob!!!

  93. stamperdesign

    As a child of the 70s from Detroit, this album was Mandatory. Full House by J Geils was the other. Set a standard for the showmanship and musical soul

  94. B. Rod Clark

    All Michiganians!

  95. PATUZI

    When did someone let these dip dips out into the real world of rocnroll KEEP shouting { LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL}

  96. Enrique Alberto Barreto Diquez

    silver bullet is a Michigan band, one of the greatest ever

  97. Stats Guru

    Bob and the Boys never took a break - so many songs that went from one into another. They always gave the fans full value - full energy. Their performances were always lights out and over the top thrilling at Cobo Hall.

  98. David Turner

    love it loveit love it