Bob Seger - Boomtown Blues Lyrics

Southern sun
Ridin' high
Winter nights
Warm and dry
You've earned your space buddy
You've done your time
How come you've got no
Peace of mind

Lots of work
Lots of money honey
Gettin' your share
The folks back home say
They'd love to be in your shoes so
How come you've got those
Boomtown blues

You can't miss that freezin' rain
You'd have to be insane
To head back north
And go through all that again

No chill in the air
No morning dew
No change of seasons
The sky always seems so blue
The earth ain't black and
The wind ain't cold
All of a sudden now
You feel so old

Somethin's wrong
And it's cuttin' deep
You're feelin' restless and it's
Hard to sleep
Look what you win but
Look what you lose
Stuck here in Heaven
With these Boomtown blues

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Bob Seger Boomtown Blues Comments
  1. Matthew Clark

    "You're headed out to Mackinaw City" (different lyric) (Q106 FM WJHQ Jackson, Michigan) back in January or February of 1983!!!

  2. Blues Rain

    Boomtown Blues..

  3. Don Sprik

    The plants all closed. Look what you win look what you lose!

  4. Otto Greenleaf

    This album "The Distance" peaked at Number 5 on the Billboard charts and sold 2 million copies in the USA. Good song. Cheers!

  5. Todd C.

    Makes me miss Florida :(

  6. Antonio Dias

    Real cool tune!!a very good blues/rock!!

  7. The Mighty Skunk Bear

    Ya I missed that freezing rain lol

    dave lewis

    me too Infantry germany 81 83

  8. habyss

    You can't miss that freezing rain
    You'd have to be insane

    Sounds like it was inspired by Steely Dan

  9. Farrell Wills

    Heard this song one time, driving down the road. I knew it was Bob Seger, and it had a rougher edge than I was used to from him. It does not get played on radio, so this is the second time I've heard it in 30 years! Thanks for posting it.