Bob Seger - Black Eyed Girl Lyrics

Once had a woman I used to watch her walk
Said I once had a woman I used to watch her talk
Yes I once had a woman in my heart in my mind
You know the kind
Once saw my woman with another man
Once saw my woman take a hold of his hand
Said I once saw my woman in my heart in my mind
Ooh Lord she was a mean kind
She was a good woman yeah
Nothing wrong with her
A little bit wild but all right
Now I'm older
I'm real good at tellin lies
But I'll never forget her no no
Even in my heart even in my mind
Black eyed girl of mine
She was a black eyed girl of mine
Shes so good
She's still free comin after you

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Bob Seger Black Eyed Girl Comments
  1. liza Estevez

    What if someone put this in a movie like Tarantino or Scorsese

  2. Greg Tyrone

    Like Grand Funk. What's up with that crappy album cover?

    Chris Dymmel

    That's Lucy Blue. The original title for the album was Tales of Lucy Blue. Then I guess Bob had an epiphany but it was too late to change the artwork.

  3. Joshua Wilson

    Way better than silver bullet


    seger had a r totally different sound,more like early deep purple!

  5. Markus Chelios

    It's hard to believe that Bob Stole Doc's Delorean, killed Hendrix and took over his band.

  6. impalafarmer

    Actually, 1967. Kick ASS tune though.

    Chris Dymmel

    album was released in January 1969, so actually 1968