Bob Seger - Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight Lyrics

Have you heard the news
It's all over town
If you ain't heard it boys
You better sit down

I got the story here
It's hot off the press
Brace yourself now
And take a deep breath
Grob a hold of something
Hold on tight
Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight

First heard the rumor down on 12th and Main

The poor druggist he was going insane
His stuff is selling out like never before
He finally had to up and close the store

All the boys were getting ready to fight
Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight
Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight
Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight
She was bad
Her momma got mad
But now her momma said it's all right
All the boys are getting ready and right
Betty Lou's gettin'out tonight

Betty Lou
Betty Lou
It's all true
It's really true
What do you think about that boys

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Bob Seger Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight Comments
  1. Rock Music History Lesson

    One of the best songs from the album "Against The Wind" !

  2. shiningstar

    As teenager, my brother would tease my friend with this song by substituting her name, Marilou.

  3. vincent bondietti

    Great song...Great days...when the time machine is invented I'm going back and NEVER coming back....BETTY LOU ❤

  4. Donald Goodrum

    63 was the year l was born

  5. Judy White

    Yeah, Rock and Roll !! Shake it Oh Yeah !!

    Christian BAVAN

    good for the new years ok! lets go whith jack d! bonjours de la france or ello from france!

  6. Jerome Tammarine

    the song makes you want to get up and Boogie hopefully with Betty Liu namaste

  7. Catfish Troll

    Music suthes the sole. Get after it.😊

  8. Jack Fritz

    This is the song that cauch your sole on fire

  9. Jack Fritz

    This song gets you in the mood to rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe Adams

    A song that plays during a bar brawl

  11. Paul Joseph

    Ah Bob another great one. I'm on the lookout for BettyLou no doubt bopping to one of yours

  12. Robert Dunham


  13. phillip sargent

    Haven't heard this for a bit...

  14. kevin walsh

    good ole rock never loses its punch

  15. Dani Sullivan

    Betty Lou is just a fun girl ..I was Betty Lou so I Know. 😃🙆‍♀️💖

    Donna Dieli

    Yeah, back in the 90's, back in the 90s dancing at the Ramada Inn in Newburgh

  16. joseph lemko

    Great song from an equally exceptional album.👌👍😎😃

  17. Roger Bowen

    Against the wind in 1980 # 1 hit betty Lou getting down tonight

  18. Lisa Fury

    Boogie! 💋

    jim ogrady

    Lisa Fury  never forget in 70s in Buffalo, NY Bob said HELLO BUFFALO, and he ended the show saying katmando goodnight everybody. That Buffalo called SNOW CAPITAL OF USA. True we get 10 feet every winter from Lake Erie. Always WHITE CHRISTMAS IN BUFFALO

  19. The Route 66 Band

    My band loves playing this one people love it great song

  20. Leslie Calzada

    oh bob seger live at the forum

  21. Jackson Rine

    I fucked some shit up at work with this song before.

  22. eyoung2289

    Dammit Betty Lou...

  23. Yvette Marie G

    Sitting in the bar, dollars for the jukebox. Would usually play this and just have a blast. Had the Nine Tonight tape.

  24. Roni Doucette

    OMG!!this is 39 yrs old!

    Jens Hintermeier

    We get old 😅

  25. eyoung2289

    Ohhhhhhhh Betty

  26. SuperLindy1962


  27. Fast Nasty

    Just listened to horizontal bop and was like how the hell do i follow that up, seen this in the recommend and was like that'll do.

  28. Debbie J Hensley

    love all your song's

  29. Jackson Rine

    She’s a hell of a women

  30. SuperLindy1962


  31. Rose white

    Love this singer I have all his CD's

  32. Greg Kolesnikov

    I fucked girls to this high school.

    Greg Kolesnikov

    got a lot of pussy.

  33. L. Enzo

    Salut, mon p'tit loup !!!

  34. L. Enzo

    Rock & Roll, YES,YES...

  35. Steve Contini

    Seen them in cleveland ohio with j giels n eddie money ,great concerts allways in cleveland back in the day !

  36. SuperLindy1962


  37. SuperLindy1962


  38. Danni Puckeridge

    Fuck i love bob seger keep on rocking baby

  39. Antonio Stefanini

    This man is the boss of r&r!

  40. Michael Ross

    Seger rocked my balls off growing up. One of his best songs i think

    SCUBA Diver

    Seger made you a transperson? ;)

  41. Greg Akinson

    Damn good song! Great one to dance to as well....from the legendary Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band!
    From back when we made REAL music!

    Roni Doucette

    I love this tune!!its my signature tune to sing at karaoke!always get the dance floor jumpin!

  42. Kevin Regan

    Seen them 3 times

    Michigan Mister

    23 for me!!!

  43. Bob Walsh

    Just heard this song for the FIRST TIME EVER on the radio tonight...AND I AM HOOKED

    Michael Donlon

    Welcome to the PARTY!!

    Seger Lover1969

    How could you not be???? Everything Seger does is awesome!

  44. Attarah Ardyn

    well u better tell them get f out denVer


    At 3:33 Seger is definitely channeling Little Richard.

  45. joe osorio

    THIS is RnR

  46. Jerry greer

    Never understood why this never made anyGreatest Hit Albums ...Yet !!

    Reed Phillips

    It hasn't appeared on any greatest hits compilations, as it was not released as a single.

  47. Emmanuel Paris

    "Mon p'tit loup (ça va faire mal ce soir)" par Johnny Haalyday pour l'adaptation française...

    Christian BAVAN

    c'est ce j'ai fait comprendre avec mon anglais a 2 balle 3 chansons de bob que jhonny a reprit

  48. Retro Reginald


    karen ratliff

    i love it

  49. William Magaw Jr

    That album is from 1980, by the way.

  50. tigerlilly1073

    You have to love the 70's...

    Robin Renee

    tigerlilly1073 the 80s

  51. Ambersway1

    Yes, Awesome!!!!!

  52. crlaw75

    That's right, QUALITY MUSIC!

    Attarah Ardyn

    crlaw75 u better hold on tight to somthin