B.o.B - Perfect Symetry Lyrics

Opening doors like an answer key, I make the life answer to me, no fantasy
An evil genius, I leave my mark of the beast on the beat
Actually, I'm all like a natural disaster, I make you a casuality
Added up, mathematically, putting numbers up, like 23
And I'm Manning up like Payton be, game is over, I should take a knee
And bow out gracefully, even if you look me in my eyes
See you wouldn't be facing me
So what the fuck is pain to me?
And what the hell is rain to me?
My life is very impressionable, like a Van Gogh painting be
Told me Vincent inside the dimension, that's my mantra
Listen there is no competition, the mission's conquered
Did I mention? These girls at my concert, addicted, no double entendre
Which is why I'm colder than a tundra on Christmas, put your hands up, can I get a witness?

[2 Chainz:]
While I kill the dark side's where I live
Horny devils and a red dress and high heels
You don't have an idea how many niggas done took my ideas
I take flight, I'm so bright, I don't even get no light bia
You road kill while I'm driving
I'm high fiving, my dime riding, My time shining,
From at the club and I'm outta town but I'm lying around it
Deuce chains I'm fung shway, everyday is my birthday
2 gats at the park, you don't wanna see these guns play
Patron and lemon lime, I got her back, all in her spine
I look my wife up in the eyes, and I think about a another dime
My atmosphere is fractured here this right here is bally gear and I keep on killing shit
And I don't even have no tatted tear
You can put the motherfucker caddie here
You can put the motherfucker beemer there
Still got 2 more garage places, louies on I unlaced it
Every verse I'm going crazy, every girl it's going crazy
2 guns, 2 chains, 2 rings, 2 bracelets.

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B.o.B Perfect Symetry Comments
  1. Philip Gallagher

    Still Chainz best verse. Change my mind

  2. Dan Jones

    I've always been a big B.O.B fan but bringing Manchester orchestra into his song was the moment I realized how truly talented he is. Two genius's on polar opposite end of the spectrum, one masterpiece of a song. And as always 2 Chains sealed its fate as a banger track.

    Pro View Media Inc.

    Respect sir

  3. Justin Leu

    One of my favorite bob songs

    Chaz Oneal

    Justin Leu this song is amazing. B.o.b is definitely a rare talent.

  4. Jonathan Lucarelli

    How does this get overlooked!? This one of my favorites when EPIC dropped

  5. El Trailero Barbas

    Both brought that 🔥🔥

  6. Dargon97 y

    Ain't listened to this in 3 three years and it gave me goosebumps

  7. Pats Ballin Out This Year

    *BoB always been snappin. Chainz brought it too*.

  8. Kapriece Reed

    took me four years to find this


    sherry norris such a good song

  9. Parodies Nuts

    B.o.B was my favorite rapper when he was making his own amazingly diverse music. Then he started trying to follow the mainstream and it threw him out of his element. I hope he realizes it and goes back to his roots


    PivotWithBiscuitz bullshit, you haven't even listened to his elements mixtape or his new album

    Parodies Nuts

    HippopatumusKing Not bullshit my friend


    PivotWithBiscuitz yes bullshit, go listen to his Elements mixtapes before you make these stupid claims. You and I both know you haven't.


    HippopatumusKing Facts

  10. Maximillian B


  11. MI008UTUBE

    BoB.  Definatly one of the best rappers.   2chainz got something good but can only hear 2rings 2chainz 2bracelets so many times before getting bored.  

  12. BestOfTheBest531

    Whats he saying at the begging??

    Not pi ing

    Pro View Media Inc.

    BestOfTheBest531 it’s a Manchester Orchaeatra sample. Simple math is the song.

  13. Oracle Seer

    Has any one heard about anonymous hacking YouTube

  14. Bun Law

    New song head band

  15. Zo Brand

    2 chainz is good at hooks but i dont think he a good rapper except on this track best he ever did in my opinion

  16. Stave Brentski

    I love B.o.B. cuz its like a lot of his music is made by rock bands!

  17. Stave Brentski

    Right I mena he got killed any way 2 chains 2 bracelets; how gay

  18. choopy bohn

    wow, this is the only way i can stand 2chainz, deep fried and smothered with b.o.b

  19. tylor edwards

    i loved 0:00 to 4:53

  20. Trevor Kirby

    I love this song, absolutely love it! but for some reason when i listen to it i feel like im dieing. its so weird.

  21. Gerardo Reyes

    hey WTF B.o.B and 2Chainz are both sick and they each killed this song!!! Neither sucks like anyone in YMCMB
    Oh and at 2:57 it gets fuckin amazing

  22. Haris Hadzovic

    And if you could get of 2chainz dick you will realize that in the most of his songs 2chainz sucks. I never said he was bad in this song, he's almost as good as B.o.B (in my opinion).I won't be mad on anyone who would say that 2chainz is better in this song or even if you are his fan and saying he's the best rapper you have to show respect to B.o.B and his work!

  23. Kevin Fabian

    you fuckin hater...if you could get bob's dick out ya mouth you would see 2 chainz killed this ho as he does with 90% of his free styles and has been for a while now....all bob does is lay down the beat on this song and he cant even much do that well and I know how his name suppose to be so dont go flamin me on that or my lack of punctuation those are cop-outs you hatin ass bitch!

  24. mangoKush12

    2 gats at the park... u dont wana see these guns play!!!!

  25. FrankLeeWIII

    Where is the music from? I mean the melody!

    Lucas Naylor

    The Song Samples Manchester Orchetra's "Simple Math"

    Pro View Media Inc.

    Lucas Naylor the drummer of Manchester orchestra also plays drums on the bridge/outro

  26. Haris Hadzovic

    WOW, 0 dislikes on a 2 chainz's song, that's what happens when you make a song with B.o.B

  27. gopack2152

    @jimlimmmm because he wanted 2

  28. gopack2152

    @crowsallaround 2 chainz gets off on every song

  29. Euxephronesis Miller Miller

    Every verse I'm going crazy.....Every girl is going crazy.....2 guns....2 chains...2 rings..2 bracelets. 2 CHAINZ!!!

  30. MissTK_xoxo

    @TyRayDesigns Lol I know right! Bad habit !

  31. Kevin Robertson

    @crowsallaround Feel like he was one of the strongest features on the mixtape. Overall the mixtapes' ok, nothing on No Genre.

  32. TyRayDesigns

    @TBABiiDUH #LolThisIsntEvenTwitter

  33. jimlimmmm

    Anybody have an idea why he misspelled symmetry?

  34. MissTK_xoxo

    I'm loving the sound of the guitar and the band! ♥ #TEAMBoB #EPIC

  35. TyRayDesigns

    Fav song on the mixtape (next to strange clouds)