B.o.B - New York New York Lyrics

This is the finish my friend, this is the end
It's a revolution... live in revenge
There's no need to move or adjust your television
Whenever an era dies, another era begins
These American fights, these American wars,
These American stripes, these American stars
But these American cages have American bars
We hunted for truth so we headed for y'all
Towers are crumbling, bridges are falling
Limits are fading, the normal is boring
Looking at time move progressively forward
Looking the days just vanish before me
You wanted a Benz but you couldn't afford it
Now you were killed to put your foot in the tourist
It's a... of madness and never look backwards
But this is the crisis, prepare for disaster

Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York New York
New York

Breaker breaker 9 breaker breaker 1 9
Could you please get a operator on the phone line
This is not a riot it's way much more than that
These people are dying we are under attack
Wait let me call you back, let me get my stack
Cause we ain't taking shit so therefore we'll fight them back
We ain't waiting on the line for a 9 1 1 9 9
Whatever man I ain't got time for all this nonsense
Enemy responses ain't a dial tone in our home on the continent
Got me in these bandages
This jungle is up under me
Man I swear they sleeping, they unconscious or they slumbering
So we break the peace to get a piece of what we wanted
Act like we new to this...
Let them know we run this shit
And let them know just how you feel the way your country is
Now look how beautiful destruction is

Start spreading the news
I'm leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York New York
New York.

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B.o.B New York New York Comments
  1. Άρθουρ


  2. Kakarot

    Keeping it real.

  3. ozan asd

    her seyimi geri almak için geri geldim sana sözüm olsun bunu yapmadan durmayacağım, bana her şeyi öğreten sana sözüm olsun

  4. Harrison Chong

    New York theme from Crysis 2 trailer.

  5. chuck

    2019 who else show some love


    This is a Crysis, prepare for disaster.

    Joe Ledger

    Timeless <3

  6. MatheusGui13 !

    :( good job

  7. Csozombie

    I MISS SO MUCH IN 2010 ~ 2012 YEARS

    I WANNA TURN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. SULLY

    wow thanks! for uploading

  9. sniperaaron

    Did anyone figure out who was singing the hook? Ppl saying Alicia keys and somebody else but there was never any confirmation it seems like

  10. Panusak P.

    I Miss u crysis 😭😭



  11. Bochum 866

    Beste Zeit😩

  12. Vakhtang Bulavrishvili

    so underrated song(((((((((( so sad

  13. Zyan Rozes

    I love it

  14. Danapathy

    Wait, if this in the ost, where does this play in game?

  15. Juan Arreola

    So 147 people dont know whats up. This track is dope as fuck

  16. Vakhtang Bulavrishvili

    crysis brought me here, love crysis 2

  17. Jason Palmier

    I'm still listening in 2018
    Bring back this game!

  18. Labb

    Why does this song make me less anxious?

  19. sublime90

    BoB write a 9-11 song that we can use in our game

  20. Pankaj Rawat

    Crysis 2 was one of best games i played till date.. story-wise it is better than 1 or 3..

  21. LogieBeargames

    My favorite crisis game

  22. Bryce Thompson

    What borough ya from I'm from Manhattan

  23. Dahiadam Channel

    farcry 1 and crysis series are most beatiful games for my life

  24. Han erden

    kardeşliğe hoşgeldin ......

    Devran Enes Uçar

    Han erden Alfa herşeyi değiştiriyor

    Revengers wolf

    Han erden dostum tecrübeliysen iletişime geçelim

  25. Loomex

    crysis :(

  26. Jacob Richardson

    Tbh I never played Crysis I heard of it I saw it on the gaming former magazine and I saw Crysis 2 I always wanted to play that game I was 10 when that came out

  27. Aaron J. Villegas

    Reminds me of New York 💜💜💜💜🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

  28. Aman Games

    I'm such a loser I have this song memorized word for word 🙄😂

  29. Xeo.Rev

    Crysis 2 <3 The best Crysis


    Xeo.Rev music mabye, gameplay are you drunk.

    The Glitch

    TitanRoboDuck crysis 3 was better than crysis 2

  30. Homo Sapiens

    *Ohh, i remember, i playing "Dead Space" and listening this music, aww...)))*

  31. Doğukan

    İ missed old times i missed the first sellout of crysis 2 ...

  32. ToeNailBreaker

    This song should be remade againt Trump

  33. MrIHadToDoIt614 x

    What the fuc is everyone talking about the beat!!!?????!!! LISTEN TO THE LYRICS PLEASE!!!!

  34. Jose Chavez

    0:29 Oof, I've been saying these lyrics wrong. "These American Fights, these American Wars. These American Stripes, these American Stars. These American Battles leave American Scars." It seemed to make more sense to me.

  35. Rebecca Ledon

    Ppl saying this and that bout the shitty drums or whatever but the melody behind the drums and piano sound really good and how they altered the chorus's notes to make it be more of a darker sound was dope like this had a lot of potential

    Canis Canem

    I like the whole beat espacialy drums and pads. congrats on mdl for making it. the beats is awsome

  36. madpro 234

    this game can destroy cod


    anything can destroy cod

    I ᒪIᐯᕮ ᑌᑎᗪᕮᖇ YOᑌᖇ ᗷᕮᗪ

    +Thalyonn sonic 06 can crush cod?

    The 212th Attack Battalion

    Thalyonn At this point anyway. COD needs to die asap

  37. Zeus Arkius

    tobuscus literal crisis 2 trailer sounds beter

  38. Wiz

    I just realized this was the same crazy flat earther BOB everyone keeps paying attention too.I dont normally like rap/hip hop but this was pretty good for crysis when it came out.Shame the guy went nuts.

    Chance Hebert

    he didn't go nuts, he's good as fuck. flat earth may be a little far fetched but he is definitely still good as fuck

  39. MrAbZ

    Total shit

    I'm in the mafia

    +MrAbZ yeah I'm a child commenting total shit on a song and plays with a fucking cat game Tf u doing

    I'm in the mafia

    +MrAbZ ok I'm so sorry dude don't hurt me


    lol you're already hurting yourself by replying . Just making yourself look more and more stupid 😂

    I'm in the mafia

    +MrAbZ u look stupid using emojis and shit and I already ended the conversation and u keep going go do something with ur life u useless piece of shit


    +MrAbZ noob

  40. The Scottish One

    Those drum samples are fucking terrible

    Three Dog

    Dude, at first it sounds okay, but then his crisp voice plays in and I'm like wtf?

  41. Jackson Myers

    Crysis 2 was so good. I'm kinda glad Crytek sold Far Cry and got super butthurt.

  42. Vandheer Lorde

    Be the weapon

  43. Fleece Johnson

    this makes me want to play crysis

  44. Meri

    This would fit The Division too.

    Robert Harrison

    +Meriem Badis It does :D. While playing the beta it looks awesome


    I knooooow right!! @Rado Heineken 

    Bad Opinion Vigilante

    Meriem Badis except Crysis 2 was actually good

  45. Madness

    I miss Crysis


    >Well, after Crysis 1 / Crysis Warhead, they just jumped years into the future

    Crysis 1/Warhead (released in 2007) took place in the year 2020, Crysis 2 only took place 3 years laters, and despite Crysis 3 taking place 20 years after C2, barely anything advanced from C2. Years are just numbers in Crysis (it's not like they went 400 years in the future, and everything changed), and I 100% doubt that this is the reason why Crysis failed.

    > killed off the main character from the first game. We get no real explanation,

    Read the logs of Crysis 3. Nomad was found by C.E.L.L and was seemingly skinned from his suit.

    >They also went away from the open world concept of the first two games and made it far too linear.

    Most likely the reason.

    Esteban Silva

    same bro... same

    Jeixs Daier

    I miss the old EA

    pou pou

    so play????

  46. Brandon P.

    God if they make a Crysis 4 they should make it a kinda open world type game.I loved the series but 2 was my favorite

    Neon Vader

    Mother of Dragons source?


    That's why Crytek went bankrupt, it wasn't so much about graphics, powers of nanosuit or whatever, it was mostly because every sequel was more linear, instead of focusing to make it more open worlded with every new game.

    Delta Cressida

    @Night King nope :'(

    Night Raven

    yeah crysis would do really well as an open world game instead of the recent forced open world games .

    Mehmet Kaya

    Night King nah still waiting. no cryrsis.

  47. Byrdee Entertainment

    good shit

  48. ZimmerX550


  49. Daniel Barros

    alicia keys part is awesome, but it could be a better rapper

  50. R1der22

    crysis 4, Iwould love it just because of the new technology.. I dream of an island szenario


    @Gsxrider there wont be - sadly... the trilogy is over, maybe we will see some crysis with in a new universe and new story who knows..


    +Kyle Rich It's on Origin. Crysis 3 Publisher is EA and they own Origin so they want to put it on their own platform and not on their competitors.

  51. Aalex Daniel

    i swear crysis 4(if it will be made with a new storyline or protag) needs to have a more advanced gameplay unlike crysis 3 coz there was barely any difference in gameplay change from crysis 2


    @Aalex Daniel I don't think we'll ever get a 4th Crysis game. It's just one of those series that had potential, but never really lived up to it and became forgettable. Who knows, though? For all I know Crysis 4 will be announced tomorrow.


    +Ahvi303 EA fucked Crytek, as they always do, money greedy publishers wanted more the revenue from xbox and ps3 so the gameplay and campaign suffered. To this day the first crysis (and crysis warhead) is one of my top 5 games of all time. The Witcher 3 is another of my top 5 games of all time


    +Ahvi303 dont get me wrong tho, they did a good job on the marketing (with this song and the trailers for crysis 2 and 3); its just the gameplay and story lacked (ESPESCIALLY IN CRYSIS 2)

  52. Thriller El-lav

    crysis 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 that's my dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. my last wish in this world. and then i can die. PLEASE CEVAT YERLİ MAKE CRYSİS 4 . I DON'T WANT TO DIE BEFORE I SEE CRYSIS *4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444*.


    Cryteck make the best looking games in man kind CRYSIS 4 i want it

    John Marco Aguilera

    @eyrhan13 Sadly it seems the series is done. :/


    Your probley right

    Fatih Demirel

    türk ismi yazmış as bayrakları as as as

  53. NiviraHD

    The feelings

    Rebecca Ledon

    For real the girls adlibs and runs definitely triggered emotions

    Rebecca Ledon

    Especially the 2nd chorus

  54. Davut KASAP

    First "Cevat Yerli" (CEO) thinks crysis 3 must be in Istanbul / Turkey. But game is created in New York map.

    I think crysis 4 create map in Istanbul.

    Crysis series is ended. Cryis 3 last game but Crytek making other series for crysis.


    I am really feel bad cause they ended Crysis. Crysis series is the best game trilogy for me.
    They could continue with Crysis trilogy by making  "euro" trip trough some famous Europe capitals cities.

    Davut KASAP

    yea same. maybe crysis can stop focus on grapichs thing because crysis graphics enough For now. we need enjoy when playing games.i think best scence on crysis3 ;
    ceph surrended prophet and ceph said (dont speaked) you're god of cephs. i line because is tthat interesting and i enjoyed when watching that in-game cinematic.

    (sorry For bad english bro)


    @Efe Eren You're right. I would like to know the reason why they stopped making new series. Never mind, maybe some day we will get Crysis 4 :)

    Davut KASAP

    some players saying "crysis 2 too bad For crysis 1.cephs are changed and we have nothing from crysis 1 (expect nanosuit . and some characters). Crysis 2 is a new game and story is too bad." i think crysis CEO tried To make new game with good graphics then crysis 2 and make new weapon system.But Crytek sinked :(

  55. Moses Jonson

    crysis 4 should be  based on the war of the nanotech suit and how prophet got to who he is in crysis 3 

  56. Benedek Tomon

    an we want crysis 4 in Budapest,Hungary Europe :)))))))))

  57. Steven Conroy AKA DVWeekendWarrior

    Whoever said they want to move to Chicago, trust me don't. The whole state of Illinois blows in general. Seriously I've been trying for years to at least get to Iowa or Wisconsin. Yeah, I would rather live in Iowa. That should tell you how bad this state is.


    @steven conroy That's great to hear, man. I'd personally love to live in Iowa/Wisconsin or anything remotely close. The air in where I live is literally made of hot soup, it's tortue in the summer. 

    Night King

    steven conroy were would u recommend a powerball winner to move, currently living in sweden, want to move to the us

    Behnam Riahi

    What’s so bad about Chi-Town? I live here, it’s alright.


    The grass is always greener

    Clorox Bleach

    steven conroy come to Texas we got everything you need and it’s affordable

  58. Nathan Nguyen

    Frank Sumatra..

  59. Taz Boone

    Someone mix this with Avengers...

  60. Marvin Kedzi

    Das waren noch Zeiten :/

  61. Michael Biton

    This song belongs in The Division too. That game will really do a snowy, run down NYC justice

  62. ekou ,

    Better than jay z ft alice

    Esteban Silva

    i slappp both

  63. Idonotcare

    Too bad this is only a OST and not a real song


    It is a real song.


    It's on one of B.O.B's mix tapes.

  64. v글래

    정말 숨겨진 명곡,

    Logan West

    It is a masterpiece

  65. Daxxie GFX

    dat crysis 2 nostalgia :(

  66. Angel Premo

    Love this song !

  67. shardox1404 Sk

    Frank Sinatra?

  68. FullGamer

    B R A S I L

    Nois também ouve B.o.B

  69. CyanideMadness

    Humans make me laugh.

  70. VenetianLotus

    ....or just get Youtube Downloader.

  71. weegee991

    *clicks replay for the 100th time*

  72. Ibrahim Bro

    heheh nice

  73. jahweel redvil

    Why so short!!!

  74. Gohtias

    ''vem com tio!''

  75. Jude Chrishmantha


  76. EluciaDeLuteIma

    probably technologically illiterate

  77. IGotTheMagic

    why wouldn't you be able to?

  78. johnny C.

    hey can I listen to this in mobile phone ipods

  79. Joshua Mojica

    Best song ever thank you b.o.b lol

  80. Jimmie Rustles


  81. Andreas

    what do you mean still?

  82. Viktor Marshall

    this song is good i can throw the people involved the buck fifty

  83. Dongó

    i love this song *--*

  84. DralnuduLouvre

    good, but I still like it better how Frankie does it.

  85. NukaColaVender

    YTD Video Downloader is best to brun stuf its free you can copy url of videos to watch like games for example or music

  86. johnny C.

    that's only a legend

  87. MrAnthaxx

    ZeroGravity :-)

  88. Kučís

    LoL :DDD

  89. BigRiddimMonsta

    why are the best songs always soooo short

  90. Cole Antalek

    You only recognized this game 5 months ago Nulty? Wow I'm disappointed

  91. rex exequiel

    Who gives a shit about that this is Crysis

  92. rex exequiel

    Nothing is better than COD Ghost recon And rainbow six

  93. rex exequiel

    Nothing is better than COD Ghost recon And rainbow six


    Difference with Crysis,Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six is that Crysis didn't fucked game up :DDD

  94. padard

    That doesn't mean he's right.

  95. SuperHornetA51

    Why don't you use video2mp3. net?

  96. [Schaden] Freude

    The song is based off Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York"

    So he has the right to belive they ruined the song

  97. Drux Music

    Why you don't look in the description? WHY!!!!!
    There is a !!!FREE!!! Download Link!