Bob Marley - Talkin' Blues Lyrics

Yeah! Oh, yeah! Now!
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night)
And rock was my pillow, too; (doo-oo-oo-oo-oo!)
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night)
And rock was my pillow, too. Yeah!

I'm saying: talkin' blues (talkin' blues),
talkin' blues (talkin' blues);
They say your feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo)
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
Your feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo)

Yeah, I've been down on the rock for so long, (so long)
I seem to wear a permanent screw; (screw-oo-oo-oo-oo)
I've been down on the rock for so long, (so long)
I seem to wear a permanent screw. (screw-oo-oo-oo-oo)
But-a I - I'm gonna stare in the sun,
Let the rays shine in my eyes.
I - I'm a gonna take a just-a one step more
'Cause I feel like bombin' a church -
Now - now that you know that the preacher is lyin'.
So who's gonna stay at home
When - when the freedom fighters are fighting?

Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
They say your feet is just too big for your shoes, woe-oh-oh-oh!
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), keep on talkin' blues (talkin' blues);
They say - you hear what they say -
Didn't you hear?

Cold ground was my bed (bed last night),
Rockstone - rockstone - rockstone was my pillow;
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night),
And rock was my pillow, too.

Sayin': (talkin' blues, talkin' blues):
I seem to wear a permanent screw - permanent screw.
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
Feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo) [fadeout]

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Bob Marley Talkin' Blues Comments
  1. Dante Messinese

    Quando un altro BOB

  2. Signature:11.

    I can relate

  3. ƏMƏĹƏŘ Wangaie

    Kanaky 2020 👍🇳🇨✊✊

  4. Philip DDG

    I'm 62 now my old & dearest friend,missing you today as always. But when i hear you sing you're here beside me and we're still riding high. Love you Bob for all the light,direction & guidance you've given us during these long dark lonely years. Jah Love all Ital Ites

  5. Mal Monika

    Walking blue's talking blue's
    Blued up too the feet up holmies..

  6. Jks Hk

    king of king 👑👑👑

  7. Wadi Atique

    Faz falta neste planeta!

  8. Leibstandarte LZZAH

    Beat , oh that rhythm.We love you Bob. When you were takin , the world maybe ,did not know the loss,insurmountable loss.But thank the cosmos you were here.

  9. mags cro

    Bob young and fresh who would of thought he would go soooo Far Legend

  10. Sandy Huggins

    Number 1 bob marley song ever trust me people 😥

  11. A Black

    Still lovin' Jah, 2020 in New Zealand. Blessings Rastafari

  12. marguerite dipizzo

    Who else is a Bob Marley fan that wishes he was alive so he can know how much he's loved

    8:16 am

    He knows

  13. Hans Ernesto

    king of kings

  14. junior british

    one of my fav bob marley

  15. Jerome Camporelli

    Une de mes préférées !

  16. Evandro Carlos de Lima

    Recife PE Brasil

  17. Jesper Lamprecht

    Jim,I feel for u.So nice.

  18. Asarluhi S-4

    Et toi l ami qui passe par ici ecoute donc la musique des anges

  19. Mamzo Kane

    Cold ground was my bed last night

  20. Michael Overstreet Sr.

    All god this man. In fact if we did not kill jesus i am sure he would of sued bob for plagiarism:))

  21. Aesio Alves

    Esse era o Cara! Grandiosa demais a sua arte!

  22. MLISlC

    Goosebumps. Everytime.

    Brian Kelly

    Every. Time.

    Jah love

  23. Ralph Flick

    We need bob Marley more now than ever Bob was jahs prophet

  24. Emma Dadzie

    My favourite song oh Bob u Jah pple We're true men of God not those fake so called pastors we've been seeing 2day

  25. Silvio Paulínia

    Só reggae amanhã

  26. Eddie Setzler

    Live up

  27. shakeal juansky

    Trust the king of kings jah rastafari

  28. mosh 1717

    Freedom Fighters 🖤✊🏾

  29. Harvey Enriquez

    Viendo el video del que onda carnal de mujer en tanga de mujer con ilo dental

  30. Rone Rone

    República do Reggae 2019 🌞🌴🏄✌❤ Salvador Bahia Brasil. Reggae na veia...

  31. Darth77Pimp

    🔥 burn Babylon

  32. Jaco Viljoen

    Jha bless all the way from South Africa

  33. haven charles

    A true prophet he had to be silenced

  34. Josivaldo Garcia




    Tô na mesma

  35. تيتو تيتو

    اين انت الان للجنة يا كينج الريجى

  36. Soljah

    Give thanks and praises for Bob Marley

    memoOfJacoboArbenzJuanArevaloN MohammadMossadeghLLJ

    Jah bless ya man

  37. Keegan VanhoVEN

    Cold ground was my bed last night ,and rock was my pillow too

  38. Levi Natty

  39. Mickael Chelle

    Yes mon profete the marley mon idole j t kik depuis 35 ans

  40. Adinailton Cancacao

    Republica do reguee.salvador 30 November.2019 to laaaaaa

  41. André Luiz Vieira luiz


  42. Malcom Jones

    Bob said he feels like bombing a church when you know the preacher is lying.

    Christian Gosling

    Nothing gets past jah

    Mars Martian

    I think he’s saying bum. When you’re homeless, you can get a free meal at a church, but then you have to listen to a bs sermon.

    Rick G

    Bunnin'.. like burning.

    Alesi Vakawaci

    Live in peace bother bob

  43. jim higgins

    I was once homeless. I lost everything, not only my home but my wife and kids. I lost touch with all my family and friends and spent years suffering from depression. I now live on a beautiful little island with my beautiful wife and beautiful doggy, in a lovely home right next to a stunning beach. This song means so much to me and brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. But for a good reason now. Thanks Bob.

    Adiel Jauregui

    mierda dé tema


    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. Amen to that I was homeless and on heroin too but im sober now and not homeless anymore too. God bless you my brother


    jim higgins absolutely awesome to hear brother enjoy and bless

    Sonia XXxx

    Blessed love


    The most inspirational star of the 70's, the legend lives, the Bob Marley spirit lives on

  45. Mike Wizowski

    Rest In Peace Bob!!! Your music is a manual for spiritual warfare !!! Jah bless my friend.

  46. Adbe Free

    Rappelle ma jeunesse

  47. Hitman Johnson

    Bob made this world a better place through his music brought so much love to mankind.
    One Love One people one nation under Jah

  48. Superto kante

    We will always love you

  49. aloyce limu

    Ridding High forever Bob.....

  50. Laura Camilli

    2019...da um salve! Que brisa daora!

  51. Joseph Ripley


  52. gamiring gamelow

    Keep singin bob *peace*

  53. Diarra Rahim

    Yes oh yes bob😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  54. CC-Yonce Kohunui

    1 of my faves ✊✊✊✊✊

  55. Milly Ashby

    Honestly I don't know where you all got brother Bob Marley song Talkin Blues from why because I'm singing a long to the song with the words from one of his album that I have from his limited edition of 10,000 after it was announced his has passed over and there is a Certificate 08601 within my collection that I've got of all his original songs so I do know what I'm talking about specially when it comes to Bob Marley songs and that last verse ain't recorded in the original song so don't give me something to listen to that is false cause it's a dam disgrace to the King himself and if you ain't got his original version of this song please don't publish it at all that's the respect I have for a great man such as Bob Marley and his reggae music okay just being honest with you all and I just want you all to have respect for brother Bob Marley okay but it you all like I can write the proper words for this song Talkin blues because it's one of my favorite songs of his I love all his songs but this song really captured my heart and soul thanks hope no offense has been taken but I've got to be honest okay

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    Vendo Bitcoin p2p venda direta Zap 16 988833-2847

  58. Wellington epifanio Wellington

    17 de setembro de setembro de 2019

  59. Siddnei Sampaio

    Bob está vivi! Brazil

  60. Mathews Mwabulambo

    Blood clat

  61. Pat Hlazo

    Miss my brothers so much (u)

  62. Karen Manyin

    Bob Marley est éternel est au delà des tubes et des bling bling c'est juste pure amour ....thanks king bob

  63. Charlie Manson


    Prince Kenyatta


  64. Debra Mitchell

    I thought I had heard all of Robert Nesta Marley music but I don't know this song..

    naftalee abdul

    Debra Mitchell my best so far

  65. JamaicanSista ROBINSON

    This song just came to my head and I searched and found this!
    My brother *Egon* had this record and my mother let him returned it to the record store due to the part about the *Parson!😀🇯🇲🌺🏝🥁
    I will never forget this bangarang😀🔥😀🇯🇲🏝🌺

  66. Diego Rava

    Me voy a quedar al sol. Y que sus rayos den en mis ojos. Salud rastafaris y a gozar. Siempre

  67. Koo Mbee

    Timeless beyond our galaxy

  68. alick taylor

    Only music I know that grew up with was Bob Marley...simply the best Then Now and tomorrow...From Fiji with Love

  69. Mafika Mbatha

    Talkin' Blues I love this song

  70. Abdou Melouhi


  71. Sichone Sichone

    And for sure preachers are telling lies.

  72. Sichone Sichone

    Cold ground was my bed last night and rock was my pillow.

  73. Jorge Andrés

    Esta musica te pone en las nubes Jah bless 🇯🇲

  74. Escoobar Ybraaa

    Bela manhã, e eu aqui curtindo um baseado, e ouvindo essa música maravilhosa, Bob Marley 💨💨

  75. Amelia Bob

    Love him forever!

  76. Valdir2018 Lago

    Linda música sem comentários 👏👏👏👏

  77. Joshua Henderon

    Rasta say one love.

  78. Nothing Nobody

    Fucd on that side he hated me for eleven fukn yrs a pretend er

  79. Nothing Nobody

    Rock was my pillow the fire I kept at my Bach so shoulder and elbow is

  80. Morisejko Moriss

    This is a demo version of this song . Acoustic guitar at start is missing in this version.

  81. Morisejko Moriss

    Bob Marley was one of the best singer and he deserves capital M in his last name.

  82. Ryan Caio

    Bob marly sucesso que gerou muita em veja em várias pessoas de patente alta!

  83. Pamela Brown

    Homelessness is not for Humans

  84. Silvio Santos

    Muitas lembranças a cabeça lembrar o coração sente

  85. sosouth15

    One of my favorite somgs period

  86. Melanie Aldershoff


  87. Mazoudi Natacha


  88. Dani violet feminil

    Música linda

  89. Sidnei Ferreira

    2019 er nosss!!!

  90. Michael Joss

    One of the best, good old songs, he has written. Mr. Reggae

  91. Cidclei da Silva

    Bob is king💕

  92. Cláudia Contiliano

    Percebo q bob marley tinha uma evolução espiritual muito elevada viva o rei gostaria de te lo conhecido

  93. John Stallings

    I feel like 🔥 down a church right now!

    Carl Bellis

    Why would do that?? :) We all brothers

  94. MJS376

    Soft people listen up

  95. Sibusiso Ngcwane

    taking blues they say your feet is to big for your with the meaning of those words : :<)

    Sichone Sichone

    It's a metaphor

    Sichone Sichone

    Or its like someone is telling you that you don't deserve good things.

  96. Sam Odwa

    Forever living💙✊

  97. listen talk

    Your feet is just too big for your shoes don't take on what you can't manage real talk Bob