Bob Marley - Soul Rebel Lyrics

I'm a rebel, soul rebel
I'm a capturer, soul adventurer

See the morning sun
On the hillside
Not living good, yeah! Travel wide
Said, I'm a living man
I've got work to do
If you're not happy, children
Then you must be blue
(Must be blue, must be blue) people say

I'm a rebel, let them talk,
Soul rebel, talk won't bother me.
I'm a capturer, that's what they say,
Soul adventurer, night and day.

I'm a rebel, soul rebel
Do you hear them lippy?
I'm a capturer, gossip around the corner,
Soul adventurer. How they adventure on me

But see a morning sun
On the hillside
Not living good, travel wide
Said, I'm a living man
I've got work to do
If you're not happy, you must be blue

I'm a rebel, soul rebel
I'm a capturer, soul adventurer
Do you hear me?
I'm a rebel, rebel in the morning
Soul rebel, rebel at midday time

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Bob Marley Soul Rebel Comments
  1. Walter Highwood

    Why did Youtube put an age restriction on this video ??

  2. JL gamer FF

    75 anos desse grande homem ❤️💛💚🖤

  3. Cynthia Iniguez

    Happy 75th birthday BOB! 💚💛❤️

  4. hubcity adivasi

    Blessed in heaven happy birthday the ultimate soul rebel

  5. Joao Macgaiver

    E eu a fumar um canhão e ouvir isso paz mundial por favor.

  6. Asep Arif

    one love one heart

  7. isabella haze

    This have age restriction

  8. Ari75 Rossignol

    Birds are still singing

  9. Neal Romalho

    I will always be a rebel. Fuck Babylon

  10. Lee Miscikas

    Thanks bob x

  11. Younsse Chahi

    Am dzeyo آنا المتمرد

  12. mick brown


  13. mike music

    1973 till 2020 still listening to the prophet

  14. Go commit dont breathing

    Why is this age restricted?Youtube doesn't want us to be soul rebels?

    Fae Boook

    Marijuana paraphernalia 😂🤣

  15. Love Tora7

    Whoever put the boosted bass to this thank you

  16. Luciane Pachecogmail Nena

    Adoro bob

  17. Rene Reis

    Rastaman Vibration ... Made in Brasil

  18. Dinho Duarte

    Eterno Bob Marley !!!

  19. Shamara Bertram

    Who's still listening to Bob Morley 2020 stone cold rebel rebel rebel rebel rebel

    Catherine Tihanyi

    I'm listening to Bob Morley oh and older composers and poet like Beethoven et al.

    Christopher Thompson

    You already know🔥🔥🔥💨

    Shamara Bertram

    Great music Man

    Wayne Cheatham

    I'm still listening, watching, learning, and conquering. I started listening in78, & all said then, is true 2day.

  20. Fernandes Jean

    Bob marley para sempre🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹👍

  21. D. Blue

    Soul Rebel my theme 💯🔥✨❤️💛💚

  22. Taya Lucas

    2020 anyone??? Free your SOUL ❤️🔥

  23. Kev Kev


  24. Ninjah

    Je suis un rebelle
    Un rebelle dans l’âme
    Je suis celui qui capture
    Un aventurier dans l’âme

    Regardez le soleil se lever le matin
    Sur le flanc de la colline
    Si vous ne vivez pas bien
    Alors cassez-vous !
    Je suis un homme vivant
    Et j’ai une mission à accomplir
    Si vous n’êtes pas contents
    Alors soyez tristes !
    Je suis un rebelle
    Un rebelle dans l’âme
    Je suis celui qui capture
    Un aventurier dans l’âme

  25. Mathias Fernandes

    Great Music Alway....,

  26. Prince Jaq

    This video is restricted because that bassline is x rated

  27. Patrik Loncek

    Ill always be a rebel man!

  28. lee sherbourne

    Now , this is the best version 🏆

    Feyenoord Rotterdam

    ja far

  29. Salah Zbida

    Soul rebel Sahara occidental

  30. Lucas Calango Games

    Brasil 2019?

    Daniel Abreu


    Daniel Frank

    Olha a pedra !

  31. isabella haze

    How this have age restrictions but reggaeton not

  32. Renata Nunes

    Love música ❤❤❤❤

  33. Claudia Oliveira

    Amo essa música

  34. Najeeb Najeeb

    ചങ്ക്സ് എവിടെ

  35. Ronald Linden

    Rastafari 🦷

  36. Eliton rodrigues

    Essa musica é a melhor!

  37. Brandon Berens

    Oct 2019 <3

  38. andres david gutierrez lemus

    The sound of creation

  39. Knowledge Son.

    I knew this song is meant for Bob

  40. Raphael Grandjean

    I m rebel , soul rebel tanks Bob !! Jah rastafar-i

  41. Kyle Forrest

    Haven’t listened to bob in a long while. Got to say I’m brought back to where I should be within my conscious mind. All this hate in the world and sharp rises in human mental health issues. The problem is those at the top of the pyramid, have created a world that’s not fit for the human soul.

  42. TG GAMES

    Linda música 2019

  43. Sandra Crooks

    One more big up Bob Marley

  44. Sandra Crooks

    Big up Bob Marley

  45. Sophya Anna

    I m a rebel soul rebel (Y)

  46. Bonnie coral Mulcahy

    Soul rebel

  47. N Flores

    morning star/sun.... lucifer.. remember satan masquerades as an ang-EL (of) light. it is not light. like color OF law is not law. Codes, statutes, ordinances, acts, policies etc are null and void when contradicting the Supreme law of the land. You have natural rights from the Most High above the Firmament and the all.

  48. Les Grossman


  49. Frank Adartse

    The bass is bangin' on this one, thanks for the upload

  50. grandchamp3

    Som r r reer reggae a tribe. Dark aliens

  51. Tom Tom

    I am capturer! Not livin' good travel-wide."

  52. Tony Rosales

    The Wailing Wailers!!!!!!

  53. Charles Smith

    Blessings (love..

  54. Charles Smith

    Travel wide.

  55. Von Keith Davis

    Let them talk. Talk won't bother me.

  56. markim2721

    Essa música e um mantra uma música especial como um som de deus.
    Muito respeito quando escultar .
    Viva bob .
    Viva depois de deus e Jesus Cristo bob marley viva bob jah abençoe sua alma e seus seguidores amém...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  57. Yuri Costa


  58. Phil Coles

    1.8k have shit taste in music.

  59. Vanesa Sallego

    I have been trying. Getting beat down though.

  60. Dj KIDDY 254

    in love

  61. Ray Castaneda

    Music from the dark deep corners of man and his struggle with self and the world

  62. Antoine crokmort

    Gladiators still not bob

  63. Louis Jg

    Sadness + marley's song = smill all day long.
    1love 1humanity

  64. TeknoCZ Man


  65. Mark Mcgrath

    Fuckin Tune knew it for years Years an tears in my eyes Fuckin gwan Bob

  66. Charlie Brown

    Damn this song hits deep!! Wish I could’ve have met this pioneer back then!! Regardless of the situation Mr. Marleys music will forever live in our hearts!

  67. Rafael Sol

    no tempo q eu fumava mta maconha eu virava criança dançando esse hino do reggae

  68. Young Curt

    First song I learned on bass. Still my favorite to play! Love ya Bob. Rest easy my friend

  69. Kate Christodal

    ☆ I love this song ☆

  70. Chidinma Uwaga

    Who's listening in 2019?🍃🍃


    The world will never stop listening to Bob Marley, the king of all music.



    Fernando Maron

    Who cares what year it is? Bob reigns supreme above time and space.

  71. I love bob marley

  72. Benjamin Hawkins

    Currently hot boxing underneath a blanket jamming this

  73. John Doe

    My favorite Bob Marley of all time... This song speaks directly to me

  74. Raimundus Sili

    If I found Bob Marley's song, I clicked "Like" button first before I watch it, cause I'm sure it will be good...

  75. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Number one forevermore straight timeless beautiful music 😁☝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥And if you’re Not happy about that I don’t care for you simple!🥰🎶

  76. Rebel Jayanath Herman

    I & I rebel..soul is very sweet..myself is softer ..I am so sensitive. .but I am rebel

  77. Angel Sanchez Gonzalez


  78. Charles Tillman

    My nigga Bob Marley. Wassup G. My Angel

  79. Fabio Garcia

    Rei Bob ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  80. Ali

    Miami stays with Bob.... 🇯🇲🍯

  81. Sherol Stewart

    Soul adventurer

  82. Four Agreat

    Youtube Was Made For Me

  83. Me Lissa

    Im a rebel, soul rebel...

  84. Sir Michael Kelleher

    This song is getting played at my funeral.


  85. Vincent Ekai

    My favourite jah bless Kathexkenya a soul rebel

  86. rj wrld

    BM is the god of music

  87. Glenda Flores

    Ima rebel soul nite nd day

  88. Alice Sena

    Rei e rei , o melhor de todos os tempos

  89. Alma Reyes

    I wish people could just get along. I would die for everyone to just live in peace💯😭💗

  90. Lookout4the3rdrail

    I'm A Soul Rebel

  91. Fatima Lahtouti

    My hero. I love you MISTER. I listening you every day. God bless you. You are in paradise whith angels. KING OF THE KINGS. Big kisses MISTER BOB NESTA MARLEY 💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍

  92. Eddy Lord Luggard

    Unlike many, even if i was rich or the system favoured me, still defo gonna be against the system. # Soul R*ebel

  93. Midas Kovas