Bob Marley - Crazy Baldheads Lyrics

Them crazy, them crazy -
We gonna chase those crazy
Baldheads out of town;
Chase those crazy baldheads
Out of our town.

I'n'I build a cabin;
I'n'I plant the corn;
Didn't my people before me
Slave for this country?
Now you look me with that scorn,
Then you eat up all my corn.

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase them crazy -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of town!

[Scat singing]

Build your penitentiary, we build your schools,
Brainwash education to make us the fools.
Hate is your reward for our love,
Telling us of your God above.

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy bunkheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown!

[Instrumental break]

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy bunkheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown!

Here comes the conman
Coming with his con plan.
We won't take no bribe;
We've got (to) stay alive.

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy baldheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown.

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Bob Marley Crazy Baldheads Comments

    That shrieking voice at the beginning is a 5 star 🔥🔥🔥

  2. burnsloads

    In this context, 'baldheads' refers to punk rockers, nothing else.

  3. Joseph Moleli

    Any 2020

  4. Ifyousaid So

    Meu ex me ensinou a curtir Bob e esse prox ano ele vai ficar pra trás!! Obrigado [email protected]!🙏

  5. Jim Ross

    Get off of Native American Land.

  6. Jim Ross

    Bob Marley would have been woken to the FEMA death camps before any of us were.

  7. Abenzio Apolinar

    Who still listing bout to be 2020

  8. Real Bro

    Lennox Lewis entrance music vs. Mike Tyson brought me here. Big up 🇯🇲!!!

  9. Diguila

    that first two screams....

  10. Carlos Kombo

    Dezembro com Bob, yeahh! 06/12/2019 até 06/12/2066

  11. dragon punch

    Timeless ❤️

  12. Gerino Ferguson

    1.1k crazy baldheads dont like this song 🤦

  13. Don Johnson

    Lennox Lewis brought me here.

  14. Luedson Bruno


  15. Zakk Bourne

    Can't believe hes actually gone , imagine what he would say nowadays

  16. Samuel Henrique Vaz Ferreira



    1.1 crazy baldheads don't like the song

  18. jaymills85

    1.1k crazy ball heads

  19. wael bosh

    Almost 2020 hit like up and Respeck Di Ras👆🏾 If you're still interesting about the maseege of

  20. Kaizy Stewart

    Chase dem yes

  21. GGG GGG

    Lennox Lewis

  22. Mary West


  23. Alex alves #fé em Deus Vitória

    Lula livre por essa nem 2020 esperava 💚💛💖✌🔊🔊📢🌿😎🏰🚀🍻

  24. Wes Fuz

    Crazy to don't ever stop ENOUGHT!BLAST ON (*X= and only.

    Wes Fuz

    Only's ➕ ➕... To( ... . ...~

  25. Kevin Zhu

    can anyone teach me how to sing the intro?

  26. Hamiora Walters

    Crazy ballheads hes reffering to THE WHITE MAN.. i just wanted to get that clear thanks uncle bob

  27. imJuvir Johnn

    1.1k crazy baldheads hatin'

  28. Gyasi Coles

    1.1k number of those who dislike this... Yaw going to hell

  29. Jeremiah Obeng

    Me: yo what's the wifi password
    Friend: check the back of the router
    The back of the router : 1:19

    95894L00L8934702 _xnyhf

    Jeremiah Obeng 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Diego Flex

    King bob

  31. Richard S WILSON Wilson

    Boris Johnson On Parliament Abolitionist House of Lords 🎸🎸🎸🎸👾👾👾😀😀😀😀😀👾👾👾👾👾🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🤭🤭🤭😀😀😀😀👋👋👋👋👋👋🖐🖐🖐🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😂🌻😂😂👋👍👍👋🚊👋👋👍👍👋👾👾👾🌹🌹

  32. Amine Valantino

    20 October 2019 🇯🇲🇹🇳

  33. Willis Chalepah

    This bad ass song reminds of when lennex rolled up Tyson.

  34. xavier edwards

    Bob a real 1 , wish he’s was still here

  35. Meloman Caradict

    No need for weed, no need for dreads, just enjoy the music and the message... legends never die

  36. B 008

    Hatred ur reward for fr WE Love ♥️♥️♥️

  37. Joan Tap&Go

    Till today no black is free racism everywhere

  38. I.C.E. D.U.C.E


  39. Eunice Mumbit Trill

    Who listening 2019,
    Feeling sadly,
    words projecting in other angles!

  40. So What

    In South Africa this is the most relevant song for those who have the spirit of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

  41. The Lady Lair

    That intro...*shivers*

  42. Эльдар Худайбердин

    one love 💚💛❤️

  43. Preston Gardner

    Chase those crazy

  44. paiaprincess17

    What do you call the noise/note he does in the first 5 seconds? I've always heard it in reggae music just want to know what its called

  45. Ibrahim Adams

    2nd October 2019 still skanking

  46. TIME2GO

    dam jews wont leave

  47. Threcia Adams

    Chase them crazy ball head out of town ❤️ 2019 still loving 🎼🎼🎼🎤🎤🎤🎤

    Ross micheal

    It's ok we know what you meant .

  48. Dane Lamnipor

    PA que le Corte la choya lil cock meat sandwho

  49. Jeff Jarrett

    Best Ringwalk ever! Tyson Vs. Lewis. I love Tyson, but Lewis was a stone cold killa that night, and he walked out to this song.

  50. Jessica Dodd

    Boots and Braces don't make a racist

  51. João Marcos Brito


  52. Mc Griddle

    Lol bob a trip yall.
    Love ya bob!

  53. black rat

    when in 18 years i have dreadlocks but now have baldhead so i am crazy baldhead hihihihihi

  54. Paul Soita

    The person referred to above is a white colonial master.
    Most of them don't have rasta dreadlocks so basically they are "baldhead"
    "Brainwash education
    To make us the fools
    Hate is your reward for our love
    Telling us of your God above"

    Ross micheal

    He was also referring to Edward Seaga, he put a hit on Marley.

    Tom Kelly

    @Ross micheal 😐 yeah? Y

    Keith Bentley

    You're totally wrong. Refers to anyone, black or white, without dreads, or in power. You might be unaware, but white colonial masters were gone by Marley's time.

  55. koko40800

    You hear that war wail, baldheads? Makes you pee in your pants don't it, hearing dem wild Africans coming for yo lily white ace?

  56. Gildon Belisle

    didn't my people before me, slave for this country?... now u look with that scorn, then you eat up all my corn.

  57. B Elb

    Brother Bob Marley was the dangerous Black Man of the earth
    Why : because he incited people trough his songs..... the one of many who tried to awake the awakenings in good people , but no one learn and even though times changes , his songs were timeless.
    So.....Get up and stand for your rights


    This song may be one of the main reasons they killed him

  58. Jai GG

    This song is so powerful , listen too the words !!! Love it !!! Speakers on high *BIG BASS*

  59. melvin obed

    how do you dislike a bob marley song? crazy baldheads

  60. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  61. M. Ahmad

    1.100k balheads dislike dis song


    makes em pee their pants

  62. Jean Daniel Rameau Lobe

    Le 13 ème disciple de Jésus

  63. Paul Soita

    In short, Bob was saying Middlefinger to the white man.

    Veg prince

    Many "bald head" black people out there man. He's not talking about skin color, he's talking about cops, lawyers, politicians, people in power.


    @Veg prince Yeah but he talking mostly about white baldheads since they mostly the ones in power...and the biggest vampire, dem a chase vampire!

    Paul Soita

    @Veg prince he said;
    "Brainwash education
    To make us the fools
    Hate is your reward for our love
    Telling us of your God above"

    The person referred to above is a white colonial master.
    Most of them don't have rasta dreadlocks so basically they are "baldhead"

    Ross micheal

    @Veg prince Exactly.


    Veg prince yes he is. He is referring to the oppressors.

  64. Dumb shit Central

    I thank damian for introducing me to this track

  65. DrKub007

    love this song but hate the stereo panning

  66. Yaa Dapaah

    My fav part ‘them crazy’

  67. Doja King

    Bless up rasta...much respect ..always an inspiration...They brainwash education to make us the fools..nuff said...RESPECT TO THE MAXIMUM.. Your legacy and legendary still and will always remain SIR.. We miss u legend..REST EASY SIR..JAH SEE JAH KNOW..MUCH LOVE

  68. Lesta Waikato


  69. navia04

    400 yrs and still trying to chase them out......back to the Caucasus Mts please the world has seen enough!


    back to their caves where they came from

  70. anouar elazz

    Chase Donald trump out of town


    him and all his crazy baldhead followers

  71. T Money

    Righteous Rastafari

  72. carlos ortiz

    lo mejor q le paso a este planeta

  73. One Love

    1k crazy baldheads dont like this song

  74. Anthony McGuinness

    I forget how much wisdom he has down on my luck now and bobs mucic is helping me feel well again.

  75. Omar Turner

    Love this man and the song has a great meaning.

  76. dpgoldengate

    This is a very very creative recording! Bob was musical and lyrical genius! His fire still burning in 2019!

  77. 301AG

    “Didn’t my people before me, slave for this country?”
    😒 it’s a lot of trump supporters in the comment section pretending that they love bob or his messages


    @301AG say white supremacist a few more times makes you feel better loser...hahah

    Ricky Garcia

    Fr he got all quiet now huh


    johnstonfolife Your right. My apologies. Because you whites are not superior in anything. You hate blacks but wanna walk like us and talk like us. Listen to our music etc. the only videos on your profile is hip hop. Get off our dick.


    navia04 wise words

  78. Leo Metcalf

    It's getting to be about that time isn't it? "Gotta chase those crazy (fucking) bald-heads (white supremacist) out of this town!"

  79. Felipewpew


  80. anonymous eyeearnomouth


  81. Jermaine Tate

    Dem Rassclart Bump Heads..

  82. Oscar Ivan Gonzalez Garzon


  83. Ronaldo Araújo

    Que som que toca a Alma

  84. Tayeb Souissi

    oooh my God the best legend in history Mr Bob Marley the king waw

  85. Spikdonz

    Big huge man plenty of POSITIVE forces from that so true song. I & I miss U - °ONE°LOVE°

  86. Liam English

    Lennox Lewis.

  87. Liliou1


  88. Tinashe Murubi

    You don't like this one,lick your ansol

  89. Kelvin Gabriel

    This man!

  90. widjina alferis

    is that will so what

  91. widjina alferis

    love you so much

  92. widjina alferis

    rat race