Bob Marley - Chances Are Lyrics

Chances are we're gonna leave now
Sorry for the victim now
Though my days are filled with sorrow
I see years of pride tomorrow

Chances, chances are some might not hold out
Chances are, hang on right now
Though-oh-oh-oh my-my days are filled with sorrow
I see years of pride tomorrow

Chances, chances are some might not hold out
Chances are, hang on right now
Chances are, oh chances, you're my chances
Chances are, hang on right now

Chances are, hang on right now

Heal with loneliness,
Heartaches and tear drops
Chances are we'll have to win
Chances are, hang on right now
Chances are, chances are...

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Bob Marley Chances Are Comments
  1. Felipe Augusto

    Amo essa música!

  2. venturagabin go

    Vinyl album LP

  3. andrewswitzjam3

    In JESUS we put our Trust.He is our Blessed HOPE

  4. Nonde Nicholas N

    Beautiful voice, we will never have another Bob Marley he is gone, may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  5. Nonde Nicholas N

    This song heals.

  6. Kenneth F

    I love Bob’s music. This was the man who inspired me to play guitar. Who inspired me to develop a passion for music. Thank you for everything Bob. Your music truly helps me feel irie when I feel down and lonesome.

    Ngum Ngafor

    There's a Bob Marley tune for every occasion in life. What a legend!

  7. Felipe Augusto

    Amo essas do king!

  8. NiceOneFishing

    Bob Marley will never die

  9. Lawrence Njawe

    A virtually forgotten and often overlooked track. Nice to hear this one again.

  10. Liam Reilly

    Chances are .love this sad melancholy song that takes me back

  11. Bliss Full

    just what I needed.

  12. Dominic Dillon

    Love from Manchester, England

  13. dynamic

    Legendary Artiste.Apart from being philosophical and revolutionary,Bob Marley writing skills was phenomenal.

    Lawrence Njawe

    Which set him apart from the other 2 Wailers. Though all talented, Bob was clearly the band's songwriting inspirer in chief.


    @Lawrence Njawe Respect fully

    Lawrence Njawe

    @dynamic All due respect to King BOB

  14. Sarah Jane

    Its heal with loneliness;
    heartaches and teardrops

  15. Lovan Berényi


  16. engine-54

    Memories are

  17. karl Jönsson

    My personal favorite from the King. The raw emotions from this song is unmatched

  18. Tyrone Hooper


  19. Heather Fuller

    Broken ❤️

  20. Julian Avalon

    I covered this song in my channel, and would absolutely ADORE any and all input from fellow Marley fans. Jah bless and one love!!

  21. NinjaBadness


  22. Sleyoum Khamic

    profet bob maley never forget u chance right now 😅

  23. Marcia Walcott

    Chances some might not hold out

  24. eddie m

    One of my favorites also

  25. Maria Candelaria Núñez Herrera


  26. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Pinche rolon bien pasado de verga :'u ese we cantaba con el pinche corazón en la garganta.
    Mestremeci, pasan los años y no me deja de gustar esta rola we :'v

  27. Craig Townsend

    Bob! I'm done
    Drinking no more...
    no more beer Berkeley...
    A Green 76er Pack G man What mess!
    Before there was kinky reggae for Packman...
    blue ghost God "Clyde?" Gough Street?
    Packman in a maze sides meet
    stop drinking the ghosts now turning Bluetooth

  28. Nandhu Sarath

    No one can stand against this song.. because all are victims.., as like gong said..

  29. Ani mah

    "I'll take some tear drop"

  30. Mesh x

    Heal with loneliness

  31. Pat Barry

    Chances are we will never hear a poet and melodic king like Bob Marley for as long as we live.... Legend

  32. Tim Rafferty

    One of the prettiest songs ever.

  33. Juan Carlos Pasache Machado


  34. Marshall Razee

    Big up martimo planner auther on this one yah

  35. Esther Naomi

    Love this song.❤️

  36. ELchimbo quepasa

    This takes me back as a young child growing up in St.maarten watching the bongo natty dem build furniture at the apolstry shop and playing these tunes.. tear jerker.

  37. UY SCUTY

    RIP my brotha... 😢❤️

  38. rhogian reyes


  39. Peter Anderson

    Soomeee mite not hoolllddd on

  40. Lyte42

    Was looking for this, thx for uploading. Birthday blessings Legend 1luv 👍

  41. upsetterz

    happy birthday bob i love you

  42. jojja 86

    Bob Marley 2019 and rest of my life. love u bob

  43. Milo D. Ace

    thank you Mr.Marley for all your great music

  44. F1 All Time

    My favourite song from Bob

  45. Vanessa Marlow

    any reggae is awesome

  46. Didine Jeffroy

    Feel with loneliness... 😔😘

  47. Bob

    Him lives in all of us

  48. low sistem

    Those stalkis, hackers divertors of massages those that hangs on other inbox lying at someone asking for money they did not work framers will never live in peace again.

  49. Nyah Fyah TV

    I love this song..."even though my days are filled with sorrow..."

  50. STean Ye huna

    oct 2018

  51. Maxwell Kukacha

    Will never forget you Bob Marley, your songs still gives us hope for tomorrow.

  52. Tim Lackey

    one of bob and the wailers best

  53. yenifer ruiz ruiz


  54. brandon MCARTHUR blake


  55. AndroidApk 18

    Si no lo sabian bob murio pero vive en cristo por aceptalo como su unico y suficiente salvador....saludos raza de mazatlan sinaloa mexico..

  56. Jerry Ganpath

    Master rasta

  57. Colli Herbsman

    This is my first time that i hear Bob Marley sings in other Genre i love it! Jah blessed GOAT!

    Lawrence Njawe

    There's also "Redemption Song", sung in the "Other Genre"

  58. As you Wish

    my Favorite Bob Song.....its not so commercialized. Keep Bob pure.

  59. Cerena Flemming

    Actually got hip to this in Jamaica. The natives are so proud of anyone who gives their culture a good name. They love with all their heart. That island healed me mon. Ill never forget that love

  60. Sandra Crooks

    So 😢

  61. Octavia Alfred

    I cried 29 years ago when I heard this school. I lost my adopted mother to cancer the day i heard that song. every time I listen to it something rises in me . chances are oh chances you are my chances. I thought it was over for me but chances are things did work out. oh chances

    Ax Greenious

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my mom to cancer last August. This song is somber; in the best way. This track helps you remember what we've lost... it's grounding.

    Christopher Manqueros

    May god bless you and his whole heart embrace you. Chances always come around but remember the times. You spent with her. Love you fellow bob lover. Stay strong.

    Lucky Lawrence

    Thank GoD,I heard this prophetic admonition during my upheaval in life 1993.I was actually thinking how cold this world was,that an innocent person could be punished in this convoluted earthly system. BOb was a prophet. He lives in me.

  62. Sandra Crooks

    So true Bob

  63. Informed Mind


  64. Kara Blair

    I play over and over one of my favorite songs of all time👌✌😍

  65. M. O. G.

    First time hearing this one and it is a jewel.

  66. CasparTheDopestGhost


  67. Langdon Tyrone Martin

    solstice alone, always alone

  68. Langdon Tyrone Martin

    solstice alone, always alone

  69. Langdon Tyrone Martin

    solstice alone

  70. Tanya Lenmark

    soooo beautiful...
    my Sons friend has passed. this Song speaks volumns

  71. chokobe111

    listening rite nah inside a subway train in chicago n i cannot stop my tears dropping

    Byron Benguche'

    chokobe111 Me too i'm from Chicago this song tugs at your emotions believe me i understand completely

  72. Candice-lee Alexander

    real out off the heart

  73. pip ormsby

    still love this song

  74. Kelly Clark

    this man. this soul. ineffable beauty.

  75. Kitur Selassie

    the legend



  77. tillallareoneluv

    Thank you, Bob.


    Chances are, oh chances, you're my chances 🔥

  79. Bridget McElhaney

    gives me hope when things are bleak.. Bob knew what was up.. :) 1Luv.. beautiful melody

  80. Jean Cassina

    thx, a very good song, full of meaning, at least for me... ;)

  81. Dilone's View

    I'll see you tomorrow little brother, rest in peace with the universe now and I will follow you there someday.

    Bridget McElhaney

    Dilone's View aww, that was thoughtful. love and light to your dear brother :)

    Joseph Luna

    I hope you're with him now, no more pain for the both of you

    James Fukfist

    Sad for you. Energies will combine and shine bright again one day. Bless you.

  82. Joey Ferazzoli

    song is so good, 20 people flipped their computers upside down just so they could like it again <3

    Aaliyah Serafina

    Joey Ferazzoli hahahahaha this the best comment <3

  83. LIL BARZ

    Reggae mixed with Oldie but Goodie, man I would have never thought of it. "Chances are" is so beautiful & emotional & inspirational

  84. upsetterz

    though my days are filled with sorrow, I see years are bright tomorrow, thank you bob

    Bridget McElhaney

    upsetterz agreed. it gives ya hope in times of trouble

    Christopher Manqueros

    God bless brother always a brighter tomorrow. Let those gone smile in your mind heart and soul. Chances are they would want you to be happy free and smiling. Love live laugh till the very end. God is good jah brudah. Bless.

  85. Mzelle Djubea

    aou big love .like like

  86. Jervon StClaire

    This is so mellow mehnn. Just siting here and got this on repeat. Eyes closed snapping my fingers bobbing my head mehn.

    Isiana Carr-Coleman

    +Grim Reaper Me right now XD

  87. Dennis Wise

    this was the last song Bob ever sang in a stage, at Pittsburgh on Sept of 1980


    "Get Up, Stand Up" was also the last song Marley ever performed on stage, on 23 September 1980 at the Stanley Theater, now the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to Wiki.

    Dennis Wise

    @Euphytoseable Right, but after he ended the concert, he sang this song acapella, according a fan that was on the concert that night


    Yes he did, Bob knew he would be fighting for his life at the end

    maurice priso edimo

    C est pas vrai, (work ) il la chantait en boucle.

  88. TheJofrica

    Play it at 1.25x speed and it gets less sad but still a little sad

  89. 1985honda400ex

    sad chances are we'll have to win

  90. Rads shand

    chills run down my spine

  91. Adriana Martinez

    a classic

  92. Nadir Gennari

    😊😊😊 bellissima