Bob Marley - Africa Unite Lyrics

Ziya-po ya-ya, pa-pa-ya-pa!
Ti-da-lee, na po-po pu-du-loo!
Ste-na-peh na-na po po-ro po!
Africa unite:
'Cause we're moving right out of Babylon,
And we're going to our Father's land, yea-ea.

How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man, yea-eah! -
To see the unification of all Africans, yeah! -
As it's been said a'ready, let it be done, yeah!
We are the children of the Rastaman;
We are the children of the Iyaman.

So-o, Africa unite:
'Cause the children (Africa unite) wanna come home.
Africa unite:
'Cause we're moving right out of Babylon, yea,
And we're grooving to our Father's land, yea-ea.

How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man
To see the unification of all Rastaman, yeah.
As it's been said a'ready, let it be done!
I tell you who we are under the sun:
We are the children of the Rastaman;
We are the children of the Iyaman.

So-o: Africa unite,
Afri - Africa unite, yeah!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) for the benefit of your people!
Unite for it's later (Africa unite) than you think!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of my children!
Unite for it's later (Africa uniting) than you think!
Africa awaits (Africa unite) its creators!
Africa awaiting (Africa uniting) its Creator!
Africa, you're my (Africa unite) forefather cornerstone!
Unite for the Africans (Africa uniting) abroad
Unite for the Africans (Africa unite) a yard! [fadeout]

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Bob Marley Africa Unite Comments
  1. Rico Haynes

    Unite for the coco

  2. Fox Game


  3. Yusuph Kashenge

    14.02.2020 awesome to be alive

  4. Femmylove Choco


  5. Rot Schimmel

    The greatest artist ever born on this Planet.
    Blessed EarthStrong Prophet.
    We'll never forget You.

  6. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Number one forevermore Love!☝️😁✌🏾🎶🎶🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. ignatius maziofa

    chills down my spine. he roared like a lion on this performance.

  8. ajakz deak

    Africa united 1 the best Africa 🇸🇴✍👏👏👏👏👏

  9. Nilson Fernandez


  10. Jose luis Hernandez


  11. Cleone Dos anjos


  12. yahia kubara

    I’m proud to be Africans

  13. Diva Antunes

    Não sai de perto do microfone

  14. Diva Antunes

    United pobobioobo

  15. andyman5446

    Unite for the Africans abroad, unite for the Africans a yard.

  16. Emma Moneyang

    This is soul food

  17. Abubakar Maqaah

    Still going crazy Africa 🇬🇳💪

  18. Felix Vilanova

    2020 Will never die !!!!

  19. Fotis Logothetis

    Africa united ❤️

  20. Sebastian Erazo Beltran

    2020 y sigue siendo el mejor

  21. Cristian Manuel Guarin Vázquez

    2020 siguen en los corazónes rastafari

  22. Marilyn Holdaway

    Rest in Peace.

  23. kyle johnson

    2020 and still going strong Africa unite 🇸🇳

  24. Jacque Steal



    Quien lo escucha el miércoles 1 de enero 2020

  26. mamadou boss

    Bob marley c'était le maître de la musique

  27. ÂÁ2 manhique

    Africa unite. Africans be united. Africa for Africans.

  28. Yeshua Hamashiach! Hamashiach

    *"Qual nome da música de fundo da vinheta?*

  29. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Number one ☝️✌🏾

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  31. DonRafael Oficial BR

    2019 🇧🇷✊🏾

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  33. Jordi Cohen Garcia

    Viva África tangawi

  34. Gang Bang

    Музыка всех времён )

  35. omar omzo N.1

    19 novembre 2019 🙋🙋😘

  36. luis nieto lazaro

    2019 África

  37. Vitalis C

    In the year 2030: "Time machine, take me to year 1979, November 25. Location: Santa Barbara Country Bowl."

  38. John Moh Blaxta

    from Kenya. Africa Unite!!!

  39. Silverthorn Landscaping

    please please Africa move right out of Babylon , Babylon has tricked African people & the World for years now , they have poisoned so many people with the huge mistake of HIV leading to AIDS , they cant admit there awful mistake & they are so so greedy that its sickening & they dont want there funding to go away , please dont admire them because there not as clever as you think . Africa untie & know that the people who are controlled by Babylon system are trapped & suffering too , but not quite in the same way as the African people .

  40. Gear Junkie

    This is Beautiful really love this track......very powerful.......

  41. Mikazzo Tha' Myztik

    Unite for World Peace

  42. Krono Enist

    Africa will unite one day .. and they will stop playing into their enemies enemy's hands

  43. franck jacques

    it gives me always goosebump ! Surely this man was God sent ! We all hope one day to move out right of Babylon !

  44. Sun Tzu

    Bob Marley was a Prophet with a message, well IS coz I think he faked his death ...

  45. Abel Tamene

    bob marley ...... mesmerizing fantastic song!

  46. Alberto Najera

    Prophet Marley

  47. styno12

    I named that drummer "BEN" when I was a boy because he looked liked one Uncle Ben in our neighbourhood. And each time we discuss the track at the playground or at the football field, folks understood who I was referring to. Did not really border to know his real name. Funny.

  48. Mini Max

    Bob Marley 4ever!!

  49. Marcia Carvalho

    ❤️01/09/2019. 07:23

  50. Pradel Panike

    Yon legend enkonparab


    Destrua as ondas não as praias... cuidemos el Amazonas.... Venezuela

  52. عبدالباقي الصديق حموده

    Bob Marley the great singer a round the world leader love him so much

  53. Wilson Mwase

    This could easily be adopted to be Africas continental Anthem.


    I agree
    such a beautiful anthem it would be

  54. Juliomarciodossantos Marcio

    Marley nos deixou mais deixou um legado aqui no planeta. Só temos a agradecer!

  55. ¡Djibrill! Bathily

    The GOAT

  56. vehiculos y repuestos sas

    The Marshall Carlton «carly» Barrett on Drums...Majestic

  57. Nicola Vacca

    Africa Unite. Un pezzo da brividi. Bellissimo.

  58. Mamadou Aliou Diallo

    africa please unite

  59. Lamond Martin

    we are children of africa

  60. Carlos Kombo

    King Marley!!
    Ah, África, mamã!

    Cleone Dos anjos


  61. Sa Las

    This is matserpiece ! So would please give me the name fo the song which is placed at the beginning of the video ?

  62. baimk nsilk

    “Marcus Mosiah Garvey said let it be done!!!”

  63. Valmir Cafezeiro

    Afro Deseded

  64. Franklin Freshman

    Such a powerful song and meaningful lyrics. Such very Prophetic !!

  65. Former Things

    Praise Jah!

  66. charles pereira

    na loucurAaaaaaa

  67. Nia La Casamançaise D

    Africa unite ❤️ 😢

  68. lulin sixteen

    Hermoso!!. leyenda por siempre

  69. Jonathan Tabakamulamu

    Africa ur my fore fathers cornerstone😋😋😊😊😪

  70. Mora Khat

    From in Morocco. Africa ❤️ United inchallah

  71. David Snake Doe

    Ladies and gentlemen, here you can see the performance of a creature from another dimension, a superior one.
    Rest in Peace Uncle Bob, we will never forget you!
    It's already 38 years since you've passed away, but 38 years are nothing compared to the Eternity of Your Soul!!!!
    One Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Cláudia Contiliano

    Bob marley pura raiz africana viva o rei magnífico viva o rei bob marley rei do regaae eu iria no schow deste homem pena q não vou poder eterno rei pra sempre você merece lindo

  73. Evolution Melanin

    Africa remains the stone that the builders refuse yet it is all ways my foremothers and “forefathers head corner stone” “ever homeward bound” there is an amicable roof waiting of that I am certain. Let it be Lord.
    Me trying to sound smart or being clever? while you busy obsessing over me I am busy doing my thing thinking forward bruv kisses and hugs

    Themba Xathula

    Africa unite is still a battle cry even today.African unity is paramount and no to xenophobic among ourselves.Brother Bobs call.African Unity

  74. noe alcaraz

    I love you Bob! Bob Marley forever in my Heart💗

    Luciano Wesley

    noe alcaraz hello

  75. Annamaria Mejia

    I 💘 this Song and many more of the ONE and ONLY. 👑 King of REGGAE. BOB MARLEY 🙏💞

  76. Mailen Caceres

    2019 presente 💚💛❤

    Yeshua Hamashiach! Hamashiach

    *"Qual o nome da música de fundo da vinheta ?*

  77. Dipogenic Group


  78. BindONER1

    I cant get off this song in 2019

  79. nelson hermosilla

    Copiado y jamas igualado¡¡¡ nunca mas un coloso como este caminara entre nosotros¡¡¡¡

  80. Barry Diarra

    Algérie 213.

  81. Barry Diarra

    Ethiopia 212.

  82. Barry Diarra

    Tunisia, lybia. 216.

  83. Eduardo Bailon

    Un tema que me pone los pelos de punta...pasan los años y esta reacción sigue igual...Gloria eterna para EL MAESTRO.BOB VIVIRA SIEMPRE EN NUESTROS CORAZONES...JAH RASTAFARI!!.

  84. Gloria Gray

    aww man we didnt deserve Bob Marley :(
    what a human being!

  85. Jasmin Dusic

    I have big picture Bob Marley on my wall. The Legend never die! Live and be peacefull. Rasta live. ✌️✌️✌️😎

  86. lucia santos

    Não me canso ouvir
    Amo amo Bob Marley 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  87. Krybba banton


  88. The Fakey Cake Maker

    This is my three year old's favourite song! Lol! I wish I could share his picture from Karneval day, he wore brown trousers and a blue shirt and dreadlocks, he also carried a guitar. The kindergarten played this song when he walked in as they know it's his favourite. So sweet. :-)

  89. Just a random Girl

    Africa are waiting his creators

  90. Wake Up Israel

    "Cause we're moving right out of Babylon, and we're grooving to our fathers land..." I can't wait, BURN BABYLON!

  91. Nor Anogab

    Maman enged! Dapat kitang tanan talaga mag unite bilang sakabilog

  92. Nor Anogab

    Maman enged! Dapat kitang tanan talaga mag unite bilang sakabilog

  93. Isaac Espinoza

    WOW, no words to describe such beauty.

  94. kevin eduardo Laurente Gonzales

    tu intro jode....

  95. sara marley

    Africa 🇯🇲

  96. Autumn Nyree

    Now that’s what you call someone that’s full of life ❤️

    Rest In Peace Bob Marley

  97. Agnaldo Ferreira do Nascimento Guina

    Gratidão like

  98. LR frost

    2019 here we go !! always loving bob marley

  99. Abdel Hamidou

    African cannot units where???

    Abdel Hamidou

    One day African will unit