B.o.B - Fucked Up Lyrics

I've lost control
And I've lost my soul
I stand so cold
Cause I've lost control!

Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that why?
Is that why?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?

Way too fucked up obviously
But hey,that's what just happens when the bottles are free
Prestige like an older man
I'm laid up in the sweet like solomon
You all just following.
I'm half way across the world, it just occurred to me
I look down, wallet full of foreign currency
Table full of shots, that's courtesy
Broke niggers fake balling, that's perjury.
I do my thing certainly
One black, one Asian, diversity
I got a girl, she got a girl, we doing both concurrently
I wanna see 'em lips move, and I ain't talking verbally!
I'm at the peak, man
I'm hong kong high! you wanna see me falling, I don't know why
I'm getting wasted at the Hong kong spot
And the room keeps spinning, but I don't know why.

Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?

First class on my ass, don't know how to act
Tell a broad with a big rack bring a shot of jack
I need a lot of that, i should wear a party hat
I can't see you fuck boys,call it Cataracs
Hong Kong, nice girls, interracial speaking
Goose with the hen, call interracial drinking
Living life, stocks soaring, make her pour it
Hit a freak on one leg call her Captain Morgan
Y'all all haters, while we all in
Ye ain't heard we the truth where've y'all been?
Baby take them clothes off, i need all skin
And don't be stingy with that stuff, cause we all friends!
Tell me some freaking,
I kiss my home girl, we're out of here Tre,boy in my own world!
Call it Planet Hangover no fat Jesus
Yours truly, Mr. pot belly, good evening!

Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?
Is that's why you think I'm cool,
Because I get fucked up, fucked up?

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B.o.B Fucked Up Comments
  1. Noah BLN

    Dont give up

  2. A2Z11tree

    COCO SUMNER! Aka I Blame Coco aka Stings daughter!!

  3. Winters Own

    this my anthem right here 

  4. sniperaaron

    Tre didnt do bad at all!! Not like his verse in EPIC at all. That's where he fucked up lol

  5. DJ RARA

    playboy tre go hard u is trippin

  6. 999is666upsidedown

    Guess you fucked up.

  7. Man Dem

    playboy tre is fkin wack, no offense to him

  8. Geashh

    This song was produced my RocNations Producer Davaughn ; he's dropping his mixtape soon featuring a extended version of this song. Check his blog out PSAxRoc.tumblr.com

  9. J Bush

    Does anyone know what sample this is?

  10. CaliLyfe209

    b.o.b. is a monster

  11. Trey Thompson

    Thumbs up if u brought yourself here

  12. Nachit T

    One of my favorites of Bobby ♥

  13. Britlandboy

    my moms the one getting fucked up lmao

  14. Britlandboy

    yup and EPIC is the best Mixtape

  15. Roshan Naylor

    I shook Playboy's hand last night

  16. David Smith

    the fuck? how old are you? this is my moms favourite song..

  17. 99problems24

    that's cold dude

  18. BrailBeatz

    Check Out my beats

    New B.o.B ft. Nicki Minaj - Out Of My Mind (REMIX) produced by me (BrailBeatz)

  19. 999is666upsidedown

    tre ruins this song.

  20. gcodetilidy

    Looking for instrumental to this

  21. Jamessawyer010

    Their hating cause their jealous of him
    Who are them?
    "Their gonna hate" but "that's when you know your doing great, so..?"

  22. Jamessawyer010

    Treboy Play
    Thats my man, keep it up bro.

  23. Glenn Ramos

    Didnt know playboy tre could be such a best lyricist

  24. Louise Mccraw

    B.o.B - Fucked Up - Feat. Playboy Tre and I blame coco*

  25. liltexastycoon

    i want to hear playboy tre, 2 chainz, and b.o.b on a track

  26. Jasperkuhhh

    I think your cool no matter what, let's get fucked up together

  27. Trey Thompson

    Much better than strange clouds

  28. artez habersham

    Im on punishment because my mom asked me what song im listening to.....

  29. Cloud Tribe

    Strange clouds drops in fuckin 5 days!

  30. toofarfromjune

    Best part of the video: @2:30 when they start dancin with the local guy walking by with his gf: made me smile. Music/dance/laughter: the international language.

  31. Andrus Lääne

    is that why you dislike this song, because they get fucked up? Best song from the mixtape in my opinion.

  32. Tha Silver-Haired Gawd

    lol Playboy Tre ain't even that bad. Why so much hate?

  33. alexonfire111

    this nigga raw!

  34. David Rodgers

    I thought Mario was rapping...but it was just Playboy tre...

  35. PerogieBoy714

    playboy tre was the most annoying voice ever. i really dont like him at all

  36. Lowkeeyg

    lol what a follower son! be YOU. find your own swagger

  37. MrPearldaddy

    What kind of cap is B.o.B wearing? Model, brand, links etc.. help!

  38. Kenny Beddow

    damn it is too goood..not hating on bob but fuck i wana do this justice

  39. Trey Thompson

    This a better version of wild boy

  40. starwarscoppers

    Sry day

  41. starwarscoppers

    Wtf lupe all dat

  42. zac

    B.O.B is the only artist that I like every single song he comes out with. Actually thought, he does not produce trash like everybody else.

  43. Haris Hadzovic


  44. TheWaffleCones

    likes are only for the retards ....

  45. cathay25


  46. DopyKins

    Wooo.. Awsome performance in PLAY Club (HK) and i also saw this being shot.. the scene in Temple street..... I even got a photo with BOB :D

  47. Kenji Tang

    WOOOOOOOOOO in fuckin HK!!!

  48. Doriyan Coleman

    I love this song, I could dedicate it to a few people. I wish there was an instrumental though

  49. LBJFBJ23

    @youngdeamonta yeah lupes songs do have messages in them and lyrically he is good, but the beats are just wack and im shocked that he is working with them. and Wale is not bad, but Meek Mill is just million times better. That guy is something special that rap game has been missing

  50. youngdeamonta

    @LBJFBJ23 I like Wales style but yeah he ain't no Tupac and Lupe has substance behind all his music even the ones that don't sound like something he'd normally put out

  51. LBJFBJ23

    @youngdeamont you named some damn good rappers, but the only thing that I dont understand is why people credit Wale that much... I mean the guy hasnt changed anything since his previous album and now that he is signed to MMG everyones talkin about like he is some new 2pac, but he is not that special. Flow, lyrics, voice-low.. and Lupe? I mean the last mixtape friend of the people what the fuck is he trying to do with those electric beats and shit..

  52. Real Alfian

    You have NO idea how many people I'd dedicate this song to

  53. youngdeamonta

    @SWGuruu Meek, B.o.B, T.I. Outkast, J. Cole, Stalley, Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, and Wale are some of my favorite rappers so yeah I'm pretty sure I understand good rap. But anyway you like Lil B and thats your opinion so its whatever to me and I'm not gonna flip shit over this like you are.

  54. youngdeamonta

    @SWGuruu yeah whatever you and your "movement" have a good day too kid. Listen to whatever you want I honestly don't give a fuck just talk shit about stuff you can't comprehend like good rap

  55. youngdeamonta

    @SWGuruu I know Lil B raps like shit on purpose but that makes him look like a fuckin idiot. He'd rather be known as a rapper who raps like shit on purpose instead of a rapper who is actually talented and does his thing all the time (like Tre does on this and all his shit)

  56. youngdeamonta

    Ok I don't like Lil B cause his shit is just flat out weak to me, and I know that he raps like that on purpose because my little brother loves Lil B's shit and even he says Lil B fucks around too much. Playboy Tre is better than Lil B because he doesn't bullshit on his music. He takes all his shit serious and puts his all into it instead of fuckin around. The best Lil B song I've ever heard was My car. If Lil B didn't mess around Tre would still rap circles around his ass


    @alakabam How can you compare Playboy tre with Lil B Playboy tre killed this you must be smokin something Lil B be saying some stupid shit and raps off beat like he's retarted thats y people put lil b in the category of worst rappers ever and playboy tre aint even close to being on that list you must have been listening to shity rappers all your life to not no a good one when you see one

  58. obeykela

    amazing song

  59. Kenny Beddow


  60. LBJFBJ23

    this song is just fun :)

  61. Niyah Lewis

    I love this song. :DD I helps me in a way. :I

  62. marlin jackson

    I just think he's cool because he's a great artist and has tons of swag.

  63. ilikemusicsowhat

    Thumbs up for Hong Kong, my favorite place in the world:)

  64. alakabam

    playboy tre is fucking DOOOOOODYYYYYY please get him off this track, i never thought someone could be on the same level as lil b, but heres his contendor, if them two rap battled, it would be hilarious

  65. Joel Sanchez

    46 people never thought he was cool

  66. jimmy soto

    I want to see them lips move and I ant talking verbally

  67. Tim Saunders

    I Blame Coco plus B.o.B minus Playboy Tre = Yes!

  68. Lorraine Chu


  69. murphypolsak

    i used to think people only thought i was cool cause i got fucked up... but then i took an arrow to the knee:P
    I used to think people thought i was cool cause i got fucked up....but then i realized no one thought i was cool:P

  70. Beans9000

    @Breohno it's a girl who sings the chorus.

  71. Scuurpro

    Everyone wipe the smudge off your green bar.

  72. lolalouiseee

    i love B.O.B

  73. weaselandboogeyman

    @dyliono I second that. Someone please make it

  74. Hey Now

    i love listening to this song, and getting fucked up.

  75. Miguel Rosendo

    That instrumental is from Control by i blame coco i thiink???

  76. Steve Bergmann

    b.o.b should have 3 verses on this song. anyone agree?

  77. allstar2bein2023

    Amazing song. One of the best from the EPIC mixtape. People want to call B.o.B Pop, but he's an ill lyricist, puts out great mixtapes, and is just a really talented dude that can rap, sing, and play instruments.

  78. Harold Johnson

    Who else thinks this video makes you wanna go get fucked up til you decide to fuck something up.

  79. Andrew Welch

    @ILiveLife4MAGS They are making one btw.

  80. flabago1

    @brownguy903 haha i know what about cloud 9?

  81. mjplussmitcamp

    good shit

  82. Ruby Swan

    @joeymate12121 "Control" by I Blame Coco

  83. Based Evangelist

    This song would be WAY better if Playboy Tre wouldn't have rapped on it and BoB would've extended his verse.

  84. Manning Beats

    1:43 Elmo

  85. Trey Thompson

    This aint a great song but i could listen to the hook all day

  86. brownguy903

    @paythemon123 uhm his first song was about smoking weed... if you were an actual B.o.B fan and not from Adventures youd know that, he's not changing at all

  87. StokesOfToledoOH


  88. RomanGrimsley

    I want this instrumental + hook

  89. brownguy903

    @frostytherainman it is download it from datpiff.com

  90. Tim Saunders

    This song wasn't on "E.P.I.C."? The Fuck?

  91. alec morris

    41 people dont think he is cool fuked up

  92. Scoobinho

    Hop off B.o.B people, rapping about weed and money doesnt mean your mainstream, B.o.B first song was bout weed he wasnt mainstream then so why would this change. E.P.I.C. is amazing im sticking with B.o.B till the death of me fuck haters

  93. stevieb274

    not sure if anybody brought this up, but doesn't playboy tre sound like chris brown when chris raps I think he writes for brown

  94. Harold Johnson

    who else thinks this should be on the soundtrack for the hangover 3 if they make one

  95. Kevin Robertson

    @MrBates54 Exactly, lyrically B.o.B is good but will never hang with the Lupe and Kendrick Lamar's. But regardless of his content his raps flow better than just about anyone else out there.