B.o.B - Escape Lyrics

You feel that?
That's the sound of the kids...
With no fucks to give
With no luck for shit because they didn't grow up as rich
That's the sound... That's the sound
That's the sound of niggas locked up in pen. Doing a bid with more time then they should give
That's the sound of a oppressed nation, tired of chasing villains that don't got no faces
That's the sound of a nation that got no patience for faux proclamations
Warlocks in churches in sacred location
The sheriff's a klans man and the judge is a mason
But how do I trust my own country and state that is more loyal to Satan then they are occupation?
The system is rigged if I vote will I change it?
Greed with consumers with no moderation
Blame for a beast I am not sure I created
I'm not sure I'm created, like I'm inside a game I am not sure that I am playing
It's a whole operation
Whether it's real or whether they staged it
Shit get so tense when I go out to places if I fuck around and sneeze in the air I can break it
And people feel so violated, you feel what I'm feeling before I can say it
Before I can step in the studio to lay it
I know what my role is I know I ain't basic
But I guess the truth must hurt, I guess that's why they are butt-hurt, all the secrets that I unearthed no stone left unturned
To learn to fly you have to jump first
I touched the sky that's why I'm sunburned
I change a life in only one verse
Welcome to the 7th pinnacle
Somewhere between the metaphysical and hella spiritual
I've seen hell and hell is digital as well as visual
Hell is how they did the aboriginals
Hell is when the innocent get murdered and they don't arrest the criminal
Oh my, oh my, oh my God, oh my God take the steering wheel for I have done something I didn't intend to do! No interviews!
Pacing in my living room!
B.o.B. what has gotten into you
You wil'n dude you [?] like you are invincible!
People asking me geese why you still living dude?
Shit I wonder why I'm living too!

Why I'm living too
Why I'm living too
Say what's wrong with me? Shit what's wrong with you?
Cause' me I'm feeling good
Me, I'm in my zone I look up in the sky, and I know this can't be home And I know I ain't alone
They try to take your homie
They trying to sway the weak, and they try to break the strong. Huh
But I'm not a quitter
God's child not God's dinner
On God I'm godzilla
Try to plot, I'll make the plot thicker Huh
See the middle class got a lot slimmer, and the upper class got a lot richer
They want a revolt
They want you to riot
They want you to try it
They want to provoke us to keep us divided, but the people are no longer quite
They say B.o.B. they are going to take you out if you keep rhyming this way!
Huh, I say fuck it we all going to die anyways

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B.o.B Escape Comments
  1. El Manny

    We need you b.o.b

  2. Joey Evans

    Nobody realizes how true this is. That's what makes it 1000x worse. Great shit.

  3. Jeck Simons

    Gravy. Ladle that shit up.

  4. Harold Barnes

    Bob got up and down n-er-G. .....goood shit bro

  5. William Edwards

    Ya sheriff a klansman the judge mason

  6. Dee Stuart

    They want to revoke
    They want you to riot
    They want you to try
    They want to provoke us to keep us divided.

    Dee Stuart

    Villains that got no faces.
    Shit gets so tense when I go out to places and If fuck around and sneeze in the air and I could break it.

    Dee Stuart

    Hell is digital

    Dee Stuart

    Say what’s wrong me with?

  7. darck moss

    It’s a shame that you black Africans in USA think you are another race from Africans... if you are able to discriminate your own people because you learned to say sit not “ser”... you only make noise when it hurts you... you don’t give a f*** where you came from. Instead of inviting Africans, you dispice them... you make videos about blackness and your producer is white, like your grade 1 teacher. American blacks, you embarrassed Africa long before... just cut out the “African” from your slavery American .

  8. Mike J

    It's over with.. He stopped relaying the message. I hope he is okay, WE CANNOT LET HIS MESSAGE GO IN VAIN. People need to wake up before it's too late...

  9. John Bistis

    ......you say what's wrong with me?
    S***! What's wrong with you?

  10. N. W. Dood

    Al Gore is a political whore

  11. Cornell Waters

    🇱🇷 Music!

  12. scarabperformance

    Damn this is still great in late 2019!

  13. Scarecrow

    Still tryna put half the 🌎 on with this song yrs after its been released smh wake-up

  14. JRM Media

    3 year's later.

  15. Connie Garcia


  16. J knowledgenet

    Great song B.o.B. Best song I've heard in along time.def got more thought into it than the typical spitter. Keep up the great work. Songs like these will stay great while the mainstream media m riders continue to put nothing but junk out.

  17. K Jewels

    The Learned Elders of Zion. Masonry started in the 1500 which based of the wise men of Zion!!

  18. PE$0-GANG

    HOLY SHIT! THAT WAS FUCKIN DOOOOOOPE AS FUUUUCK! cant believe i never heard that before.

  19. sean kokdil

    This and earthquake god level


    He’s cloned now

  21. Divine Reality

    they say BOB They gone take you out if you keep rhyming this way, I say FUCK IT WE ALL GOTTA DIE SOMEDAY 🤭

  22. Joseph Benavidez

    This song evokes so much emotion. One of the most real songs EVER!

  23. Joeys Publicist

    R.i.P, B.o.B. Rappin bout dat fukk sheeit in 2019, we know das not you dood.

  24. Lui Lui

    They'll think your crazy when you speak the truth.

  25. WhodatJ_the surveyor

    Wow I really waited for that kick till I got slimmer...

  26. Mac Nificent


  27. The Highlander

    been a fan of b.o.b since airplanes. Always knew he had skills, very underrated MC.

  28. Joseph Benavidez

    I feel this in my soul

  29. Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    wow the music video really ruined this song, its funny too because bob wont even speak on this shit now and just contradicts the things he says, bobs fake woke, he play yall lol but he does it well so bravo bobby ray

    Tetrahedron IX

    Bob his very honest about himself and his contradictions though.... Sometimes we get lost

    Mike J

    he was silenced. if you listened to enough of what he was saying, you will know that he made the message very loud and clear for those who have eyes to see. You have a fucking anime character as your profile picture, so I know your intelligence level is still on par with a child.

    Mike J

    "fake woke" anybody who even uses the term "woke" is fucking asleep. open your eyes, braindead slaves... so frustrating

  30. Shinay Begay

    Facts 💯 and fuuuking fire 🔥 that's what RAP should BE ABOUT! 2019??

  31. Ryan Pope

    i love this song

  32. Eugene Powell

    Fucking genius

  33. ronnystorm

    Thank you so much B.O.B. I’ve been feeling so sad how there is so many rich fake soulless goons. That are too scared to speak the truth on what they learned in their rise for fame. They are too scared by their own “occupation,” yet they follow it blindly to act. You have helped me realize hope is more than a 4 letter word.

  34. Paul Mack

    my mate Marvin just put me onto this and earthquake tune, fucking hell, speechless

  35. Sean Eleven

    I Said Fuck It We All Going To Die Anyway , Facts!!.. B.O.B Understand That Their No Such Thing As Death...

  36. Ebai Derrick

    Churches in secret locations, he saw Kanye's Sunday service before he started it.

  37. Chrisco Monte

    💯 keep the movement going

  38. Underground Sekat

    My God I love you!!

  39. Khalil Salam

    Get'm BobbyRay

  40. your comment might not work so please

    here we are the stands.

  41. Justin Bistline

    This is why I support Trump. The Mason's, and the elite hate Trump for exposing them to us and for working for us against them.! And all they do is try to destroy him and all of us Americans and everyone else. They want us to succumb to thier socialist agenda and not the American way . This video is a eye opener to powerful greed. BoB your the shit man!

  42. Demetrius Moore

    B.oB. keep it up brother

  43. Rich Pleh

    The government is trying to live forever. They believe their sins can not be forgiven and therefore chose the side of Satan. They have been combining human DNA with all sorts of other creatures like lizards and even plants to try to find a way to live forever. Because aleister Crowley book on Satanism says u can life forever by raping and then vampirizing young children. Yet Satanists still die. Because the devils language is all lies. They'll live forever but in hell. This is the devils job in the Bible, to get people to take the purity from the youth because we have free will. Look at the drag queen storytime theyre putting in schools now. Ps sorry for the rant but I'm sure Woke people understand

  44. Rich Pleh

    Don't worry Bob we'll follow in ur steps. You're fight will not be forgotten. You did the right thing, all this pain is temporary. I'm glad after this life I can finally meet my maker. Jesus Christ the one who gave his blood for us while Satan demands blood in exchange for power. Nothing in this life matters. It's all a test of faith. We must fight the devil by any means. Free the children and we'll get what we deserve in the next life.

  45. Mogul Minds network

    Had to hit the bell after this one

  46. Mogul Minds network


  47. Desert Squad

    I miss this bob. 2019 and im still here

  48. Rashard Gallup

    Wonder why this only has 550K views

  49. Rob Smith

    The very last lines in this song.....what a powerful statement.

  50. Mandela Effect Comedy

    Song gives me goosebumps

  51. Jean Charles Navet

    Damn , bravo

  52. Marshall Burgess

    They took him out

  53. April Cabbell


  54. Mini Ninja Love

    Still gets me 🌎✌️

  55. Gabriel Jasso

    But I'm not a quitter
    God's child not God's dinner.
    400 hunnid by YG. Hunnid 4 dinnuh lost angels the bait, YG’s shoe. Thanks Jonathan Kleck.

  56. Jason Plummer

    When you go Woke to go broke

  57. Jordan Oates


  58. Mike Youtube

    Faux idol. No different than the rest.

  59. christopher Williams

    Elite and massion do the same evil

  60. christopher Williams

    This time is ready

  61. paulczar

    I don’t even care if Bob is a Mason. Bob has me questioning if the Masons are actually that evil. I don’t know, some of the truths Bob has helped me see are just too real to be written off. His artwork has tons of clues if y’all haven’t figured that out yet. I didn’t see it until recently. Pretty amazing stuff.

  62. paulczar

    YouTube stop shadow banning my comments please.

  63. Angela Forman

    Bob I have some things you need to know if you are legit
    YouTube me if you need to confirm
    But yeah you can leave

  64. cringecrue

    Bobby you are for me and many others a saint. You are like Jesus disciples was back then, but today. Keep on spittin the good words bro. Big up from SWEDEN👍🏽

  65. Oozie Haze

    I look up to you B.o.B. Thank you for this. Now I will continue the wise mixtape game just as you do.

  66. Nicholas Darst

    Eat my nigga!! Grr!!

  67. Morgana Huggett

    Definition of WOKE

  68. Vrns

    Risks his life for us. These messages will live through me forever, Thank you, stay woke.

  69. truth seeker

    Dayumn. I just found B.o.B. He's gotta be my soulmate. Holy hell. Where have you been all my life? Amazing.

  70. Puddifoots


  71. Mel Doomis

    He’s still alive because he is protected by something greater than himself for a purpose.

  72. Poetic Skeptic

    Gotta respect a cat that is wealthy and still pointing out injustice... RESPECT TO B.O.B.

  73. 9elyssa9

    Why i never heard this before! He his quickly climbing his way to my top five

  74. Michael Calderisi

    great video

  75. PJ Lucid

    seriously. where the fuck was i when this came out?

  76. Daisy Sparks

    I'm surprised he's alive too. Brave boy top man

  77. Daisy Sparks

    :( 💔

  78. Josh Moreno

    Only rapper speaking truth


    Hopsin, krino

  79. cheryl gustavson

    Blew me right away ...that was a whole lotta truth packed into 3 1/2 minutes ....shoot ...most excellent 😳

  80. TreeLynn Treats

    Keep up the good work!!!

  81. Joshua Yettou

    E.P.I.C. This touched my soul.

  82. LOKII-79

    The world wide conspiracy theory, too much to grasp or believe, if it all sounds like a movie that is no coincidence, they control the industry! showing their prophecy. Who are they is a typical question, the head of the snake is never mentioned, but has many faces, it hides behind Hebrew, Muslim, and Christian. It's only distinction is it's worldly ambition. The Devil is cunning, and capitalizing on sin, but don't give him all credit for the faults of man. It's time to wake up and take a stand, see through the lies, and make our demands, unite humanity under a different plan. New World Order is destined to fail, just check out their movies, the heroes prevail...

  83. leeton Bey

    Modern Day PROPHET!!!!

  84. Tunnel Vision44

    I love B.o.B still playing this album.


    ConsciousBeing82 Same here. He's the only artist I never stop listening to. My mind is too awake to listen to foolishness from the music industry. Humanity is going through a great awakening and it's a beautiful time to be alive

  85. marko robenhurst

    to bad they cant play this on radio.. cause its the realiest shit anyone ever fucking said and he aint getting put on tv cause he'll break the system.

  86. julius baker

    Hope you never stop let the uprisings start

  87. Ebony Wilmer

    To call this King an Under statement. He is a Discriscriptive Genius for 💯 raps. Please don't let go or the art even know money goes up and down. Be Awesome Always

  88. See 'Em

    If u feel what he says but dont buy his albums here's a big FUCK YOU

  89. P H


  90. stan buskirk

    I underrated b.o.b .. i listen to underground just as much as mainstream.. both have highs and lows. But wow! A voice ahead of his time. Thankyou and keep the music coming please

  91. Jorgee W-er

    how is he going to speak on freemasonry when he tells you to do kundalini basicly letting snakes(devil) crawl up your ass and hell is very hot and eternal which you'll end up at without The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ don't believe these lies of racism yes it's a problem but an orchestrated one by illuminatist like him

  92. Kaycee KissXo

    Why y'all sleeping on him


    You feel that?

  94. Callmebyyourname

    more more more B.o.B.

  95. Flat earth, cosmologies Yin&Yang

    At the end you want to be able to leave your body at will like a laser pointer through the top of the ad once you have grown the fetus in the navel which is being born again growing that body up before that he will learn to take in bone breathing and learned about tendons and Jing power which is kind of like pressure which can be stored and can be built from the soles of your feet up to the top of your head and released in a scalar wave when you learn how to discharge energy an air gun our body has seven fascia layers but all of this takes 150 to 250 years to complete which day do demonic forces have lowered our life span through several thousand years but we can try to store this energy so we can take it with us and have our memories not be fractured when we leave this body and be conscious and aware, beaware also a false light trap you are your own dimensional universe your thoughts are all it is out of your body which isnt thoughts, it's just a knowing.

  96. Flat earth, cosmologies Yin&Yang

    Just to clear things up the five elements are water fire wood metal Earth that includes all other things on this material plane those specific qualities and the eight elements are water ears kidneys blue perineum negative, fire positive heart tounge, compassion , wood is thunder and lightning which has a generating Force related to the liver and the color green and the sense of sight Southwest is Earth element Northeast is Mountain Element Wind element is Northwest and the universal and cosmic energy forces the Flat Earth firmament is the bottom left of the pakua yin diagram which is northWest looking down with the pakua drawn on your Navel with the collection points on the corresponding places around the pakuas you can picture them in the six directions there are really three one on the head one on the heart and one on the navel with 42 collection points that you can multiply send out this energy bring it back in and condense it and then bring it all down to the naval to be stored Flat Earth firmament or The Ether which is chen... yang yang yang..... but in order it is KAN, LI CHIEN,TUI,KUN,KEN,SUN,CHEN the only difference between the yin&yang pakuas are the negative and positive alignment like the 64 hexagram which are single lines and two broken lines the solid line is red and is considered positive and be violet or blue negative are the two broke lines but on our thrusting channels we have the positive running up our organs on the left the neutral in the middle and the negative on the right along with the microcosmic orbit Fusion of the five elements grounding the six Super antioxidant healing sounds on so much more there are eight channels running throughout the body along with the belt channels that spiral around the body and different cutting techniques for Spiritual protection sounds I don't no but I would love so much I wish I could have a discussion with someone, thank you for reading just mine teachings from Chiang Mai Thailand

  97. Flat earth, cosmologies Yin&Yang

    Balance 3 fires ⛰🛫🕧❤