Bob Dylan - In My Time Of Dyin' Lyrics

Well, in my time of dying don't want nobody to mourn
All I want for you to do is take my body home
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Well, well, well
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Jesus gonna make up, Jesus gonna make up
Jesus gonna make up my dying bed

Well, meet me Jesus, meet me, meet me
in the middle of the air
If these wings should fail to me
Lord, won't you meet me with another pair
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Well, well, well
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Jesus gonna make up, Jesus gonna make up
Jesus gonna make up my dying bed

Lord, in my time of dying don't want nobody to cry
All I want you to do is take me when I die
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Well, well, well
Well, well, well, so I can die easy
Jesus gonna make up, Jesus gonna make up
Jesus gonna make up my dying bed

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Bob Dylan In My Time Of Dyin' Comments
  1. Pat Downs

    Hard to believe Bob could once play the guitar this well. But he did. This is really him playing an open tune guitar with a lip stick holder.

  2. TaichiStraightlife

    I love this; I first heard it when I was 17 or so and I'm gonna be 70 soon (GOD willing) and I still love it and listen to it every few months; unlike me it never gets old, it's always on fire, full of deep feeling.  From Dylan's eponymous first album... 1962 or so.

  3. Safak Kandemir

    Everyone saying Zep stole the song. But none of the guitar work or the fantastic drumming is on the previous versions. And neither is 60% of the lyrics. Zep made a original version of this song. Only a small parts of the words were taken. I favor Zep's version more, but respect anyone who doesn't agree.

  4. John Doe

    Highly underrated BD somg

  5. Kevin Bennett

    what an amazing man. we saw him in phoenix with tom petty. thank you. great work.

  6. emmie & lisa

    If you like it, feel free to watch a cover on our YouTube Channel and to subscribe ! 👋🏻

  7. Maurice Goldner

    This version takes a crap on Zeppelins :)

    Pamela Myers

    This is because Dylan believes what h is singing.

  8. Mike Morgan

    Doyle Bramhall II does this version.

  9. Robert MacMaurice

    All songs are old

    Bram Smith

    Robert MacMaurice all good songs are old

  10. Maui Mig

    I think Plant referenced it as an old Bob Dylan tune,. Zep certainly heard this, and I have to think they heard Josh Whites version too, and of course Blind Willie too. They shouldn't have credited themselves as clearly this is an old traditional song. Although in Zep's version John Bonham deserves a co credit for writing his own drum part, which can't be found on any previous version


    Finally. I was looking for anyone to express a thought of acknowledgement of the original musical piece and this does so perfectly. Good.

  11. Vincenzo Verse-ANON

    That's my best I can do this time around Bobbi.... Much Love & Respect and thanks for coming back; once again to Remind me Bodhisattva...

    Hey but I got to tell ya man between Vinnie Paz and Bobby Dylan they're keeping it real up in this motherfucker I tell you that!
    Peace to the Gods...... 🎸🎶🎵🎼

    one of millions

    Does vinnie paz have a song similar to this?

    Vincenzo Verse-ANON

    @one of millions not really but just in general they have opened my eyes to the lies ... and there's a whole slew of others that are keeping it real, its just those two carry my heart with them...

  12. crissy carpenter


  13. Roscoe J

    Whoa .. I hadn’t heard Ol’ Bob doing this song before, only Led Zep. Shame on me. I listened to this twice and literally started crying the second time through. Wow wtf .. just hit so deep .. primal, essential. Now off to check out Blind Willie Johnson!

  14. SOLOS - Música Contemporânea

    He have 17 years old on this version, first álbum, he and the guitar. I love Dylan.

  15. The Lizard King

    Blind Willie Johnson song. 1920,s.

  16. Ian Bauer

    What a great version! Blind Willie would be impressed.

  17. HellenKillerProject

    This isn't a Bob Dylan tune, no more than House of the Rising Sun was the animals or Whiskey in the Jar was Thin Lizzy, Whiskey in the jar was written in 1695 or somewhere. In my time of dying is a tapestry written over time by many. Coming out of the American south and still resounding through many interpretations. Bob Dylan is great example of the encyclopedia that is American Folk and Acoustic Blues. Music with a story.

    sam newman

    Dylan often perfected the modern sound of these songs and was the first to put some of them onto an actual vinyl recording. Bob Dylan's version of House Of The Rising Sun is essentially the same arrangement that The Animals used. Bob stole that arrangement from a friend of his.

  18. Maui Mig

    I am wondering why I never heard this on the radio? ever? You would think somebody would play it?

    Sully Tyler

    @ThompsonRB22 this was on his first album. nothing but great songs. You could have a real good argument over which album of his is the most depressing. I think this would win. America was just not ready, we were still in the feel-good fifties.

    Thor Sluter

    @Sully Tyler I could easily make an argument for "The Times They Are a- Changin'" for most depressing. "Ballad of Hollis Brown"and "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" are just two stand outs. That being said, one could easily pick many Dylan albums and find depression and angst, I guess that's why I'm here listening to him...

    Maui Mig

    Ian - true that. It was pretty good back when I was in High school in the 70's-80's , but now has died. because of these corporate machines that play the same stuff over and over. I miss 75-95 radio, when DJ's played stuff of their own volition. Now it's all money. SAD, I feel sad for my kids and future grandkids.

    Vanessa Lavin

    Too good for the radio

    sally duros

    This song is way too true to ever be heard on commercial radio. The words come ripped right out from the soul of humanity channeled by a great poet singer.