Bob Dylan - Farewell, Angelina Lyrics

Farewell Angelina
The bells of the crown
Are being stolen by bandits,
I must follow the sound

The triangle tingles,
The music plays slow,
But farewell Angelina
The night is on fire and I must go

There is no use in talking
And no need for blame,
There is nothing to prove,
Everything still is the same

A table stands empty by the edge of the stream,
But farewell Angelina,
The sky is changing colors
And I must leave

The Jacks and the Queens,
They forsake the courtyard,
Fifty-Two gypsies now file past the guard

In the space where the Deuce and the Ace once ran wild,
Farewell Angelina,
The sky is folding,
I'll see you after a while

See the cross-eyed pirates sit pirched in the sun,
Shooting tin cans with a sawed off shot gun,
And the corporals and neighbors clap and cheer with each blast,
But farewell Angelina,
The sky, it is trembling
And I must leave fast

King Kong, little elves
In the rooftops, they dance
Valentino type tangos while the heroes clean hands

Shut the eyes of the dead,
Not to embarrass anyone,
Farewell Angelina,
The sky is flooding over and I must be gone

The camouflaged parrot,
He flutters from fear,
When something he doesn't know about suddenly appears

What cannot be imitated perfect must die,
Farewell Angelina,
The sky is flooding over and I must go where it is dry

Machine guns are roaring,
Puppets heave rocks,
At misunderstood visions and at the faces of clocks

Call me any name you like,
I will never deny it,
But farewell Angelina,
The sky is erupting and I must go where it is quiet

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Bob Dylan Farewell, Angelina Comments
  1. gen ius

    Please remove this version,or make clear that it is a wanky copy of a delicious song.

  2. sita ZONOU

    yes! Bob

  3. Frodo61

    The people that disliked this are deaf. This is actually better than Dylan’s version

  4. ZalthorAndNoggin

    It's interesting to hear Bob sing the original [he did after all write it], but I still far prefer the Joan Baez version.

  5. ZalthorAndNoggin

    SUCH a shame who ever added the lyrics that they didn't actually LISTEN to what Dylan was singing in order to correctly record them. Wanker!!

  6. jimmy128100

    Tony Attwood brought me here. Read this before you judge the singer.

  7. Kev.

    fuck you

  8. Sam Gifford

    Not what it says on the video title. Misleading for us all. You might be a great performer but you're not Bob Dylan

  9. הוד בן דהן

    להתראות אנג'לינה
    לא כדאי לכעוס ,
    לא כדאי להאשים
    אין מה להוכיח
    לא התפוצצו כל המוקשים .
    אם כי , השולחן עומד ריק..
    על שפת הים מתחלק
    להתראות אנג'לינה
    השמים רועמים
    אני חייב להסתלק.

    קינג-קונג, גמדים זעירים
    על הגג רוקדים
    טנגו בסגנון ולנטינו
    כאשר המאפרים ממהרים להקדים
    לעצום את עיני המתים
    מונעים מרבים מבוכה
    להתראות אנג'לינה
    השמיים נבוכים
    אני חייב להמשיך בהליכה.

    הנסיכים והמלכות
    עזבו את חצר המבצר ,
    חמישים ושתיים צועניות
    חמקו מן השומרים בזמן קצר ..
    במקום בו הוטלו קוביות
    וקלפי האסים נזרקו לרוב
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    לזרועות השעונים
    קראי לי באיזה שם שתבחרי
    אני מבטיח לך לא לבכות
    להתראות אנג'לינה
    השמיים נבקעים
    אהיה חייב ללכת כשהארץ תשקוט.

  10. Irishzen

    2 problems. Not Bob Dylan and there are no lyrics. You really should correct this.

  11. Nick Wyatt

    I'm stopping this track now. It's a cover. It's not Bob Dylan.

  12. Frodo61

    No its not dylan ....but its a pretty good cover

  13. Mathieu Swim



    Adiós Reyna mía - Eskorbuto

  15. Mark Scofkoe

    Beautiful rendition. Love the guitar work. Wish I knew the artist. It's so good I can't hate on it. Best take on the song I've heard. Well, hard to beat Tim OBrien so maybe as good as OBrien.


  16. Pop Paternal

    disklike 👎

  17. Angelina

    First time hearing worker told me to listen to it cz of my name... beautiful and much poetry

  18. Smiffy83


  19. lafayetta7

    Such a beautiful version of this great song. How come no one knows who the artist is? 12 string guitar really smokes it.

  20. Mikaela Loeks

    Still the best

  21. bebot tandan


  22. purplefurball

    bob Dylan couldn't sing...but my god could he write songs... a poet

    Michael Elliott

    everyone can sing. some just do it better than others

    Jerry Stanaway

    And no one sings better than Dylan.

  23. Craig Leavitt

    Not performed by Bob Dylan...thumbs down for misleading uploader

    Jim Bouldin

    Thanks for the insight, only been said about 1000 times now.

  24. Aaron A. Aaronson

    would be nice of you to put "cover" in the title.

  25. pleiades

    Love this song.  Nana Mouskouri sings it in French as well.

  26. Magz Sara

    I would give Dylan the Nobel Prize myself for those unbelievable lyrics..

  27. Terryedwards7

    yes a cover shit

  28. peter smith

    fuck all the negative comments from the witless pricks.This is a GREAT cover

  29. jojoberrypie

    it pisses me off that your title doesn't say its a cover. I feel dooped, and shitty now because I fell into your trap.

    the fact is though. it's a lovely cover. it would stand on its on without deception. I gave you a thumbs down but I would rather have given a thumbs up.


    Cunts like this are all over the internet and even though they get tolled all the time,

    their press us fucking view count is more important. Useless, dishonest characters!!


    Check the statistics, average listening time is 1:18, says it all really!!

  30. Martin Ellis

    This ISN'T Dylan - whoever it is though does a great job!

  31. Javier PD

    Guitar looks similar to The Doors in The end, OST of Apocalypse Now movie

  32. Jim Bouldin

    Seventy seven small minded jackasses who can't appreciate a beautiful alternate take of a great song.

    Jerry Stanaway

    Oh, come on now, Don't tell me you think this is Bob Dylan singing.

  33. koukouvania

    IS there actually a bob dylan non-cover version of this great song?

    Jim Bouldin

    Yes, at least there was one here about a month ago. From the Basement Tapes.

    Martin Ellis

    Yea i had one saved in a playlist but it got blocked by his lawyers and YT. Pity because it was one of his best. I sometimes wonder if Bob is a complete asshole that doesn't like any of his music being shared?


    When he was young he was a complete cheeky asshole who did not suffer fools gladly (yes, watch the early interviews)  - I don't think he has changed that much -  just got older and more grumpy.

    Rich H

    There is one on Spotify I can hear in the UK ~~~~~ ~ Actually I prefer this yt cover.

    Jerry Stanaway

    It's on Bootleg Series 1-3 and on the 18 disc version of The Cutting Edge.

  34. jowisz2010

    Pozdrawiam Cię Bob Dylanie Pomyślności z okazji 75 lat życia i obyś wiecznie był młody,

  35. Marco Ferrari

    Bob Dylan un cazzo - se fai una cover.... mettici la tua faccia!!!

  36. Mathieu Swim

    Mec rajoute un "cover" à ton titre. Ce n'est pas Bob Dylaaaan. Après, je ne dis pas que c'est nul... Au contraire !

  37. Jim Bouldin

    Great rendition! Curious about the tuning....

    Martin Ellis

    Sounds like an open tuning ; either open D or G.

  38. meninaNeves

    This should be taken down. For falsely titeling it. Huge load rubbish

    Colin Berresford

    Get a life.

  39. Ralph Hitchens

    For sure not Bob Dylan, but a strong, righteous rendition of a Dylan classic that perpetually slips below the radar.

  40. pat pullano


  41. jorcostanza x

    NOT DYLAN!!!


    jorcostanza x who cares, this is better

  42. Quinten Nutt

    That ain't Dylan!!! Fix your shit man.

  43. Paul Moquin

    under the more tab- report this video... its a cover.

  44. john stewart Meyer

    oh, forgot,if you have enough of a pair to grow a name, or choose to present yrslf I will entertain YOU....

  45. john stewart Meyer

    misleading motherf**ker.

  46. Gasparuccio X

    do B.D wrote this song? is not a traditional american folk song?....beside this not the FCGK bob!!

  47. Paul Ward

    Edit the title and add "cover" please.   And learn the tune next time.

  48. Manlio pittori

    Bob Dylan? You're deaf, dude...

  49. LunarFairy7

    Use the word "cover" next time... Idiot.

  50. Angel littlebasket

    I would love to hear Dylan sing this.


    Then go buy Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Vol 1-3

  51. J Nihill

    Okay, so where can I find the actual song?

  52. Hajar Etta

    This ain't Bob Dylan.

  53. a. diner

    THIS IS NOT BOB DYLAN, SOME LAME-ASS COVER BY A TONE-DEAF, NO-TALENT SCHMUCK!!!!! This is shit!!! DO NOT click on this bogus-ass cover of Dylan!!!!

  54. Simon .Pakala

    False advertising.

  55. Maha Lingam

    What a shit is this?

  56. Thunder Heart

    Bob Dylan?....NOOOOOO

  57. Boston Carlyle

    I always search you tube hoping to hear the real song not some shitty over embellished cover but what do I always hear? Way to much excessive finger picking arpeggios and wanna be you tube posters at it again. People please stop posting your shitty covers and someone please keep reposting the real version!! I know it probably get's taken down right away by the Columbia internet police but please just repost from a remote IP constantly or something. Lulz.

    Sergio Rodríguez

    Boston Carlyle no es el jodido non dylan

  58. purplepelican69

    As posted by many above, this is certainly not Bob Dylan, just a rather poor cover. Dylan's version was an outtake from "Bringing It All Back Home" and if you would like to hear Bob's original, it is included on his CD "The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3" which also contains much rare and previously unreleased material. If you are a Dylan fan, I absolutely guarantee that you'll love it.

  59. CommieCotch

    I hope you get typhus

  60. Bronydom22

    Lol, if this is fucking Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash was a rapper.

  61. CommieCotch

    Don't con us you fucktard

  62. budzugan

    bob dylan???? who´re you kidding? :D :D :D

  63. rompzor

    Lol. Not Dylan

  64. king Euan

    There is no fucking way this is bob dylan

  65. janey kirk

    janey kirk has a good version of this song,, on soundcloud.....

  66. Karl Alm

    This is not Dylan performing...
    Why is this song always so hard/impossible to find on youtube?

  67. eatmealiveplease

    farewell fung wah

  68. AnAmcit

    OMG!! This guy just moved up a notch in my estimation (if that's possible). I always have been a Dylan freak, but I sure didn't know he wrote this. This is Dylan at his best.