Bob Dylan - Dusty Old Fairgrounds Lyrics

Well, it's all up from Florida at the start of the spring
The trucks and the trailers will be winding
Like a bullet we'll shoot for the carnival route
We're following them dusty old fairgrounds a-calling

From the Michigan mud past the Wisconsin sun
'Cross that Minnesota border, keep 'em scrambling
Through the clear county lakes and the lumberjack lands
We're following them dusty old fairgrounds a-calling

Hit Fargo on the jump and down to Aberdeen
'Cross them old Black Hills, keep 'em rolling
Through the cow country towns and the sands of old Montana
We're following them fairgrounds a-calling

As the white line on the highway sails under your wheels
I've gazed from the trailer window laughing
Oh, our clothes they was torn but the colors they was bright
Following them dusty old fairgrounds a-calling

It's a-many a friend that follows the bend
The jugglers, the hustlers, the gamblers
Well, I've spent my time with the fortune-telling kind
Following them fairgrounds a-calling

Oh, it's pound down the rails and it's tie down the tents
Get that canvas flag a-flying
Well, let the caterpillars spin, let the Ferris wheel wind
Following them fairgrounds a-calling

Well, it's roll into town straight to the fairgrounds
Just behind the posters that are hanging
And it's fill up every space with a different kind of face
Following them fairgrounds a-calling

Get the dancing girls in front, get the gambling show behind
Hear that old music box a-banging
Hear them kids, faces, smiles, up and down the midway aisles
We're following them fairgrounds a-calling

It's a-drag it on down by the deadline in the town
Hit the old highway by the morning
And it's ride yourself blind for the next town on time
Following them fairgrounds a-calling

As the harmonicas whined in the lonesome nighttime
Drinking red wine as we're rolling
Many a turnin' I turn, many a lesson I learn
From following them fairgrounds a-calling

And it's roll back down to St. Petersburg
Tie down the trailers and camp 'em
And the money that we made will pay for the space
From following them dusty old fairgrounds a-calling

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Bob Dylan Dusty Old Fairgrounds Comments
  1. Karmen Jazbec

    wish i were lumberjack in alaska or canada

  2. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah bob

  3. Karmen Jazbec

    i could be lumberjack in canada i wish

  4. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah bob

  5. Roy Howard Guitar solo Mandolin solo

  6. Merri Brownwing

    Thanks for sharing this godriczimmerman! I used to have this on a cassett tape long ago and far away, what a treat to hear it now, Appreciate you dear!

  7. viviandarkbloom100

    Bob certainly continued in Woodys spirit. He always spoke for the downtrodden and the wrongly accused.

  8. Tom Sailor

    Blue Ash Cover this one

  9. Mazn Kuldinow

    A restless brilliant spirit, a star shining best, as you all know him; his name is Bob.

  10. Collin Weddell

    simply amazing

  11. Rik Parekh

    oh our clothes they was torn but the colours they was bright

  12. Ellen Price

    Really good stuff Bob❤

  13. Maria Schofield

    (Tell me ) so beautiful song I love it thank you BOB Dylan well yes it's me I love you. from CALIFORNIA

  14. Maria Schofield

    I love this song so much just like it I do love you BOB Dylan thanks for Being writing so beautiful song' for me . God bless you my wonderful man.lovvvvve you from CALIFORNIA.

  15. Bobby Fells

    Old Bob is where it's at. I love just him with an acoustic and harmonica.

  16. 1957Anwar

    I love his old songs because I can't understand his singing now with his gravel voice. But his music is still great, even better!!

    Jerry Stanaway

    I think he enunciates Frank Sinatra songs fairly well these days.

  17. hamid massoudi

    i ve heard it about 10 years ago...
    they say like a rolling stone is the best !!!
    they should hear all of BOB's lost songs >>>
    just behind the posters that are hanging>>>>

  18. Johnny Vins

    Early Bobby, unforgettable.

  19. John Smith

    Never heard this one its great

  20. Horsehide

    Any opinions of what Bob was opining about at the very end?


    Davey Moore was a boxer who died after a boxing match. Bob wrote a song about it called "Who killed Davey Moore". Cassius Clay was Muhammad Ali's name before he changed it.

  21. Horsehide

    Kudos to the poster. Excellence!

  22. olivier milanini

    Good god I like it....

  23. xanadu9766

    I, too, have been a huge Dylan fan for close to four decades, and had throught I'd heard every Dylan song from the 1960s, at least.  I just now heard this one for the first time -- it comes as a wonderful discovery and revelation.  I can only echo all the other "thank yous" for posting it.

  24. Danee Diorio

    Love these happy old songs!

  25. Tex Johnson

    sounds very much like Freight Train Blues mixed with When The Ship comes in.
    I`m an admirer of his for nearly 40 years and have never heard this before.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    Brad Sittloh

    Yep! I've not been a fan for nearly 40 years, but it's new to me too. :) Dylan's like The Dead, I don't think I'll EVER hear it all, but the good stuff never stops...

    James Alan Ott

    I'm hearing "Chimes of Freedom" in there too.


    I'm hearing "Pretty Peggy-O" in there too


    this was available on the bootleg of this entire concert for a while. was easier to get on bootleg sites a number of years ago

  26. JDHURF

    This is a great upload.  Thank you.  Really good quality. 

  27. tgrsmuggs

    I'm a huge fan of early Dylan. This is my absolute favorite among many, many songs of his that I truly love.

  28. Steve Andrews

    A friend played me a cover of this by a band called Blue Ash last night. I had never heard Dylan or their version before.

  29. nessnix

    @DSJMFM I'm just curious who "they" is???

  30. Giada de Cavalieri

    Thanks for uploading this! Can't believe Columbia hasn't officially released it yet.

  31. godriczimmerman

    @DSJMFM Thanks for the comment. I've just uploaded the song "You've been hidin too long".

  32. DSJMFM

    thanks for sharin. i ain't heard this for ten years. I uploadeed some Dylan boots but they made me take most of them off. you should upload 'you've been hidin too long', '