Bob Dylan - Caribbean Wind - Rehearsal With Pedal Steel Lyrics

She was from Haiti, fair brown and intense
I don't think she'd ever known about innocence
I was playing a show in Miami, in the theater of mystery
Told about Jesus, told about the rain
She told me about the vision, told me about the pain
That had risen from the ashes and abided in her memory

Was she a virtuous woman? I really can't say
Something about her said "Trust me anyway"
As the days turned into minutes and the minutes turned back into hours
Pretended to be sleeping, and he thought I was
But I was only paying attention like a rattlesnake does
When he's hearing footsteps trampling on the flowers

The Caribbean winds still blow, from Mexico to Curacao
From Chinatown to the furnace of desire
And them distant ships of liberty on the iron waves so bold and free
Bringing everyone that's near to me closer to the fire

Our shadows grew closer till they touched on the floor
Prodigal sons waiting close to the door
Preaching obscenities, waiting for the night to arrive
He was well connected, but her heart was a snare
She had left him to die in there
But I knew I couldn't get him out while he still was alive

The stars on the balcony, flies buzz my head
Ceiling fan's broken, there's heat in my bed
Street band playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee"
She looked into my eyes, I hear them mission bells ring
She said "I know what you're thinking, but there ain't a thing
"You can do about it so you might as well let it be"

And them Caribbean winds still blow, from Mexico down to Curacao
From Chinatown to the furnace of desire
And them distant ships of liberty on them iron waves so bold and free
Bringing everything you'd ever want close to me closer to the fire

Atlantic city by the cruel sea, I hear a voice crying "Daddy," I always think it's for me
But it's only the silence in the Buttermilk Hills that calls
Every new messenger bringing evil reports
'Bout armies that are rioting whose fuses are short
And them ugly gargoyles and hate words written on walls

Would I have married her? I don't know, I suppose
She had bells in her braids, fire in her clothes
But the curtain was rising, like they say, the show must go on
And I felt you come over me, some kind of gloom
I was gonna say "Come on with me, I've got plenty of room"
But I knew I'd be lying, and besides she had already gone

And them Caribbean winds still blow, from Curacao to Mexico
From Chinatown to the furnace of desire
And them distant ships of liberty, on iron waves so bold and free
Bringing everything that's near to me nearer to the fire

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Bob Dylan Caribbean Wind - Rehearsal With Pedal Steel Comments
  1. Logos Porticus

    Did he leave this off the album because it has the melody of Wagon Wheel?

  2. Karen Hall

    I give up smoke for pills...just to make it.......

  3. Britt Beck

    Amazing performance, love the lyrics and music, this is another proof that Bob is the Master.. for ever to be, love 💕 your creativity, love you 😍 for everything you have done to this world 🌎 music is necessary for be in harmony with soul and mind..♥️♥️♥️

  4. camelsandfriends

    One of his best.

  5. Ronnie

    What a shame Dylan left this off the album. Best song of those sessions.

  6. gerard haubert

    I wonder if Bob has as much fun changing these songs as we do listening to them....hope so

    Lying Dutchman

    Clinton Heylin noted that he changed the lyrics so much with every rewrite to cover up autobiographical clues. The first version, heard live on the Bootleg Series Vol. 13, contains a lot of elements from Dylan's personal life at the time. On the first rewrite, heard here, he has already removed some, but kept others in place. By the time of the final rewrite (and there may have been others in between), as heard on Biograph, all autobiographical references are completely omitted and substituted for more generic lines. 'Caribbean Wind' goes from a deeply personal to an abstract song this way. It's quite fascinating.


    Appsolutely genius! Senorita, bring me another drink.

  8. Jason Mark Davis

    What an interesting character to of had friends who was busboys and friends in the pentagon. Busboy myself.

  9. Dennis Spinks

    Good song.

  10. ValueOfNothing

    Weird. Verses are great. The chorus is just ridiculous.

    Jim McCue

    There is a misfit between them, I agree. Presumably why it wasn't initially released?

    Lying Dutchman

    The original lyrics connected better with the chorus: "She was from Haiti, fair brown and intense", describing a girl he had a fling with while sailing in the Carribean, where he also wrote the song.

  11. Bob Moslow

    It's not about liking this more or less than the one on Biograph. It's the opportunity to glimpse into the genius of Dylan's creative process. Thank-You, Mr. Tambourine for the pleasure.

  12. freevue

    why outtake ?

  13. daveysnoek

    Holy shit, yet another version. This song is deeply fascinating in every iteration!!

  14. Miranda

    He is the Greatest!

  15. Gary Smith

    Absolutely fantastic version of the song mr tambourine. Many thanks Gary

  16. Nick Lewin

    A great posting! Thank you!

  17. Jason Lee


  18. David Carpenter

    I somehow never heard this version of this song before. I only knew the version that came out on Biograph in the 80s. I never understood the high esteem many have for the song, because the sound of the Biograph track grates on me. This version sounds like the outtake it is, but at least the quality of the song itself is clearer here. Thank you for sharing it.

    Willie Mojave

    This version has different lyrics than the Biograph version.

    Allan Wood

    Another version being released on the Gospel Box Set. Much slower.

    Jim McCue

    High esteem because there are so many wonderful lines. "Would I have married her? I don't know I suppose" is a wonderful human insight on its own. "Was she a child or a woman / I can't say which / One to another she could easily switch" -- "He was well prepared / I knew he was / Paying attention like a rattlesnake does" [don't you wish you could write that well?] "when he's hearing footsteps trampling over his flowers" -- and that's genius, because one thing a snake can only ever envy is trampling...

  19. fadi fadidi

    un vrai plaisir de l entendre sa voix si particuliere me plait merci

    mr tambourine

    fadi fadidi my pleasure

  20. targarosko

    ah ah ..... i love listen this sweet voice ....good orchestration ♥♥♥

    mr tambourine

    targarosko enjoy

    kilani raouf

    voice melody music All are here thanks bob