B.o.B - Cold Bwoy Lyrics

Cold boy
This beat cold boy
Greatest story ever told boy
30 million records sold boy
Must live by the code boy
Especially if you a dope boy
Where you get that Coogi sweater?
Your momma think you sellin' soap boy

Watch out for them hoes boy
Make sure you crease and fold boys
The streets out of control boy
This shit just like Game of Thrones boy
Ain't no new hoes, these hoes been hoeing'
Ain't no new grow that someone been showin'
In that two-door, that hoe tip-toein'
She heard my new song, she tryin' to feel on me
Where you get it? "I don't know." You a liar
You a THOT. "No I'm not." You a liar
First day at the job, you applied
At the desk, selling 2 for the 5
Play a role, you on parole boy
Quit talkin' on the phone boy
Don't ever let them see you slippin'
They catch you as a minor, they gon' try you as a grown boy
5-10 if you 10, that shit cold boy
They can't smell it when it's cold boy
Pharmacy the real dope boy
Come back later, kitchen closed boy

Cold boy
This beat cold boy
Greatest story ever told boy
30 million records sold boy
Must live by the code boy
Especially if you a dope boy
Where you get that Coogi sweater?
Your momma think you sellin' soap boy

Hopped up out the bed, got some head right before
Gassin' up the muscle, '67 steroid
Prescriptions in my backpack
I'm so high I'm having flashbacks
Got a half a pound on the way in the Uber
Cost a couple bands, plus I threw in a tuba
Cutie pie for me, a cutie pie for my shooter
Two Dominican bitches that just flew in from Sosua
Ooh this loud, where you get it? "Parking lot."
How much is it? "I don't know, not a lot."
Uh, I got more, plenty more, at the spot
I can't walk with too much, them hoes is hot
Try and look sober for my mom and them
But I smoked it with my uncle then
Just lookin' for a come up
Yea, I was flexin' in them struggle Timbs'
Flexin' in them struggle Timbs'
Flexin' in them struggle Timbs'
Pharmacy the real dope boy
Come back later, kitchen closed boy

Cold boy
This beat cold boy
Greatest story ever told boy
30 million records sold boy
Must live by the code boy
Especially if you a dope boy
Where you get that Coogi sweater?
Your momma think you sellin' soap boy

Cold boy
Cold boy
Cold boy

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B.o.B Cold Bwoy Comments

    Who produced this heat??? This straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jim Crow Flag

    Come back to this in 2020 and beyond ..🔥💯🙏

  3. Lion Thomas

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 of ALL TIME

  4. Lost Soul

    Damn! I get it my dude. Smfh at the end of the day we lost another one.

  5. The Chief in The South

    I am embarrassed to say i did not learn of these mix tapes until 2019, and I thought I had friends. SMH

  6. whodat be?

    Ain't No New Grove... Dat Sun Been Showing. Cold Boi

  7. Jonathan Ciesla

    Cold Buoying is when he runs into cars on purpose and keys other cars accidentally to get his insurance rate higher and make it look like you have to pay more when you get in a car accident.

  8. Vietnam California, yeah?


  9. paulmoon 420

    Be careful who you let around you they might be a clone

  10. Crypto Gangsta

    Most INCREDIBLE Hip-Hop Nigga OF ALL TIME!!! B O B !!!

  11. 504 AppleSt.

    Real spitta B.O.B.

  12. nick jones

    No comments in 3yrs? Wow

  13. professorXcross


    Me: I don't think B.o.B is a genuine exposer of truths. In all honestly, I think he's still a part of the deception. Like Alex Jones and Mark Dice. I was so for his movement at first, but you can't play both sides. He makes these crazy songs exposing some REALLY, REALLY SECRETIVE TOPICS... Then goes and makes a song just like ANY. OTHER. SELL. OUT. ARTIST. You can't be a voice of reason, when you keep going back making unreasonable decisions with THE MACHINE lol I can see clearly now, his a** is wrong. Tryna fool us like that. ALMOST HAD ME BOBBY! ALMOST HAD ME. Great music though, that's why Lucy can't let you go. You'zza special kind of plant.


    Me: Less people would hear the message if he didnt do some mainstream stuff every once in a while. Also there are times where he does "mainstream" but is really making fun of those artist while he does it. Its called No Genre for a reason...


    @jwatt14 *sigh*

    Abe with Shades

    professorXcross B.o.b has been posting songs about ass since he came out. He is all about balance. He has a mixtape called NASA (which is trap music) and a mixtape called elements (which is conscious music). In NASA, he even talks about people like you that judge him for his trap music “Y’all forget I’m from Decatur, like a nigga got an evil twin”. Bob is talented and raps/sings about conscious things, love songs , funny rap songs, club songs, and hard shit. Idk where you are from or what you read, but you sound like a plant that doesn’t want us to listen to bob


    @Abe with Shades I can just see through the deception. The entertainment industry is so good at what they do, that they've thrown all this confusion in the game until the point where it's hardest to figure out who's genuine and who's not. B.o.B. had me fooled at one point, I was really rooting for him! But after studying him enough, I think his purpose is to provide false hope with the idea that you can play both sides after selling your soul. In actuality, if he wasn't still working for THE MACHINE; exposing them as blatantly as he did would have him silenced or killed. He'd go back under mind control the instant he was even caught making a song exposing the industry. But a whole series of mixtapes? Then he can turn around and make hit records with complete sellouts the next week? lol That's not how this works. It's a bit too obvious to me, and hopefully overtime he becomes exposed for not being a FULL-TIME TRUTHER for the people. You just can't play both sides and be trusted. It should be common sense I thought.

  14. caraudioman16


  15. Jerimiah Gebel

    Gotta be tuned in to understand this lingo

  16. Bennet

    I like B.O.B he know some truth

  17. Jeremy Allen

    cold boy¡!!!

  18. samual williamson


  19. Contraband

    Shit STILL bang!

  20. Theresa R

    Listen to the words

  21. Laura Emily

    Pharmacy the real Dopeboy

  22. TU SHAWN Music

    Divine council said fuck b.o.b for this !

  23. Daniel Wilson

    They dabbing in ATL lol

  24. Lerry Jankford

    I'd. Much rather listen to nails scratch on the chalk board... Lame ass BULLSHIT... This is not acceptable nor is this Hip Hop...

  25. Brandon Jimenez

    Trying to look sober front of my momma

  26. RepThat Wicked

    This is so fucking COLD BWOY!!!

  27. Red_Hot

    This song is really missing a bassline


    Come later kitchen closed bwoy

  29. Mr Bly999

    Follow my Instagram BLYMusikTV you won't be disappointed

  30. J JJ

    It’s summer and hot out bwoy.

  31. Oneand Only

    2018 still one fav tune

  32. King Arthur

    Why's the dude sniffing manikins junk at 1:09? Lol Bob is cold as always bwoy

  33. Lucifer Mctrippy

    Man you still food to wifi©£lctricty

  34. Frank Kibi

    B.O.B beast

  35. ACE Nick

    Okay. Not going to lie. When I first tried kratom I bumped this for days upon days. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of the good times and my life at that time. Seriously. I wish I could go back, but now I just grow older and somehow I just want to relive that moment.

  36. xtintit

    This is a P.S.A. True artist here. We all know who the real drug dealers are.....

  37. Martin Eiper

    There should be more "lyric on screen" videos from his songs. Greatings from europe

  38. LazeeSquirrel

    Best part is that this song's a freestyle.

  39. Malike Bennett

    This song is so fire and underrated

  40. david aranda

    Actual P.I.M

  41. trll tv

    B.O.B. Tha GOAT

  42. LazzzyCoffee

    I want to die

  43. Ayana Bad

    I been waiting for this side of him for the longest 😘

  44. Ronald Lankford

    Tf happened to his views

  45. martininikol

    Live by the code boy!

  46. Eric Charles

    ''they cant smell it when its cold bwoy." 😉

  47. Chacha haha

    245 clones clicking dislike

  48. Buddha King

    ain't no new hoes they been hoein bwoy!

  49. Anarchy Gaming

    Pharmacy the real dope boi

  50. Alex Gallegos

    Fire song

  51. Matthew Kirk

    Where you get it? I don't know. You a lie...

  52. bicepscios

    the best !!!!!!

  53. DanKN

    Song is mad lit dont know how its not over a million views yet.

  54. umer tahir

    1:08 whats he smellin?? 🙈🙉🙊

  55. Frank D'Aiello

    I didn't even know he was even sort of relevant

    Frank D'Aiello


  56. Charlie Germley

    We really need to revolt or shits gonna go down the pipe who's with us?

  57. C Roth

    This song is underappreciated

  58. Hbk Xeno

    B.o.B vs. Hopsin vs. Logic. Who wins

    jesse moreno

    Bob Swaget that's a joke. b.o.b by a landslide

  59. justin williams

    still lit

  60. big 131

    Flexin in those struggle timbs, fucking love it. B.o.B is the king.

  61. Heaven Demon

    I fell asleep rocking.... lol=bob

  62. Brandon sester

    This goes so hard and the amount of uncensored truth is enough to make even the most sheeple of people at least ponder the fact that " the pharmacys the real dopeboys.....

  63. Solo Dolo

    You ah thot no I'm not you ah lie

  64. HockeyCrab

    He changed in the past 6 years...

  65. Brandon Van Meeteren

    NOTICE @ 1:00 the Chicago Red Bulls logo is upside down... hes exposing the TRUE LOGO ... the DEVIL reading at book at an alter !!!

    RevKz I

    Brandon Van Meeteren well spotted

    Cno Rodgers

    It's like that the whole song if I'm not mistaking but I understand what you mean I just realized it myself

    Cameron Smith

    It's a robot fucking a crab

  66. Jordan Hurley

    nice nice nice

  67. Jesse Shy

    I've actually tried to get people to listen to all of his element mixtapes. The looks I receive are priceless, and honestly the truth hurts. People will make up any excuse as to why they don't want to believe the things B.o.B is saying. Lmao must like being #Sheeple

  68. Erica Moore

    Boy Bob you OC and I need you baby!!!!!!

  69. Kim Visser

    So much bullshit in these comments

  70. Saint Nick

    Your already dead.

  71. samuel kamau

    Damn this track's beat....SIIICK!!!
    Listening to the new B.O.B all day

  72. Phil

    nice one @bob; i just heard this joint

  73. Gavin D

    zosh bought me here

  74. Jibril Shabazz

    smh been sleeping on Bob

  75. Fabio F.

    why are so many tracks not available on spotify?

  76. Miles Long

    Is that yachty in the dark gray?


    Nah man it's Jake Lambo

  77. Alicia Duncan

    Why he sniff the dolls butt😂😂

  78. jesse delgado

    I find it hard to believe this only got less than 350,000 views

    Julien Johnston

    And why would speaking true facts of what happens in real hip hop music like many other genres be now considered abnormal? They must be pure stupid probably like you for riding the fence or posting that type of perceivable shill comment. When most of the people are following garbage these days it doesn't surprise me yet he had quite a bit of fame and the way people have shared his music based off of quality and passion for truth after all this time it would be higher and not always sitting at the same numbers when others are clearly inflated. If these so called masses of people felt this way just goes to show their level of denial which is their own real signs of craziness and mental illness.

    Ren !

    jesse delgado He is not crazy , it doasn't go that way kid JB was crazy and he got haters! B.o.B doasn't have tham thats the point!

    Nevaeh Montano

    Foreal barely anybody knows this song but idk why it's not more popular.. this song be poppin!

    Ndirithi Veronica

    jesse delgado it's unbelievable

    King Arthur

    YouTube algorithm is controlled by corporations, probably a government lol sad but we all know this. We all need to rise up and march against YouTube censorship so it stays independent and for everyone without demonetization smfh

  79. Javier Mendoza

    Now let's throw K.Dot in the remix

  80. Kvng Yatti

    ever since that flat earth and clone shit he's been getting only hundreds of thousands of views so I'm confused

    Tierra Sunderman

    Kvng Yatti true, his songs that talk about, money, sex and drugs, got way more views, stupid sheep's....smh

    Tierra Sunderman

    Kvng Yatti true, his songs that talk about, money, sex and drugs, got way more views, stupid sheep's....smh


    Tierra Sunderman lol stupid shit usually get more views

    Cat Strange

    +Stephenie Carey I think you're right!!!

  81. ma boii

    What does he mean by" first day at the job you apply at the desk selling 245. they talking on the phone, dont let them catch you slippin as minor, they gone try you as a grown?"


    He said the first day at the job you at the desk (customer service) selling 2 for 5. (weed prob) But trying not to get caught.

  82. Mahmoud Ibrahim

    this mother ditcher is anti muslim.....fuck ya all

  83. Tierra Sunderman

    he should have way more subs!😱

  84. Anthony Ratliff

    where can I cop that no genre sweater?

  85. ACE Nick

    Hanging out with BoB would be bomb

  86. Director Junior

    b.o.b sell his soul

  87. Terry Lavergne

    love it. get it bro we plotting out the follow up

  88. Prince Calypse

    i love how this shit lowkey on some Woke trap shit b or am I lyin? 😂

  89. Edward Castellanos

    #stopcensorship #bob #doyourownresearch #wakeupsheeple #Fema #martiallaw #walmart #nobama #thirdterm #noelectionsthisyear

  90. Joshua Cole

    half a bo in the uber LOL

    Joshua Cole

    im laughing, but really youre smart af for that

  91. Josh Hershberger

    I love bobs message.

  92. Gavin Gunnell

    new music sucks by you my man love the old ones tho

  93. brandoon fretto

    are you cold bwoy

  94. Rufus Anderson

    He had to make a song like this cause thats all dummies care about money, drugs and hoes, but he still throwing in the truth at the same time.


    well said, he more than likely made a song/video for industry purposes...this beat and lyrics are🔥. His message in some lines is probably overlooked tho

    Lil L


    felix otieno

    yeah I understand what you are try to put across..


    Dominican Bitches who flew in from Sosua... Haha, Ya tu sabe de todo B.O.B

  96. Savage cortz

    True art! Love him... This song is for the people who understand, the ones who don't understand need to educate themselves then come back

  97. Saint Nick


  98. Miklo Maez-Garcia

    this song is bad as fuck I love that beat and background keyboard.