B.o.B - Born To Die Lyrics

Not a human, not afraid
I will not comply, I will not obey
See the plan is to depopulate
But the body can overcome anything, fuck what a doctor say
Fans shaking me like Bobby wake up
Chip on my shoulder, I was holdin' a grudge
I wanted to be loved more than I wanted to love
But hey, what can I say, fame's a hell of a drug
Born a slave to a tyrant
It's goin' take more than just petitions and riots
Are we headed for a future of being indebted to credit
Hopin' the next leader elected will trump the one we beheaded
Words the wealthiest rappers will never utter
'Them checks they throwin' to niggas a motherfucker'
Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger
(Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger)
I'm torn between performing and rewriting the norm
Am I born to transform or just to die and move on
Be the life that people mourn while reciting all my songs
To the battle I am sworn [?]
Beaten down to the pulp for being different
You question old tradition they just say you superstitious
Like a snake that eats its own tail, the economic system
Public schools the babysitter, health care is the modern day Adolf Hitler
Fact check, ever since the internet
Molestation multiplied by a million percent
Your aunts and uncles, niece and nephews all align with the shit
History shows for speaking up my whole life is at risk
Yeah I'm cocky, kamikaze, who gon' stop me? [?]
Illuminati? Neo-Nazis? They do me how they do Cosby
When you winnin' they gon' love you till you lose like Ronda Rousey
Every revolutionary they execute 'em proudly
It go JFK, nope, MLK, nope
Since Lennon got smoked, it's clear they don't want us to have hope
They tore down our houses, replaced it with dope
And say that it's our fault, false!

You wanted to fight
So you wanna be brave
So you found the line and you've seen the truth and you feel betrayed
Well it comes with cost
A price too large
Cause if we're really just born to die
I'd rather never been born at all

Stay in school they said, use your tools they said
But being on TV looks pretty cool I said
That's true I said, must I remind myself
These corporations aren't your friends, you should've signed yourself
They, they, who are they? They are us
We are they, the pyramids started at the top, we just mimic and behave
The same way, Babylon brainwaves
Human incarceration's the modern day slave trade
Cost of college, cost of living so high you can't maintain
All you can do is sell pills, drink tea, and [?]
Struggle to make mortgage and re-up by payday
And the wealthiest families split it up eight ways

You wanted to fight
So you wanna be brave
So you found the line and you've seen the truth and you feel betrayed
Well it comes with cost
A price too large
Cause if we're really just born to die
I'd rather never been born at all

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B.o.B Born To Die Comments
  1. Todd Elswick

    Someone shoot me for fucks sake ill throw u a couple grand

  2. TheNarrow Path

    the ronda rousey verse was pretty clever because its timeless....she aint coming back...shell beat my ass being a fit man but still....good verse

  3. Joey Valo

    And the Rothschild's split it 12 ways

  4. Zach G

    This song is so epic!

  5. D00M SL4Y3R

    Further down the rabbit hole...

  6. El Trailero Barbas

    U are great bobby ray

  7. Indigo C


  8. River Lovato

    This is one of the best hip hop songs ive ever heard real talk

  9. Audi

    We need a MUSIC VIDEO to this Bob!

  10. XAlreadyKnowX

    They tore down our houses, replaced it with dope, then say that it's our fault, FALSE

  11. Patrick Dikupe

    I love this yoh.

  12. mallieofwa

    he kills it on this album. his writing has a purpose and I love it. I just don't understand why bullshit meaningless songs get so huge and tracks like this stay underground.

  13. Michael Chapa

    The realist shit I never wrote!

  14. Greg Rome

    being a baton rouge native the acronym of this mixtape takes on new meaning. this mysterious flood right along with the violence. we are the enemy really.

  15. Marquis Marquis

    Man this DOPE as hell!!!!! Send this to yall ppl. Tired of being fucked over. Good vibrations homie!!!!

  16. MaxChastain

    I hope he finds the Lord soon, prophecy is fulfilling 🔥

    Max Chastain

    +AP What's confusing

    umer tahir

    u got same names thats confusing... what!

    DayNNightOG 4

    Did you reply to yourself on your other account? 😂

    D00M SL4Y3R

    MaxChastain Sorry, but I don't subscribe to a religion, that makes me believe that I was born unworthy, and/or born a sinner... Religion is just a control mechanism...

    Jack Miller

    MaxChastain Amen and amen

  17. Young Hoenig

    Jesus, this is amazing

  18. Joseph Lynch

    favorite song to date.

  19. Ben Dow

    Revolutionary rapper incredible

  20. jeff Ng'ang'a

    the whole mixtape 🔥🔥🔥

  21. jacory Johnson

    this what i like to here im a so tired of hearing all these rapperw rapping but with no purpose. if j cole kendrick and b.o.b did a song it wake alot of stuff

    Aaron B

    No, because young & old people just wanna get high on drugs, for the most part, it seems. Just talk to anybody and see how long it takes for them to mention weed or something else. Even the "woke" people.

  22. Sad WRLD

    <------ Call Me. A Hater If You Want... Illuminati is not real Tell me when I can see it... Like the song though

  23. Nexushh

    anybody else agree that this mixtape was straight fire 🔥


    Omar Arzeta fire as hell

  24. Dangerous Thinking

    Probably the best song I have ever heard honestly

  25. Thomas

    this song is not going to get any views, because they dont want people to hear the truth!

    Joe Nicholas

    Who's they? Lol

    Ste Bradley

    +fatalx916 b.o.b's views get resetted so songs like this don't go popular... this was on 10k views last time I played this


    Thomas damn truth

    DayNNightOG 4

    33k views later...

    Queen tootaloo

    Thomas The same thing happen to 2Pac songs

  26. tootie5040

    addicted to this song it needs way more views💯

  27. XquasarX

    B.O.B went deep. he's telling evwryone about the world, government systems, economy. I hope GOD had hold of him. but it's great he's telling this all.

  28. Kay M

    I like this song...