B.o.B - Bobby Neutron Lyrics

It watches me, It always watches me
It watches me, It always watches me
What I see, what I see
What I see, what I see

Lookin' ass
All them cameras, what you looking at?
With your crooked ass
I see you fuckers and I'm lookin' back
What you think I'm a terrorist?
Shit I thought I was American
Shit you niggas hilarious
Shit I'm intelligent enough to know that I don't need a president
The problems we face, whoever's elected will never take care of'em
Why every country we ever invade speak Arabic?
I got to say, how many politicians does it take?
How many prayers does it take for grace?
Look it's a war going on
It really don't matter what country you from
It's more than just bombs
The rich get the steak
The poor get the crumbs
It's more going on
Life is horror for many but joyful for some
Blood on the corporate song
Where you think they get the bread to pay mortgages from?

It watches me, It always watches me
It watches me, It always watches me
Wide eyes, Wide eyes
Wide eyes, Wide eyes

They say nothing is more important than winning
Even if you gotta forfeit your winnings
What That Make The Rap Game If Extortion Is Business
Is That Why All The Legends Have Unfortunate Endings
Of Course I'm Relentless
Lil' Hoe, Of Course You Offended
It's More Than The Conspiracy You See
Of Course It's Intended
I'm Doing More Than Just Venting
They Doing More Than Just Killing, Shit
They Poison Everything That's Why The Poor Get The Sickest
Now If You gargle raw Cranberry Juice For More Than 2 Minutes
(Haw Tew)
Spit It Out, You 'Gon Have Morgellons in it
Of Course There's No Indictment
Shit they endorse all the killings
The metamorphosis of mankind
The story's tremendous

It watches me, It always watches me
It watches me, It always watches me
What I see, what I see
What I see, what I see

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B.o.B Bobby Neutron Comments
  1. Distracted Listening

    "Why is it that every country we invade speak arabic"...2020 iran, called it !

  2. jay Hood G IN THEM ENT

    I been singing" it watches me "all day... the discovery of the greatest have overwhelmed me to the fullest

  3. CloudEnvy

    “Look there’s a war goin on it really don’t matter what country u from its more than just bombs”

  4. XpainNfear

    B.o.B Keep Doin your thing my G! Stay Woke! ✌ from Philly!!!

  5. Loyalty Royalty


  6. Little Yeti

    Okay I have to see him perform in concert. Please come within 100 miles of Chicago. This would be so much fun, to be a part of his audience! I want to stand in that cloud.

  7. seven grow7

    Wow. Standing room only

  8. Megean Briggs

    To under fucking rated all his shit is

  9. Terrence

    2:05 search up the channel herbsplusbeadworks If you want to know what b.o.b Is talking about.


    A7 Zyjra Looked at the channel. Didn't see morgellons or cranberry juice. Can you elaborate?


    Black Light The guy talks about It In many of his videos. He however calls It Nano Poisoning because that's what It Is. Check out the chemtrail videos.

    Twenty Pruno

    Terrence ayy lmaoo

    Aheya Aheya

    Okay good looking family

  10. ThundernBandito

    It watches me it always watches me

    Mandela Effect Comedy

    ThundernBandito when it watches me with an evil eye I "See/[C] BS"

  11. PlayR3wind


  12. BFtheWave