B.o.B - Best Friend Lyrics

[Hook: Iggy Azalea]
A bitch and her best friend
Go to the club, party every weekend
Get in for free cause she know she a freak, yeah
She a freak, yeah
She know she a freak, yeah

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Popping, popping, popping tags, always with a shopping bag
She go to clock Atlanta but she always hop in class
All-star weekend, she be where the lobby is
Looking for that slap stick, all she need is hockey pass
She just be scrambling, looking I did be clean
Tossing that box like shifting and handling
She be going, yeah, she be doing anything
Natural, stage jumpin off, she a trampoline
Straight, straight boinking this bitch
I'm 'bout my head, flip up coin in this bitch
She brought her overnight bag and his fendy
She wanted Benihanas but she settled for some Dimmie Ginnie


[Verse 2: Iggy Azalea]
Red bottom ass heals on, head laid – it's fly shit
Twerk something I'm rich stupid, don't touch nothing, that's my shit
Now that's cute, same out, different color, same swag
She jumping up when she leave the club, body spray in her Gucci bag
Ho going asshole, you and your main bitch front row
I was lined up outside, wanna shake that ass on my show
Let me tell you something you don't know
My neck and wrist trap gold
My ass fitted in Levy, I swag so rodeo
It's bitches in the building and it's bitches on the couch
She tidy up her best friend, boy she leave that house
She got her best friend, it's a freak bitch
A freak bitch, tickets to my concerts on her wishlist


[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
B.Y.O.B, bring your own bitch
She don't sleep, she smoke trees
No boyfriend, got cold feet
Low key, she's so sweet
Just lonely, but so freaky
Acting wild like ho please
Fly route, I go deep
She don't creep, I fuck hoes
She cool with that, she love those
It's funk so her gusto
If not so she one of those
Til it's come close, gotta love Jones
What's under your clothes, I wanna know
Her ass huge, her back screwed up
With a bunch of bad tattoos
To me she makes an exception, but she usually fuck black dudes (yes)
My cashews all in her mouth
In the club, more than her house
Come through, she might hit the loud
Go animal like in and out
Threesome, I need some
My hoes is European, Norwegian, Puerto Rican, even some vegan


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B.o.B Best Friend Comments
  1. Jonathan the Spidey-Man

    2:28 - 3:05

  2. Lauren Dancee

    Who’s here in 2019 😂😂

  3. hyulrin

    2:27 2:40 (for edit)

  4. Grace Batterbee

    2019 still listening. Rip Mac you still made this song your bitch

  5. One Love

    Russia тута?🤣

  6. meliorism

    macs part is the best one yet its so short

  7. Killjoy Ash

    Mac Miller ATEEEE

  8. vaishnavi singh

    i can rap the whole mac miller part - im so proud

  9. Xow ditz

    Mac got da best part

  10. Tabbie Wismer

    Can somebody make a version with only Mac Miller?

  11. Tabbie Wismer

    I only like this song cause of Mac’s part honestly

  12. airwrecka

    r.i.p mac

  13. andrew carson


  14. zombiie !!

    this song sucks but mac millers part SLAPS

  15. ily venus

    I only likes mac’s part hahaha

  16. Kng Tch

    Fly high Mac Miller

  17. Riley

    his rap part omg-

  18. Dulce Aguayo

    2:28 🖤

  19. Abraham Avil

    I hate the girl she dont even now how to rap

    Abraham Avil

    Also mac miller is the best

    Goose Pearl

    did u know? no

  20. katelyn webber

    I only Stan Mac

  21. Alisa Këci

    the only good thing about this is mac💗

  22. Sariah Marie

    Mac Miller’s part is fire

  23. Yury Guardado Iglesias

    I came from makilah :v

  24. Falon Kaitlyn

    Macs part is what I came for

  25. CaribbeanSimmer *

    Macs verse go hard! R.i.p

  26. Arya InMyDefense


  27. Meenz

    one of my favorite Mac verses. RIP.

  28. Kenneth Waters

    Lit song

  29. Breadhamcheesegames

    Rest easy Mr Miller... You will be missed

  30. Juan Valenzuela


  31. Antonius Sanchez

    Rip Mac Miller):

  32. Mediocre Cousins

    Rip Mac. Never got to listen to your new album like my homeboy told me too .

  33. Grace Evony

    One of the only Mac Miller verses I knew

  34. Martin M

    B.o.B the boss

  35. David Alejandro Acosta Nuñez

    1:27 you’re welcome

  36. David Alejandro Acosta Nuñez


  37. Crown lennox

    official twerk song

  38. Star Gazer Galaxy

    When everyone is here for Mac

  39. Premi

    Not a bad song but Izzy's part was wack. Just her hook was better than all of her verse.

  40. clxture

    Edits for shameless

  41. clxture

    Who came here from musically

  42. Kry Kry Stott

    She a fraidy cat

  43. Aloep Banks

    Queen Iggy is the star! why did you cut her funny outro skit in the end? that part MAKES the fcking track!

  44. Savannah Rae

    I'm sorry but Mac Miller is the star of this song. B.o.B. KILLS it too but Mac just... He makes me feel like he's rapping about me lmao. Iggy can suck my entire ass.

    Aloep Banks

    aw, I'm sorry about your lack of taste :(

  45. brown eyed angel

    Iggy wasn't to good here but she can rap on other songs

  46. brown eyed angel

    I came from twd crack lol love that shit

    Kenna 10

    Harley'slil Bitchh same

    brown eyed angel

    Kenna 10 yay another twd fan!

    Fenja Jenderny

    Maggie Rhee i came frim thus video too.

    Justice Smith

    Maggie Rhee sammmmmeeee

  47. ohmyturbulence

    Yuma Mukami edit *-* XD

  48. MS Studio's

    best part 2:28 😏🔥

  49. meme

    Also black widow, and problem

  50. meme

    And she got hits too like fancy, beg for it, and work

  51. meme

    Ok Iggy may not be good in this video but the bitch can rap.

  52. OneeChan Fucked Me

    touka edit

    Eleonora pagliai

    OneeChan Fucked Me same

  53. Zikira Pugh

    I came for iggy

    Matthew West

    Zikira Pugh Iggy da bomb! New music video 3/1/18

    andrew carson


  54. Mirai Kuriyama

    black butler edit 😍😍

    Love Dere

    Where do you find that edit?? XD

  55. Aline Miles

    I'm freak yeah

  56. elizabeth clayton

    Came for Mac, left cuz of Iggy.

    Aloep Banks

    his part came after hers tho? lmao

  57. Endy

    Iggy basically too BoB and Mac's song and shat on it

  58. BB6WhiteDiamond

    I was just shocked these Rappers made a song together

  59. Beautybaby0428

    Iggy in this song makes my ears bleed she's horrendous I've never heard something as bad as her in this video it sounds like a fucking guy ate a burrito and shit/ farted repeatedly to make her music


    @kevin after u

  60. waters!

    That "oh don't do it" vine is sampled in this song 😂

    Sam mmm

    What part?


    +Samairani Gamez go listen to the vine and then listen to the song

  61. Mikey Lasson

    I came her for iggy

  62. Dalji Imara

    This was my song when it came out. Now its wack lol

  63. αrl ɢrмeѕ

    i came here for mac miller tbh.

  64. starfire139

    Hahahah "Goin animal like In 'N Out" is an awesome line

  65. ghettohannah

    I'm mad I can't find this song on spotify ):

  66. Ariel Moran

    Iggy was great

  67. Terra Realm

    Who the hell keeps making these hella inaccurate lyric videos?! Are people just unable to understand what tf Iggy is actually saying?

  68. Nesha IMVU

    Are just gonna ignore the fact that Queen Azealia Banks is singing the chorus?

  69. Ruby zapf-geller

    How did iggy even become famous like she can't fucking rap or write music ???

    Mikey Lasson

    Can u no so stfu

    Unpaid Intern

    +Mikey Lasson Mac Miller is the only person worth shit in this song iggy ruined it

    Aloep Banks

    and you can? lmao bye. Iggy's multiple award winning, Grammy nominated ass stays unbothered.

  70. BadBoiRian

    everyone saying they only came for Mac.. Bob was good to tf...but fuck iggy

    Mikey Lasson

    Fuck u to


    +Mikey Lasson when bae

  71. Justice Shannon

    Tbh only came for 2:28-2:34

  72. Serrina Goddard

    This entire collab was poorly thought out iggy sucked, B.o.b was a little lost, and Mac is literally the only good part about this song.

  73. Ebe Osorio

    This song was absolutely horrible. I was only here bc on.ig there was an edit of mac millers part of louis Tomlinson i so regret this.

  74. Rocky Jeter Webb

    I love it! B.o.B, Iggy Azalea, and Mac Miller Rocked It!

  75. paz ch

    mac miller's part is soooo good, why does the rest of the song have to be so horrible???

  76. Manon Vampette

    Mac Miller raps the best

  77. Cassie Eads

    Only came here for Mac, because of a vine..aha.

  78. Carter Bakewell :3

    Iggy cant rap

  79. Catherine Ivaskovic

    Petition for this to be Mac and only Mac

  80. All Mixed Up

    Get rid of everything else and keep Mac Miller

  81. alyssa woody

    Mac Miller's part is the only good part of the whole song

    Matthew West

    alyssa woody bullshit.

  82. Infinity Destiny

    Vine edits :P


    Thought I only noticed

  83. J C

    Here for Mac and only Mac

  84. TheKraziOne13

    The chorus is so weak 😒

  85. Ali’s Vlogs


    Curtis Struggs

    Legit the only part of the song I came to listen to

    buterahfawke tutorials

    i came here for his part

    Matthew West

    I came for iggy bitches...

  86. Nat

    2:28 you're welcome :P

    vanessa hunter

    Nat thank you

    Micaela Mendez


    Legend Blend

    Thank you!

    Adha RoXas

    Thanks man😂

    Arely Moreno

    Nat 😂❤️ ty

  87. Herp Derp

    Iggy why just why

  88. Lauren Uy

    iggy must be stopped

  89. Bri Nickens

    I'm here for the song. All parties included. -_-

  90. Benjamin Padilla

    I came for Iggy : P

  91. LizSingMix

    Iggys acting black using the word fuck fuck fuck fuck nigga butch bitch freakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Kayleigh Thomas

    Every race uses profanity, that's kinda being racist because you're basically saying only African Americans cuss. and she didn't even say the n word so maybe actually listen to the song before you say anything. I'm only here for Mac and I honestly think iggy's part is shit but just saying.

    Mikey Lasson

    Stfu u acting black iggy the best rapper ever

  92. Meloo 740

    Iggy suck😂

  93. Jason Slavens

    wtg mac is this cause he signed up?

  94. Adolis Purvinis

    Mac killed it

  95. stellaR

    iggy who?

  96. Devon Spade

    here for mac...