BoA - Sekai No Katasumi De (世界の片隅で; In A Corner Of The World) Lyrics

Tatoeba kimi ga naki souna sora nara
Watashi wa habataku tori ni narou
Tatoeba kimi ga kodoku na umi nara
Watashi wa kirameku hoshi ni narou

Kimi wo kanashi maseru mono wo
Zenbu nugui saritai keredo
Watashi ni wa nani ga dekiru?

Samayou sekai no katasumi
Afureru omoi
Fuki tsukeru aseta kaze
Sashi komu hikari dakishimete
Semete tada soba ni itai
Kimi to futari issho ni

Tatoeba sora wo miagenain nara
Ukanda tsuki sae kiete ikushi
Tatoeba yume wo minai nara kitto
Chansu wa megutte konai kara

Negai wa namida ni fureru tabi
Tsuyoku tsuyoku kagayaite iku
Chippoke na mainichi demo

Zawameku sekai no katasumi
Daiji na kotoba ga toki doki suri nukeru
Donna ni yami ga toza shitemo
Dokomademo kake nuketai
Mada shiranai ashitae

Te wo hanasa naide

Samayou sekai no katasumi
Afureru omoi
Fuki tsukeru aseta kaze
Sashi komu hikari daki shimete
Semete tada soba ni itai
Kimi to futari

Zawameku sekai no katasumi
Daiji na kotoba ga toki doki suri nukeru
Donna ni yami ga toza shitemo
Dokomademo kake nuketai
Mada shiranai ashitae

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BoA Sekai No Katasumi De (世界の片隅で; In A Corner Of The World) Comments
  1. Emily Mills


  2. Yasemin Kür

    oh my god I love this song can't believe it was used for this

  3. Kanzu Jackson

    apa judul dari anime ini?

  4. Pasta Zi Bearlid

    Its always the innocent and the poor who suffer during war. A few men in power should not have the right to decide the fate of millions of people. And to make it worse, most of these men go to war because of their greed for power and money. Moments like these makes me wish hell/heaven existed because i can't bear the thought of these people dying without paying for their crimes.

  5. BB BB

    Aesthetic... seems like it’s always spring time in Japan ❤️

    Nam ka

    So true 😌💜

  6. insert name here

    If you're on the fence about thins, watch it. It's very good. I sat there and man teared towards the last 40 mins.

  7. Yetlanetzi Alonso

    La historia mas pinches triste del mundo 😭😭😭😭😭😢

  8. Inocencia Puello

    I live in Okinawa for 10 years now I move to nagasaki this movie it’s remind me lot to my beautiful okinawa

  9. Rodolfo Ortega

    Thanks. A lesson of tenderness to all

  10. Claire Chiste

    I completely forgot about this movie until today when I was talking to someone about historical fiction movies. It was really good and I’m considering rewatching the movie but it was a bit long

  11. girl let me kNoOoowWww

    I love how it shows how much of an effect world war 2 had on the lives of normal civilians going about their lives.

  12. Hologram

    Funnily I watch this movie on the USS Yorktown.

  13. lol timtim

    I watched the whole movie on Netfilx. Please watch it, it's a really good movie and was the first movie to make me cry a lot. I can't even describe how good it is. Just watch it

  14. Minecraft Eliza

    It's sooo sad, If you haven't watched it I recommend you do *Small spoiler alert \/*

    Why did the little girl have to die ;p; and I couldn't handle the scene with the OTHER little girl near the end

  15. Don Vito Corleone

    the amount of satisfaction that i get from just watching this trailer is amazing, Please Don't watch it dubbed people, it loses one of its main cores, it's really easy to read subtitles.

  16. Reinalyn Ison

    Can someone please help me if where can i watch this plsss :)))

  17. 서점사장Bookstoremaster

    I am Korean. My great-grandfather and great-grandfather were independent soldiers, and they were happy that two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan and Korea became independent. I don't want to say that the Japanese are pitiful here. All the food that the Japanese ate at that time was stolen from Korea and China. At the end of the movie, the main character realizes that I ate the food stolen from the victims of this war. I still see people who are shivering when I see Nazi war criminals and Japanese war criminals.

  18. Duolingo_abuse_is_Real Club_penguin_lives

    So sad to watch. The Bombing of Hiroshima was truly a horrific event.

  19. kizhan Fazil

    Oww all nation get hard time

  20. Swta Mukhiya

    Where to watch this anime?
    I am not able to find it anywhere..

    Food makes me happy

    It's on Netflix!

  21. Myles Valentin-Capiral

    I'm not crying, you're crying. I like sports

  22. Sandhya Jalan

    Why anime is always so touching why India has also created its first anime you must check it out karmachakra

  23. alien from mars

    This is my favorite movie, I can't stop watching it over and over again

  24. Bulldog Bank.

    The true power of the movie comes from the little detail about life, tears come rolling down when you realize all of this happened during the war.

  25. Hakhak Dodobird

    I love the song...

  26. Shreyansh Kumar Singh

    I kept crying for few minutes watching that girl besides her mom sad for harumi always the blessed souls have to sacrifice such a sad movie thanks Japan for showing us what they have been up to😭

  27. SpazzedOut

    Imagine what the Jews went through though..

    Jose Espinal

    Boy in the striped pajamas will be your movie then. That one is deep and tragic. Well done too!

  28. priscilla hauzel

    Omg i wanna see this movie so much

  29. Aliza Hussain

    Wow... 😚😚😚

  30. Queen Slim Clérmont

    Very therapeutic 💖😭✨❤️💯🤞🏿🤟🏿✊🏿🙏🏿

  31. samantha n’drihin

    i just want to watch anime all day everyday day while eating sushi. is that so hard to ask for

  32. sxsqn _

    I watched this and cry but this was a very beautiful film that should be appreciated more 💗

  33. Meloshep p

    Who else just saw this in 2019

    Jose Espinal

    Meloshep p about to watch it now for the first time

  34. qurratun afifah

    Where i can watch this amazing film😭



    Michiru Sama

    @mashie hmmm i cant seem to find it

    Michiru Sama

    @mashie hmmm i cant seem to find it on the netflix app

  35. Kantuta Rodriguez

    Becuz they’re racists! Why would you think they want to have this beautiful anime win Oscar! it would just remind the Americans The blood that they have on their hands of killing kids and nations for what for greed not only that .when Japanese American were in the USA they got send to concentrations camps just like they send American Mexicans back to Mexico even though they’re were born in America . Irony right. Baby boss is stupid in my opinion.

    Jose Espinal

    Kantuta Rodriguez damn relax it was called world war 2 for a reason there was no good side. Only a greater evil and lesser evil. At that time Japan was part of that greater evil and the US not only fighting in Europe did not have the man power to fight in two fronts but had to stop the Japanese imperialistic government from spreading everywhere since they got too cocky. In the end it was there governments fault for underestimating how serious the war was.

  36. alcris menoro

    I like this kind of anime drawing style for some reason

  37. e cil

    I love this movie..

  38. Initgen Episodes

    This film is on some other wavelength - can't say I've ever felt more touched by any other movie.

  39. Tayba Alnashami

    أتمنى ترجمته

  40. Paddy Shotgun2

    This movie really made me sad for what we did in Japan with fire bombs. But it is war and many more lives would've been lost if we didn't use the nuke.

    Jose Espinal

    Paddy Shotgun2 and too think it was safer back then than now.

  41. Neha Yadav

    Whenever i see this movie i just felt how people of japan must felt during world war. It still makes me emotional while remembering the movie clips 😭

  42. Razia Randhawa

    Nice movie 😇😍

  43. Colorless Rose

    I love it

  44. تيتة ام يزن

    نتمنى ترجمة إلى اللغة العربية في جميع المنشورات والافلام

  45. sweetsavvywally

    Just got this in my feeds. Will add to movies to watch. I love a great movie.

  46. Varshu my heart the frozen hell


  47. Saga Johansson

    I love this movie so much. I can’t recommend it enough.

  48. Logan Webb

    Imma cry so hard

  49. megutan himatan


  50. Ezee Flores

    Thanks for giving me Grave of the Fireflies flashbacks again. 😭

  51. Own Star

    I never thought about Hiroshima Nagasaki that what people have gone through at that time but in few minutes this video gave me complete visual imagination that what they faced we can't even imagine that what they lost family friends it's lost of society but it's really amazing how japanese people improved and became developed country Japan is my favourite country I am from India

  52. Nidhi Yogiraj

    Really want to watch to this movie plzz upload the full movie

  53. Suchan

    Some claim Japan sees itself in the film in the victim role. But that is not true. The shedding of nuclear bombs on Japan was a war crime for which the US was never held responsible. In both cities there were only civilians and the Americans knew that.
    The movie itself is one of the best I have seen so far. You want to protect the main character. So sweet is she. Japanese women are very tough and have an unwavering belief that everything will be fine. I know that because I'm engaged to one.
    It's not a sad movie like "Grave of the fireflies", it's a movie that leaves one speechless and will keep you busy for days. In the end I was happy for the little girl. The girl could not have found a better mother. Watch it!

    Jose Espinal

    Suchan not a war crime if there government was so imperialistic. There leader at the time caused those grave consequences on his own people. It’s called world war 2 for a reason.

  54. Adminy Pantip

    Japanese was stupid enough to bomb Pearl Harbor....

    Jose Espinal

    Adminy Pantip exactly

  55. Luis Alvaro Pari Quenta

    Se ve bastante buena será motivo

  56. ashila adzim

    this movie remind me of a story my late great grand mother told me. some men who volunteer to join the army never came back. few men who were taken by the japanese to built the railroad also never came back. it is a sad reality but those people who lost their love one, they just have to move foward from the pain.

  57. holad holllggg

    podriabersido mejor

    holad holllggg

    musica con letras puesheso

  58. Arisa Noorod

    What's name of this song.?


    "Kanashikute  yarikirenai"

  59. Genry Delizo

    I've already watch this .
    That movie is great and also sad😢😢😢😿

  60. Anna Bella

    Can i like download this song somewhere OwO

  61. Konrad C.

    grave of the fireflies Remake?

  62. mamwan pavee


  63. Usha sharma kitchen

    Very very btfl ☝️👌👌👌🙏please suport my chnl 🙏🙏

  64. neha khatri

    This rem8nds me of doraemon.

  65. Z z Z

    I felt sad That I'm a little Bit Late!
    To share this kind of masterpiece to my family and friends!

  66. why park jimin when you can ride jimin

    This was in my recommendation and I'm thankful beautiful it's a masterpiece

  67. Mini LAGG3R

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!

    Mahima Rai

    Where i can watch this full movie plz can you tell me.

    Mini LAGG3R

    @Mahima Rai its on netflix if you have that and you can also watch it on kissanime

    Mahima Rai

    @Mini LAGG3R thanks a lot

  68. 임해빈

    한국얘기는 언급이없네.. 다들 아름답다고만하지...
    솔직히 한국얘기도 나와야 이 영화의 의미가 드러나는데.
    영어를 못써서 설명을 못해주겠다.
    그리고 이영화는 정말 아름다운건 맞다. 슬프지만 무겁지만 스즈가 이쁘다

  69. TheEpongOO : b

    1:34 -1:36 i dnt see that part of the moviee😭😭

  70. Kai Li

    I cried.


    Who click this because YouTube recommended? 😅

  72. なちゅ


  73. Guadalupe Requena

    Al guíen sabe, cuándo se estrenará?! O dónde puedo verlo?! Gracias...

  74. Pooja Meshram

    Mujhe to kuch samjh hi nhi aya. But dekh ke LG rha ki achha h

  75. Shiori Stapleton

    SPOILER ALERT: This movie pulls the biggest pro-gamer move on you in the last bit of the movie

  76. Sonic Hedgehog

    This movie killed me inside 😫😭👍

  77. L T

    Where can I watch it online please?

  78. Cintia Geraldine Castañeda Vásquez

    Hermoso! Con esta animación me dan muchas ganas de verlo,.como se llama está película??

  79. Olga Chettur

    как называется мультик

  80. Little Lea

    I cried so much at the ending

  81. Aikos Diary

    why does this gives me goosebumps

  82. Wei Jao

    這不是 ADD?
    ADD 意思殺了彼此演完戀愛版的 親親呀 !

  83. NasikaSakura

    There are cscenes in the trailer that I do not recall in te film, like the one with the cherry blossom tree climbing. Does anyone know why? Was it edited out of my region, or are they available as deleted scenes published somewhere?

  84. kool kool

    Thy hide underground becoz of bom dropping ✌️love tht

  85. Elim Kwok

    Meanwhile in the rest of the world:
    🙌🎌🎊🎉*It's a rape and killing party everybody!!!*🙌🎉🎊🎌

  86. Sibi Sibi

    I don't understand a word but starting song speaks to my spirit. <3

  87. Rishita bhardwaj

    I really really like the story the sound track I will definitely watch this movie .
    Love from india

  88. ui domo

    Love the way she talks and love her voice so much ❤️

  89. No Body

    Japan’s war crime in WW2 was definitely wrong but innocent civilians who died in WW2 didn’t have anything to do with the war crime . This also goes for Germany . Country’s action doesn’t represent each individuals action .

    Jose Espinal

    No Body yeah but wars are inevitable we have yet to see the biggest one so sit back and enjoy the show while it lasts.

  90. Thartei Tlaisun

    Where can i watch it full...??

  91. Nyssa Frausto

    I cried just seeing the trailer recommendation

  92. 碇シンジ


  93. Toàn Nguyễn Mạnh

    It stucks in my heard my soul now and forever

  94. Uncle Bernard

    To bad the movie was cut to make is shorter I would love it if it was longer

  95. Reski Rahab

    One of the best animation movies that is even much better than Hollywood animations.

  96. Amanda L.

    I loved this movie :-) animation 1000% awesome!

  97. Farzana Yasmin

    Here I am an anime lover. My love of life is as well but he left me and I am Wondering if he had watched the movie. Maybe along with this 1.9 mil views one is him! Sad life right.

  98. mona j

    Anyone knows the title of the song?