BoA - Dangerous Lyrics

Jangnanchiji malgo
Sogiryeo deulji malgo
Seotureun byeonmyeong malgo
Hurry up hurry up gobaekhae

Igijeok, nega won haneun daeroman ttoneun dalkomhan love

Sunganui yuhoge michyeo ppajyeoisseo
Heeonaol su eobseul mankeum neomu meolli
Gasseo imi neon Dangerous
Experience sangcheoman nameun
Dangerous Experience

Apdwi matjil anchi
Neon nae sonane itji
Neon cham ppanhage boineun
Seupgwanjeok geojitmal neureonwa

Jigyeowo sasohan hogisime sijakhae dasineun no~

Aniraneun mal ijen neol mitji anha da nae mamdaero
Neoran geot da jiwobeoryeo nae tteutdaero
Dangerous Experience tto hanal baewo
Dangerous Experience

Hinteureul jujamyeon nega naege han mankeumman gieokhae
Swipge nareul bwatdamyeon huhoe ttawi neoui home work

Aniraneun mal ijen neol mitji anha da nae mamdaero
Neoran geot da jiwobeoryeo nae tteutdaero
Dangerous Experience tto hanal baewo
Dangerous Experience

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BoA Dangerous Comments
  1. 아낙수나문

    보아야 노래 잘들었다 노래가 아시아 탑이다

  2. Lizab Marín

    I need this on Spotify.

  3. kaorimi

    Hurricane Venus is my favourite album EVER.

  4. henrique jorge

    nu abo vibes

  5. well well Navarro

    Is it me or this sounds a like Super Junior M - Perfection and yet they both release 7 years ago!!! Long time ago i try play Super Junior M Vid while playing this song and it exact to the dance or Super Junior M ahaha

    wicked one

    both songs use the same base, I have noticed this too

  6. NCT Paradise

    Here from Superstar Smtown. This song is so difficult to play

    Lil Mak

    Is ultra easy:v

    Valéria Langendolff

    Same lol


    Spent who knows how many headphones to perfect this song... But it was worth it cause this song is a bop

  7. Y OY

    보아앨범은 다 명반..👍👍👍
    날이 갈수록 더 스타일리쉬해지고 캐쥬얼해지는 그녀의목소리와 멜로디가 만나 좋은노래들이 탄생함!

  8. Mathias Graf Lange

    WOW! <3

  9. Luzu Rivero

    Fuck 😱😱😂🎂

  10. Lee C

    It's amazing. how come to make same simple. look good.

  11. Luzu Rivero

    Esto me recuerda a la canción de Michael Jackson DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!

  12. Louisa Sadi

    the song is very good i like boa

  13. x Minjí

    This song is just so awesome 💕😽

  14. antifa fan account

    THIS IS MY FAV SONG AFTER NILLILI MAMBO(≧∇≦)(i got the japanese keyboard just to do that XD)

    antifa fan account

    Bitch what the fuck

  15. BubbleTeaBabyDoll

    BoA! :) <3

  16. Doffloffle27

    Same! haha

  17. KyutiDance

    She's the queen of kpop ^_^

  18. Inshomina

    Korean is Asian...Korea is located in Asia, making it an Asian country. Though, that person did spell "Asian" wrong.
    So. Yeah.

  19. Akemi Bunny

    Can not help

  20. La Manson

    stfu that comment was posted 8 months ago lol

  21. Akemi Bunny

    Omfg. It's Korean. K-POP.

  22. Akemi Bunny

    She's Korean. Dumbass

  23. Light

    Same here xD

  24. say ahn

    You can tell when BoA's written the song herself, or when an SM person has written like a hundred and decided to give one to BoA this time instead of f(X).

  25. AmyImpact

    2:40 - just perfect

  26. Nada

    WOW. i found this song through Songpop on Facebook... (0_0)

  27. MonsterLunaChick

    I love BoA so so so so much!

  28. Ren Punzalan

    Real BoA?

  29. Solitary Sarcasm

    The queen needs to have a comeback soon!!

  30. La Manson

    I getting SO addicted to Asian music haha :D

  31. DoNo SmartsBoyz

    I L this song !

  32. paramore4788

    BEST OF ASIA!!!!!!!!

  33. IxMikuimi

    @MannequinFactoryy Yes this is in korean.

  34. Joey Molloy

    @MrBizcotti HOLLA!!

  35. La Manson

    Is this in Korean? :)

  36. MrBizcotti

    Just stopping bye to say this song is still my JAM!

  37. chaospaint55

    If clubs started playing music like this I would go...

  38. IxMikuimi

    @applepielover7 well she exchanged twitter names with someone now her twitter is @ BoAKwon

  39. taysmiddy

    this is my teams dance song(:

  40. Gonzalo R


  41. Anthony Valdez

    Love the song! I just wish there was an English version so I can sing along to it!!

  42. bowlinggal25

    I really wish I understood this because it would make this song even more great then it already is.

  43. Han Hua

    ... I just want to walk fiercely everywhere I go and listen to this song...

  44. Daniele g

    @applepielover7 Thanks !

  45. applepielover7

    @MonsterDaniGaga @BoA_1105

  46. Daniele g

    Has she twitter ?

  47. dee monroe.

    i have NO idea what she is saying, but this IS awesome :)!

  48. Shan B

    @xmattpax BoA :3

  49. _dorin96

    Beat of Haven

  50. JayDeLart

    @xmattpax You should should check out her dancing; she's pretty sharp on the floor too.

  51. Isabella Millennium

    It's Beat of Angel.

  52. LifeWithKyle

    @applepielover its not Beat Of Angel, its Beauty Of Asia

  53. yellowSussukka

    This song kicks ass!!! I love the bass ♥

  54. FantasyDVM

    Lol I love this too I wanna see BoA rap

  55. Joey Molloy

    @yourasianpicks Not by a long sot, I actually think shes famous for writing nothing she sings, they compare her to Britney in asia...without all the ...breaking down and babies ect.

  56. All Aboard The Party Elk

    This song...
    is so fucking catchy.

  57. JediSpice

    @yourasianpicks I dont know if she writes all of her songs, but I do know she sings in English, Korean and Japanese

  58. JediSpice

    @xcutmeup beacuse the stupid ones always have something to shoot their mouths off about, sad...If they cant understand what's being said, or its a different culture, its automatically "stupid" cuz they dont take the time to try new things. Its called being close-minded...I love BoA and own this song by her and quite a few others from iTunes :)

  59. Taegan

    I'm in the USA and I love BoA. She is one of the most talented solo artists in the world, in my opinion. This is my favorite song on the album. I just bought it on Itunes and I have already listened to it tons of times

  60. BrokenInvisibleGlass

    I'm from the US and so far I don't think boa is bad at all.

  61. gjlkgjlk


  62. xcutmeup

    why the hell are people in the US so blind to her amazing talents! this girl can SING AND DANCE :) aah love this track.. DANGEROUS EXPERIENCE FOR SURE!


  63. MMEV

    My favorite song on the album. :DDDD