Blues Traveler - Nefertiti Lyrics

Nefertiti claimed she needed no one at all
Majestic in her empire like so many I've seen rise and fall
Suitors by the dozen, even one who'd give her everything
Assuming the queen even needs a king
And what's so wrong with freedom?
Is there a cost too high?
But the slogans turn to mist in Nefertiti's eyes

And the heart of the lioness
Lay down gentle like a lamb
Her Majesty runs like a girl
No composure or command
And I know I should be glad for her
But I can't forget her fire
It just makes me lonely
One more goddess to retire

Now I have been brought down by less
That felled my mighty lioness
But what I see which makes me sad
Is when the loneliness gets bad
She has to run, she cannot take
That fragile fundamental ache

And the heart of the lioness
Lay down gentle like a lamb
Her Majesty runs like a girl
No composure or command
And I know I should be glad for her
But I can't forget her fire
It just makes me lonely
One more goddess to retire

Amazed she puts me in my place
A royal tear rolls down her face
But what for me may hurt worst of all
Is one less soldier on the wall
That much lonelier for me
As I salute my fallen queen

And the heart of the lioness
Lay down gentle like a lamb
Her Majesty runs like a girl
No composure or command
And I know I should be glad for her
But I can't forget her fire
It just makes me lonely
One more goddess to retire
No one should be glad for her
For I can't forget her fire
It just makes me lonely
One more goddess to retire

Nefertiti claimed she needed no one

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Blues Traveler Nefertiti Comments
  1. John Notmylastname

    The 90's produced some of the best music ever. Commercially and independently.

  2. Nordic Kitten

    As I read the lyrics to this song. I pictured it as a song the Devil himself wrote. Although I am Old, I knew about this song, hence never liked them, nor mine kids liked them. I watch the music tell the truth mixed with all sorts of lying in a melody. And yet some sing along blindly not knowing if they are really spreading curses, No ? My Music preference varies of style as I age, I search not for just a melody but remember always to test what the Spirit has to say. After All, Music IS one of the things that IS Spirit Made.~ May Jesus Know Our Names I Pray ~

  3. federico Velazquez

    The beatiful Emma stone brought me here...!!! Cheers from Argentina!!!

  4. Christopher Deegan

    See you guys in o.c !!!

  5. Steele Pete

    25 years ago...I could sing this song in harmony with at 50...I sound like Jyrki69...deep baritone vocals from smoking cigarettes all my life😬 love you Jon💥🖤🖤🖤🖤


    Reminds me of the man that sent this to me Sergio C.💏

  7. Tara Schumacker

    Trolling before trolling was a word.

  8. Terry Erwin

    Such talent! No melodic shredding guitar solo needed when Popper's on the harmonica!👍

  9. It's Tape!

    So fortunate to grow up during the peak of 90s music. Blues traveler are amazing. Mr. Popper is a beast, but......FOB!

  10. Celena Barclay

    Intention and Empathy are everything...🕊💗🌍🌊💨🔥

  11. djburtucky

    RIP Ken Ober 1957-2009...

  12. Brett Staats

    Funny, I’m literally reading that same Civil War book seen at the end of the video.

  13. Brett Ake

    2020? after that no witness vote...

  14. Charles McGuffin

    This song would come on MTV in the morning when I was getting ready for high school freshman year.

  15. Stephen 3033

    93 in Louisiana! Nice 😁

  16. Robert Riley

    this song is incredibly ironically brilliant.... synopsis "I dont even have to sing about anything as long as it sounds catchy"

  17. Chris Jolley

    RIP Brad. Wish I would have kept in touch better.

  18. Philip Weber

    Best reason ever

  19. d w

    Trump supporters should watch this again!

    Reds Fan

    Lead Singer of Blues Traveler, John Popper, IS a Trump Supporter. So what is your point?

  20. Nomadistar

    The Hook never allowed me to leave...and I am just fine with that!

  21. deadheadd6

    Shout out Minnesota!

  22. brayz game

    The memories....😢 you would've had to be there..but this made one winter something else stained In memory forever..before crazies and social whatever the hell they call it, we lived the best life ever

  23. Bobby Drop

    This hook brings me back

  24. Matt Epic-South

    Best and probably the number one go to song.

  25. Jalopy Joe

    Was hear

  26. Catherine Reed

    Yes, the hook got me. This song is addictive.

  27. red_dog

    who's here after Emma Stone's lip sync battle ??

    Carlos Vazquez


  28. Danny Allen

    The truth being told to us by great artists

  29. Ashraful Alom

    Thanks to Emma Stone 4 lyp syncing this 1 on Jimmy Fallon

  30. jenniferbryn


  31. jenniferbryn

    today's hash#

  32. jenniferbryn


  33. jenniferbryn


  34. Jon B Baca

    Who had a fucking cassette of this album? The green cover with the cat face on it? God I thought I was so cool playing this album late at night on my boom box.

    Carlos Vazquez

    YESSS CARRY ON MISTER 🤝👏👊😉🙏🤙✌✌🤲🍒

  35. star lynn terry

    The hook. BRINGZ me bak to
    Springfield Missouri 😂😉😎

  36. Haxwell Eddison

    top 5 sing in the shower songs.

  37. MIL-K

    Listen Maroon 5, this is how you Pachelbel Cannon!

  38. keeranimal8

    I've been to some amazing dad and uncle (both dedicated musicians)took me to see bands like Queen, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Eagles, etc when I was young. In the later 80s, it was bands as varied as the Beach Boys to Poison to Springsteen. Later, as a teen, I saw Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Motger Love Bone, and many others in the 90s. Moving on, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Danzig, and peppering in a little Metallica and COC, Pantera, Down, too many to name. But my wife randomly got me tickets to Blues Traveller a couple years ago...I wasn't expecting much. A good show of 90s hits maybe, but nothing more. How wrong I was. This was by far one of the top three BEST shows I have ever been to!! The musicianship and interaction with the audiencs was stellar and second to none!! Can't wait to see em again!!

  39. Ian Kenyon

    The combination of John's vocals and hermonica is like a relaxing,warm hug.It tells you everything is going to work out in the end,just sit back and enjoy the song.

    Ian Board

    He's about the only one I can listen to on a harmonica. Normally, I detest the instrument, but with him, it just works and I really like it.

  40. Mary Braunschweig. maiden name - Erwin

    What an amazing time to be yung. The 80s and 90s the music was really trying to teach us something. Hope i retained some of it

  41. Hutch TV

    Well the man don't lie does he, the hook definitely brings you back damn near 3 decades later. that's some longevity for you.

  42. Michael C

    MTV treated this talented man like shit.

  43. Delphi Lungwyn

    They deserve hall of fame

  44. Bob Caito

    Funny thing about this song is the breakdown is what brings me back, not the hook, hahaha.

  45. This is Ajang

    Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Slash : I can play a sick guitar solo.

    John Popper : Hold my harmonica.

  46. hamza heravi

    Idk who that bald guy with glasses is, but he bangs

    El Barto

    hamza heravi Paul Schaffer. He ran the band for the Late Show with David Letterman. He’s a legend

  47. Jerry Hansen

    cant count - id guess 50 watches - to get to the point where i dont have to watch this - can let it play in background--- by far the highest - popper likes to fk with ur mind

  48. Dwayne Bos

    Is that Paul Schafer from Letterman on there?

  49. BadEndings

    RIP Ken Ober! such a great song as well! love it! John is legendary!

  50. Rakesh Singh

    Emma stone brought me here

  51. sniggity

    Absolutely beautiful song about nothing.

  52. Zack Sherry

    Sick a great song! (About the sociopathic nature of pickup game)

  53. CanadianBorne

    This song is literally like a tutorial on how to write a song, kind of funny when you think about it.

  54. Mark Medlock

    The 5.3k that didnt like this video, just quit listening to music

  55. David Linscott

    That be me

  56. fxrsniper1

    Great song considering the melody was from Pachelbel's Canon from somewhere between 1680 to 1706

  57. Maritza Paz

    It doesn't matter what I say
    So long as I sing with inflection
    That makes you feel I'll convey
    Some inner truth or vast reflection
    But I've said nothing so far
    And I can keep it up for as long as it takes
    And it don't matter who you are
    If I'm doing my job then it's your resolve that breaks
    Because the hook brings you back
    I ain't tellin' you no lie
    The hook brings you back
    On that you can rely
    There is something amiss
    I am being insincere
    In fact I don't mean any of this
    Still my confession draws you near
    To confuse the issue I refer
    To familiar heroes from long ago
    No matter how much Peter loved her
    What made the Pan refuse to grow
    Was that the hook brings you back
    I ain't tellin' you no lie
    The hook brings you back
    On that you can rely
    Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in
    If you're Rin Tin Tin or Anne Boleyn
    Make a desperate move or else you'll win
    And then begin to see
    What you're doing to me
    This MTV is not for free
    It's so PC it's killing me
    So desperately I sing to thee of love
    Sure but also rage and hate and pain and fear of self
    And I can't keep these feeling on the shelf
    I've tried, well no, in fact I lied
    Could be financial suicide but I've got too much pride inside
    To hide or slide
    I'll do as I'll decide and let it ride till until I've died
    And only then shall I abide by this tide
    Of catchy little tunes
    Of hip three minute diddies
    I wanna bust all your balloons
    I wanna burn of all your cities to the ground
    But I've found, I will not mess around
    Unless I play then hey
    I will go on all day
    Hear what I say
    I have a prayer to pray
    That's really all this was
    And when I'm feeling stuck and need a buck
    I don't rely on luck
    Because the hook brings you back
    I ain't tellin' you no lie
    The hook
    On that you can rely

  58. jenniferbryn

    #greyforever it is!!! tis i! ♡jenn

  59. jenniferbryn


  60. jenniferbryn


  61. Miles O'Roads

    I didn't realize till I read the lyrics how far ahead of there time this song was.

  62. colibriverde

    Yep! What an awesome melody!

  63. WolfBear

    The brilliance of this song is that it is as true today as it was in the 90s...Hollywood and the entertainment industry are soul leeches. Always have been, and always will be.

  64. Bradley Williamson

    The hook brought me here

  65. 1aml3g3nd13

    Is that John Conner?

  66. DaFiresMen

    I honestly cannot remember anyone else playing the veronica better...

  67. Renee'Dragoo-Farner &EarballGrooves

    Sh*t like i said about Blues Traveler&Run Around...Hook was a rockin kickass tune!! That band shoulda gone places!! They were robbed cuz their talent was obvious. What happened i wonder, i knew tons of folks that loved em when they hit the air? No accountin for taste n hits i guess?💛🖤💛

  68. John Roscoe

    He was trolling us about the music industry, but I don't think he expected he'd be trolling us with generation nostalgia. The "hook" is the heart that brings you back; formulaic by the numbers music. But now it's 2020, and what's bringing me back is the desperate wish we could go back to when this song was new.

  69. rosinantedelafuente

    this dude stomped the whole music industry with killer talent . he clowned them in their face

  70. Martin Meers

    This is the song for every Hellraiser fan out there.

  71. Orion's Ghost

    This song could be commentary on much of the modern and post-modern art world, just as it is commentary on the failing art of music and the failing ear of the listener.

  72. guybravo

    So fuckin’ awesome.

  73. Dragon

    I used to think he was saying the hope brings you back.


    I thought "heart."

  74. Gary Frost

    Ken Ober, on the couch, for the win.

  75. Lonesome John

    On some Blues Traveler tune somewhere on on YouTube is the best comment I've ever seen on any music video, ever; "damn, that dude just made that harmonica his bitch". Damn straight.

  76. Dirk Belligerent

    Emma Stone rocked this.

  77. Guess Whocifer


  78. Ben Filley

    I know im gonna sound like an old fuck, but dammit, why cant people make good shit like this anymore? I fuckin loved blues traveler when I was growin up. and hootie and the blowfish. fuckin love those guys.

  79. Daniel Angus

    Canon D Mayor... A copy of a song composed long time algo.

  80. Shannon Hondo

    The rap verse brings me back to this song

  81. Mason Lee

    Man I’ve been looking for this song for 20 yrs after a teacher burnt this on a cd for me

  82. Goggs

    Dude. I fucking loved this song back in 2008. I had no idea what it was called but I knew it was Blues Traveler. Holy shit dude. I have never had more of a sense of nostalgia than right now.

  83. ClassicTVMan1981X

    3:27 - Tom & Jerry. "Salt Water Tabby"?

  84. Graeme Luey

    I only recently realized that I never really listened closely to the lyrics to this song...which I suppose is the point ha ha ha. Well done guys! Been hearing it for years and just clued in. Genius!

  85. nateman79

    January 2020 and The hook still brings me back. Why ya gotta give me the run around? Modern music sucks ass

  86. Kabluey_ Louie

    John Popper knew how to blow a harp. Also, if there is ever a movie about BT, Jack Black should play Popper.

  87. Slazerith

    Paul fucking Shaffer ... The coolest cat in the alley

  88. Bobby Lee

    This song meaning for me is what it feels like to be Peter Pan. One of the all time greats solos as well.

  89. Cam Jae

    Dababy’s instastory brought Me here

  90. Francisco Rojas

    funhuas brought me here not bad not bad at all

  91. S E

    Why am I only allowed to hit LIKE once?!

  92. Zeddicus Zul' Zorrander

    I was really young when this song came out. For at least a couple years I thought Paul Shaffer was the lead singer of the band. :|

  93. Misty Morton

    I really love these guys. Such a brilliant song.

  94. Paul Wells

    Beets Bears and Blues Traveler

  95. Clyde Lagory

    to me this is one of the best songs to come outta the 90s. The greed, corruption and constant me me me of that generation. MY generation. For so many reasons it will always remind me of my youth and all the money i wasted on designer clothes and shoes because society told me that was what i needed to be cool. the Blues Travelers nailed it with this song. By making us look at ourselves and ask the question is this what i really want to be? I am NOT MTv im not any of this.THANK YOU MR JOHN POPPER

  96. freethrice

    Hey people, I got a hook in my head. I hope it's inoperable.