Blues Brothers, The - The Blues Don't Bother Me Lyrics

If you're wonderin'
What's all the noise
I'm in the backroom
With the girls and boys
Were' discussing the blues
And they don't seem to see
The blues is all I play
The blues don't bother me

When I was a little boy
Sittin' on my papa's knee
I couldn't a been no older than two or three
He said I am a blues man
You're gonna take after me
After me
The blues is my companion
The blues don't bother me
They don't bother me
No they don't

When I go to bed at night
I'll throw on a record or two
If I didn't have these blues
I wouldn't know what to do
I need them to soothe me
To ease my misery
The blues is my companion
They don't bother me
They don't bother me
The blues don't bother me
They don't bother me
keeps me company
I got the blues
Relieves my misery
Keeps me company
The blues don't bother me
I got the blues

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Blues Brothers, The The Blues Don't Bother Me Comments
  1. Paolo tomolillo

    God bless you Matt thanks for the blues R. I. P

  2. Jude Nugent

    I'm sorry to heard about Jake

  3. Robert Sloan

    RIP matt.

  4. Val Hayes

    RIP Mr. Murphy.

  5. Waltraud Sch.

    R.I.P. Matt "Guitar" Murphy (15th June 2018)

  6. Teena Phelps

    My family is from Indianola, Mississippi, down in the Delta, the hometown of Mr B.B. King, and Mr. Willie Clayton also. I was raised up on Blues, and I was around a lot of Chicago Blues musicians, and blues vocalist since I was a baby. I absolutely like, and love Blues. The Blues don't bother me. 😁💞

  7. Jani Ukko Virtanen

    RIP Matt Guitar Murphy...


    RIP Matt

  9. SupaSoul Productions

    Another great passed into legend. RIP Matt "Guitar" Murphy. Thanks for the great blues!!


    drums so hot right now!

  11. Jared Hays

    I'm from the Chicago area originally, and I was raised on this style. Blues will never stop being cool

    L W

    We left Chicago. Chicago will never leave us. ☕

  12. Sol Leguii

    Ameeeeee esta peli!! son unos genios!! :)

  13. Nylevette Milligan

    This music is forever!!!!

    grant graef

    To bloody right mate :)

  14. Tomáš Andrle

    Does anybody know how to play this?

  15. Bud Jones

    @GirlWomanDead RIGHT!!!

  16. Foo Vines

    @miticus95 im too, the films are so great, and the musik, too !!

  17. Catholic means Universal

    This music makes me walk cooler...

  18. miticus95

    why only 123459 listen the blues ???????? this is ridiculous, I'm 15 years old ...

  19. Omri Eliyahu

    the blues never die!