Blues Brothers, The - Funky Nassau Lyrics

Nassau's gone funky
Nassau's gone soul
We've got a doggone beat now
We gonna call our very own

Nassau rock and Nassau roll
Nassau's got a whole lotta soul

Feel alright

Mini skirts, maxi skirts
And afro-haired dudes
People doin' their own thing
They don't care 'bout me or you

Nassau's gone funky
Nassau's gone soul
And we've got a doggone beat now
We gonna take care of business too

Listen to ze drummer, lay down his beat
Listen to ze bass man, play zat same groovy beat
Attend the guitars is that soulsome tune
L'organ aussi, et les horns, oui, oui, hors

Funky Nassau, Nassau funky
Alors, puis-je jouier s'il vous plait

New York you know, has got a lot of soul, soul
And London Town is too doggone cold, too cold, hey
Nassau's got sunshine and this you all know, hey
But we all go funky, we got some soul, too, yeah

Yeah-yo, yeah-yo
Yeah-yo, yeah-yo

Trumpet, encore une fois

Funky Nassau, funky Nassau
Funky Nassau, funky Nassau
Funky Nassau, funky Nassau
Funky Nassau, funky Nassau

Hit me

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Blues Brothers, The Funky Nassau Comments
  1. Cathy Scott

    I love it!!

  2. Mark M

    1:50 for Paul Shaffer's solo

  3. Mark M

    3:50 "HIT MEH!"

  4. Mark M

    "...has not been, is not, nor will ever be a part of this band's repertoire."

  5. Krystal Harwood

    matt and liam my school friends did this 4 cabaret!


    Super Best friends Matt and Liam?

  6. Elaina Devora

    Elroys "hit me" is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

  7. Corey Nelson

    I love this song and the hold movie Blue Brothers 2000!!

  8. Matilda Muller

    I want to know what drugs were taken during the making of this film and scene

  9. Denroy Nicholas

    Doesn’t hold a candle to the original 👎🏾

  10. Haley Pierce

    Just watched this movie. Good movie and the prequel was good too.

  11. gosponbreeze

    Just this and Erykah make BB2000 worth your time.

  12. G Doe

    Beginning of the end... funky nassau.

  13. Reggie Johnson

    One of the best scenes!!!!!

  14. Ni Co

    Terrific !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bernard Riddick

    first thing supposed to be a voodoo Queen? In. the Caribbean? So what's HELL with cowboys? Second can never compare with the first one. Original horn section was much better it was tight Paul Shaffer had to put his little two cents in no thank you I'm sticking with the original😠

  16. ZhinZhaw Gourneau

    Huh. I figured Paul Shaffer would be wearing a costume. I just see his normal dress clothes.

  17. Juan sergio Bellosi

    Genios totales

  18. joni kanto

    this was a huge flop. their should hired a double of john belushi, for acting this sequel, it was a very disappointment, the blues brothers based on 2 characters, not 4 one, and what the hell is that kid doing there?? come on aykroyd!!!!

  19. Bobsyermomsuncle

    Who the heck is responsible for the CC on this video. Those are Not the lyrics.

  20. Michael V

    WHY? Oh dear god, this is so bad.

  21. Dan Burke

    People who hate this movie can't even deny how great the music was in this film. In fact, the music is the only thing that holds up today.

  22. Wicky Woo

    :30 "OH hell no" expression.

  23. Knightfall

    What a wonderful woman is that!!!

  24. B. Richard Salas

    Don't sleep on that piano solo.

  25. Plymouth fury

    Me and my friends band are the blues brothers me and him r,the new ones I'm Elwood he is jake

  26. Krystal Harris

    Four little GREEN MEN

  27. Geno Smith

    Watchn this movie again for the 4th time as I'm writing it..and how cool is mr Paul Schaeffer from David Letterman show..miss Badu is hot love the car crash seen..and Mr.BB King,the great.

  28. Laura Persichetti

    Y love blues brothers! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!°°

  29. Wicky Woo

    the Queen's expression of " on no you didn't!|" zap!

  30. Karin Barger

    Erykah Badu is simply fantastic! Just WOW!

  31. Miriam Perez

    The blues brithers no es la gran película, pero qué bandas!!! Lo 2000. Súper elenco..

  32. Rodney Welch

    Them cowboy goons jammin though

  33. vdochev

    Heavy metal? Really?

  34. Jean Hoehn

    The movie itself wasn't much to speak of but the music segments, especially this one, were incredible.

  35. El Rey

    Funky as it should! Thanks for this post!

  36. Matthew Pearlingi

    You Love this movie for the Music,not for the plot.Same as the first one.

  37. Patrick Mckeown

    Dan the best

  38. Timothy Mckee

    Introducing the Greenman group!

  39. Lawrence L.

    That black Terminator 2 engineer could sing very well. Joe Morton.

  40. Colin Z

    They turned The Blues Brothers into Michael Jackson

  41. Jimmy Smith

    Nassaus gon fucky nassau gon soul!!

  42. micheal Jackson

    I really wish jake could have been in this movie rip j blues 😭😭

  43. Doyle Bethel

    Nassau Bahamas baby. Big ups to the Munings family

    G Doe

    242 all day!!!

  44. Snake Plissken

    How did this script get approved?

  45. Miss Weather or Weather Not

    I was watching this movie on a lark, once, on tv, and when they played this song, I thought, WOW!! I haven't heard this song since 1972!! I bought the 45 when I got out of 7th grade in 71, and I played it so much until it broke. Then, out of sight, out of mind, until this movie. I like both versions.

  46. Michael Nix Jr. Family Members

    Erykah Badu had a hit is "Child With The Blues" on the soundtrack to Eve's Bayou, off the movie Blues Brothers 2000.

    Michael Nix Jr. Family Members

    Erykah Badu appeared on the soundtrack to Eve's Bayou.

  47. Honeybee Sweet


  48. Curtis C

    Smoking hot black gal, not a fan of the movie but i could watch her all day

  49. Walter Timmons

    Caribians music is america's week in the knees msuic & can not be touched can yoi feel the love of the caribians very special.

  50. LestatandBerial

    while this movie isn't very good i love the music they do. Joe Morton and John Goodman are two actors i adore and to find they did this movie was a gem for me. this is probably my favorite song from the movie.

  51. Kheir Francis

    Love this one

  52. Casey Fletcher

    best scene in the entire movie...........

  53. Emily Gibbs

    I really love the Blues Brothers.📯

  54. Jean Hoehn

    Paul Schaffer made that video for me!

  55. Iggywiggywoo 3000

    Queen Moussette and her magic powers really don't belong in this movie. The Blues Brothers is considered to be a music comedy, not a SCI FI or fantasy film.


    Yea... and "we're on a mission from God" and people flying through the air in the first movie during the church scene was hardcore realism. LoL


    FabrisFanatic Not to mention a nazi car falling from a bridge about 15 000 feet above Chicago and then creating a large hole where presumably the occupants didn’t die

    Yep. Such realism

    Iggywiggywoo 3000

    @GavinJ37 well I think those nazis would've been killed. Because Greppenfurer said to Henry Gibson the head nazi, "I've always loved you!" While they were falling, as though they were going to be killed.

  56. Durhamfullon

    no wonder the movie lost 14 million. Feel sorry for the actors and all those great musicians

    Kevin Bull

    Akroyd wrote the film. He has no one to blame but himself for writing the film and convincing Landis to come back. Probably cost him whatever dignity he had in his film career left lol. This film was too unrealistic and insane after a while. They did scenes where Elwood was hiding inside the radio of the car, the car was underwater like a sub, they hid it numerous times, and the screenwriting for Elwood was horribly over the top by Akroyd.

  57. Durhamfullon

    original blues brothers was on of the best movies of all time. this one is possibly the worst sequel of all time. I remember being so excited to watch it then Cringed through the whole thing.

    Kevin Bull

    Agreed they made this film too unrealistic to be watchable. It was entertaining for the songs and seeing John Goodman work with Akroyd but that's it. Btw can anyone confirm if Jim Belushi was supposed to be in the movie (possibly the Joe Morton role)? If not which one was he supposed to be?

    Iggywiggywoo 3000

    I wouldn't say the worst sequel ever, but at the same time not the best. It's not as bad as Grease 2 or George Of The Jungle 2. I just hate when they make a sequel and the main cast don't reprise their roles.

    Karin Barger

    Jim wasn’t in it because he had died. Another tragic loss.

  58. Research0digo

    0:03, who is the guy on the left, please? Thank you.

    Chris Allen

    The great Joe Morton.

  59. Research0digo

    I didn't recognize Duck! ha

  60. Research0digo

    Thank you so much for the upload and the fine 'liner notes'. :)
    I loathe 'Erykah Badu' for yelling at her Mother for giving her a white girl's name.

  61. Lewis Jones

    This was a cool movie.. IDK why it has a bad rap

  62. Alex

    As shitty as this sequel was, this song was pretty dope

  63. lamont major

    Nassua 2018

  64. Daniel Wheeler

    The end sends me chills every time! I close my eyes and let the chills flow in harmony!

  65. chris pecot

    This whole movie sucked except for this part. The music in this one part in my opinion was good.

    Igor Schmidlapp

    The GOOD thing about the movie was the music, but Ackroyd (Elwood) was right. This song didn't fit the band, and was my least favorite in the movie.

    They just proved that without Belushi (Jake), there was no movie, just a collection of music videos.

    Piwat Liao

    I love all the music in this movie and also in BB1, and really expect to hear they play Polka in BB 3.

  66. Izzy Goggin

    Why do I get the feeling that is his way of saying that they don’t know how to play Caribbean music.

  67. タバスコーン

    3:50 姫 清楚だったら良かったです!

  68. Gustavo Garcia

    La mejor de los Blues Brothers

  69. BaronOfAnarchy

    When I was a kid, I was at the phase of anything that wasn't hip hop was wack to me. I'm not going to lie though, I liked this and I sang the songs in this movie because it was so damn catchy and good. How could you not? Plus, Erykah Badu killed the last verse. Movie wasn't good but damn, it had some groovy ass tracks.

    LMFAO Dead ass, I wanted to be the kid in that movie. lol

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Say youngblood, checkout "Real Mother For Ya" by Johnnie "Guitar"Watson and learn where all the hippity hoppers learned it from.One day yur little nuts are gonna drop and yur gonna find out where all that rap crap came from.JGW was spittin before Snoop and all them wannabes were born.How do you like a White MFer giving you a music lesson? Lol

  70. what up king

    love this

  71. ilpirata17

    staggeringly funky tune

  72. Andrea Fiumi

    Se non senti questa musica sei morto dentro

  73. A1sausie

    Boy did this movie suck


    Compared to what footloose? Get a life.


    Agreed first one was better

    Kevin Bull

    Heard at one point, they wanted Macualay culkin to play Buster lol. Guess he was still short enough to play a kid at the time, thankfully he turned it down haha.

  74. DAIZU8


  75. PJ Baby

    Say what you want about this movie but I will forever be grateful 'cause it introduced me to Erykah Badu <3

  76. fidel justo

    como se llama el pianista q aparece ???

    Karin Barger

    Paul Schaefer.

  77. Travis Bass

    this song is kool

  78. frasseh

    no stupid Singers in this

  79. Vannessa Sweetwater

    Erykah Badu blows beyonce out of the water

    Surgeon Vault

    Erykah has better music, but there is enough room on the planet for both of them.

    AJ Ward

    sam fisher who’s “beyonce”?



    Joker Arthur fleck

    @tlovemcgee who

  80. kanna231

    whatever happen to that boy actor?

  81. Swami Motel

    jassabuzzzzzz ! eryka so powerful!

  82. Chie Chieko

    yes funky ~(^-^)

  83. Maureen Elliston

    First time I've seen and heard this version.  Thanks for bringing me here and thank you Raphael Munnings for all the info.

  84. Wendy Pettie

    I love the dance moves in this movie and they had a great Voodoo Lady she is smoking hot!!!

    DuJuan Johnson

    Wendy Pettie That's Erykah Badu. I live for her

    Wendy Pettie

    Right she is Hot!

    Robert Lewis

    Erykah Badu with her sexy ass!

  85. blackjac5000

    I can't enough of Queen Moussette's goons.

    Wicky Woo

    They look like Ton Ton Macoutes!

  86. FaddaWolf

    Lol carribean music is so vast! to say "play something caribbean" is so weird as there are so many Genres. and they all got a different feel from eachother.

    Kayode Assist

    FaddaWolf I bet this Funky Nassau is

  87. Debbie Wilson

    The Blues Brothers Rock ,

  88. Matt Z

    Naussau was a shit tourist island and I never want to go back again

    Joe Barbaro

    What about? Trinidad?

    123910 rolle

    Matt Z We have over 700 islands, Nassau is just a city. It also depends on what part you were in. No matter where you go, not ALL parts of a place or destination is a good part. Try visiting one of the other 32+ inhabited islands in The Bahamas. Every single one has its own culture, accents, food, music, art, people and unique island life.

  89. Markj South

    Who's the black girl? srry 4 my bad english


    +Markj South Erykah Badu

  90. Brian Coleman

    dat man wit dem glasses played da shyt outta dat piano


    +Brian Coleman Yes. "That" man "with them" glasses who played 'the shit out of that" piano is Paul Shaffer.

    Dan Fennessey

    +Venkman007 That was some Serious Ivory tickling


    Paul was supposed to be in the first movie but wasn't available due to working on Letterman, hence the inclusion of Murph.


    That's Paul Shaffer

  91. Alonzo Banks

    My wife hate for me to put this movie on because I turn all the way and just groove!!!


    She should join in.


    Sounds like a liberalist.


    Take her shirt off and seduce her on your dance floor, she'll love dancing with you. :) Foreplay isn't a golf term.

    Donna Tennent

    Alonzo Banks 😂😂😂😂😂


    Probably because it's an awful movie with amazing music and it's not the music she's balking at, but rather the bits in between.

  92. Regina Fulton

    The music in this movie had me hyped. I still am. lol

    Honeybee Sweet

    Heck yeah same

  93. Psi Xi Vike

    Sooooooo funky and groovy at the same time!!!!!! 😩😩😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾