Blue Rodeo - Tired Of Pretending Lyrics

You have never tried
To conceal or deny
That this love is my ruin
My peril and trial
All of the promises were nothing but lies
But now that you're here
Why don't you stay for a while

Most of my friends
Fell under your spell
Some fell into heaven
But most fell back in to hell
The beauty forgotten
Like the snow-covered crops in the field
Where the wind knows no mercy
And she howls and she reels

But I'm tired of pretending
Yes I'm tired of pretending
That I still care
I still care

And the smoke curls like a river
To some forgotten land
Floating abandoned the mystery concealed
Like the moonlit shadows
On a snow-covered field
Where the wind knows no mercy
And she howls
And she reels

But I'm tired of pretending
Yes I'm tired of pretending
That I still care
I still care

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Blue Rodeo Tired Of Pretending Comments
  1. Stella Ercolani

    Waking up to that realization leaves one scrambling to grab time.

  2. Stella Ercolani

    Then step up...

  3. victor K

    Beautiful song.

  4. Antontrex Wetherington

    I have shared this song with a few people, always it blows them away... what a song!

  5. Haraldur Adalbjornsson

    Great song

  6. Rand Eggleston

    A beautiful song
    Blue Rodeo weaves a magnificent canvas of sound.

  7. HCADW


  8. Al Huggins

    blue rodeo style blues. hits ya like a bolt of lightning

  9. Smaugstreasure

    Wow! awesome song!

  10. Toni Chorney

    This is a really cool track... My new favorite Blue Rodeo song !!! It has a slight touch of Knights in White Satin By Procol Harem. Thanks for posting this FunkyardDogg!!!! You Rock!!!

  11. Mike Marsh

    all I can say is wow

  12. glcinc

    It is not possible to pigeon-hole Blue Rodeo music into just one category. They speak musically from their heart and are guided by their spirit. When you write music of your life, it changes as does the stages of your life

  13. BRBluebird

    Another Keelor gem!! :-D

  14. A Alcorn

    Thanks for uploading this one!

  15. John Hachez

    As always Blue Rodeo has the power to tap into the inner spirit and move you.

  16. Faith Dumas

    this is a song man!!!!!!!!!

  17. kate54ish

    This is a real cool song....Greg Keeler deserves all the glory..this is awesome..K

  18. thatCanadiangrrrl

    ...THAT horn gets me horny!!!! Sooooooo luvin' this song for way long time and shared with many on the good side of the border 'here' and the 'other' side...States, haha.

  19. Evan Rempel

    Keelor is so much like my son.. in the shadow of the guy who gets all the girls.. but he is talented all the same.. it's nice to see some of his stuff come to the foreground for a change

  20. derek

    Where is the picture from?

  21. derek

    First time hearing this's the horn arrangement

  22. Deniz Bevan

    Amazing song.

  23. Raana Abdurrehman

    most fell back to hell, especially poor alex-----

  24. FunkyardDogg

    Aye. *hangs head in shame*

  25. Craig Walker

    Whoops, that's not right either. It's "Are You Ready" that he does on both Seven Songs and, in a rockier version, with Blue Rodeo. But, at any rate, an extraordinary song.

  26. scj

    ... " tired of pretending ", love it... so much emotion behind his words.

  27. bnlgeekychic

    I love this song. and I love the one after this on the album.

  28. FunkyardDogg

    Aye. Well you ARE still half right. He does have a song by the same title on his album Seven Songs For Jim. Mass confusion!

  29. randyandy1960

    love blue rodeo no other meaning

  30. FunkyardDogg

    What do you mean by that?

  31. randyandy1960

    so not blue rodeo, but keelor is still priceless