Blue Rodeo - Stuck On You Lyrics

I don't know much about love
How it cures and frees the soul
Makes you whole and all that other stuff
But I was kissed by lady luck
And I know that I'm stuck on you
Yes I know that I'm stuck on you

Sometimes it gets so very hard
It's like we're trying to tear each other apart
With every scar a deeper love revealed
Now there's nothing left to conceal
No there's nothing left to conceal

With every turn it's like we hit a wall
Do you see it the same way
And I don't want to complicate it
But I hate this place
And there's only so much that I can take
Before this glass heart breaks

And I know I've got to let you go
You were gone so long
And I didn't even know
It's just that I love you so
And I know that I'm stuck on you
Yes I know that I'm stuck on you

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Blue Rodeo Stuck On You Comments
  1. Shaan Suleman

    First heard this tune in prison. Turned my life around completely. Thank you Blue Rodeo. 🙏🏾

  2. Paul Colbourne

    Classic 80s music video.

  3. Brenda Ough

    Such a great song

  4. Olivia Gilida

    Man I am happy to be an American as I listen to this

  5. John Lewis

    Lovin it in 2020, just timeless music

  6. Jon Dough

    Nick yarris sent me here

  7. Kirk Cather

    I've never played Blue Rodeo for anyone that wound up liking them. That's how I know I've found something special.

  8. Brenda Ough

    Best song ever

  9. dkesti531

    "Hey hey, I guess it hasn't hit me yet". Hah. Never heard a chorus that has as direct a line to my soul as this one. Beautiful words set to beautiful music.

  10. B. Foley

    Tragically Hip .. Blue Rodeo … man ..I'm Vermonter that so wishes I was Canadian.  I so many ways.

  11. Oscar Cormier

    I love this song but it's so quiet! I have to change my volume for this song any time I want to listen to it.


    Blue rodeo awesome band. I love all their songs. ❤️

  13. Terace Potts

    Love this jam reminder of my uncle 💖

    Chad deez

    Me too since my uncle introduced me to this band then sadly passed away. I inherited his awesome music collection and the memories.

  14. Scott Murray

    A beautiful song indeed

  15. Dave Rindone

    Yet another great referral from Heavyweight!

  16. Matthew Toy

    LEGENDARY band and song!

  17. Ian MacKay

    My Mom passed away on September 24 2019 after a 2 year battle with brain cancer. Blue rodeo was one of her favorite bands. This song absolutely destroys me every time I hear it. Yet somehow it's kinda heels me in a way. I know that shes gone but it hasn't hit me yet that I'll never see her again. On those snowy night in Cobourg Ontario my heart breaks

    studded sail

    Greetings from Pickering. It is a cold snowy night

    wayne moores

    Cobourg has a special place in my heart that s not to be gone into. From a boy from Cape Breton, when you lose someone close you lose a little bit of yourself. The only answer is to do some good in memory and the waves will ripple out forever

  18. Love Peace

    Love How I decided to listen to this song randomly and it's happen to be a cold December night!!! Love peace and prosperity for all on this planet and universe.

    Matt Allain

    Just did the same lol

  19. studded sail

    Listening to this song is just like going home.

  20. Zaphod7835

    God... The snow and stubble, old farmhouse and crappy fences... if there's a better way of portraying the melancholy of a depressing rural winter in Canada I cannot imagine it. Yeah... I just don't know what to say... I watch this and I can literally smell stale cigarette smoke from 20+ years ago and feel the gut punch feeling of being unemployed and stuck broke living with my parents in the middle of nothing but white fields in every direction . Man... stuff like this doesn't normally do much for me, but this video... wow.

  21. Mi Da

    One of my favorite songs that would play on our office radio frequently... in California.

    Much love from your neighbors down south!

  22. Program

    I cover this and like 3 other songs of Blue Rodeo at my shows. What an outstanding band with some amazing music!

  23. Timothy Barr

    his songs are so much better than anything cuddy writes, sorry but it's true. From a pure songwriting perspective , Greg blows Cuddy away

  24. Steve Logue

    2$ at Ontario Place, back in the day

  25. Lamourlady

    My fav song by them. <3

  26. Stephanie E. Bisson

    See ya around Dad

  27. Carol Bear


  28. Shelby Lou

    🎵 You got sick of the pattern.....and I got lost in this song..🎵

  29. Kim Milliner

    I am a Canadian and I danced to it today

  30. Christopher Perry

    Only if you remember, thanks for reminding me.

  31. John Barron

    Living in the UK and listening to this song brings back memories from my childhood growing up in Canada.

  32. Kevin Malone

    This entire album has so many memories attached to it for me...this song is LEGEND to me. Canada's best!

  33. Zak6959

    Cold on the outside warm on the inside.

  34. Carm Sacco

    Best band in Canada!

  35. Zak6959


  36. Eleanor Cameron

    Sitting in Nashville listening to Blue Rodeo! God it's good to be Canadian!

  37. thematrix28

    Nick Yarris from the documentary the fear of 13, highlighted this song when he was on death row. Powerful documentary about to become a movie.

  38. centaur6ify

    Blue Rodeo and an Alberta Rye,.. an old favorite to blame for how hard it was to get up in the morning

  39. Chris Probst

    Canadian Eagles

  40. Gina Nicole

    seen these guys couple times in concert damn good band

  41. S Walters

    Why does every Canadian music video turn into a big "Canada is Awesome" circle jerk? It's a little weird.

    Chris Probst

    Because part of Canadian nationalism is based on anti-americanism. One of the founding principles of Canada is "we're not americans"
    Theres a youtuber called JJ mccullough who has a video called "Canada's left wing nationalism " that explains it FAR better than I can here in a comment. He really breaks it down well , have a look

    Chris Probst

  42. Mark R

    Blue Rodeo is surreal. I grew up listening and liking them, but folks let me tell you, the music and lyrics get better over time - real spirit in the writing here :)

  43. Catherine Benjamin

    Diagnosed with a new form of cancer last year, did the surgery/radiation shit. Still hasn't hit me yet. What's with that Jack?! I'm still powering through mates. Gord Downie and so many others affected by th big C keeps me goin. It's quite the journey. See ya'll on the other side. Cheers!

  44. Tim Gardner

    Somethimg about this video reminds me of growing up in Kendal Ontario.

  45. Big N

    This song gives me goosebumps. It has hit me yet

  46. pappajudas

    Wish these guys had the same kind of recognition that The Tragically Hip has. They were just as big a part of the 90's for me as the hip was.

    Matthew Toy

    I know! Blue Rodeo's kinda underrated in my opinion.


    And Blue Rodeo is so much better than the hip lol

    R PM

    Absolute Pap.
    Everybody was whistling their songs,We would sing this on our way to go camping and canoeing with the kids on the French River..everybody and had and knew all the opposed to the hip.🦟☮

    R PM

    The hip were MTV College Urban....The Rodeo?.....They were everybody!

  47. Johnathan Raye

    so good...

  48. ben

    Theo Von brought me here. THIS PAST WEEKEND GANG GANG!!!

  49. Derek Rodgers

    Been listening to these guys for the better part of 20 years and it dont get old, not one fucking bit.

  50. Al al

    you guys !!!! it is about a guy that kills himself ...... geez

  51. mike gossner

    Lots of songs in 90's sing a lot about December;

  52. Mitchell Young

    Listening while driving through the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia passing the ocean as I miss my home in Ottawa

  53. Bruce Anderson

    I lived in the house that this video was shot in. Have pictures of Kirby ski hill in the back. Greg bought the house that my ex and I lived in. Love the song. Kinda sad though

  54. Al al

    It is about a dude killing himself ?!?!?!! This is a very sad song ...... I gotta say it is one of the most artfull song ever .... I fall back on this often and it represents the best of song writings as with quite a few of their songs ...

  55. ChrisRecRun

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  56. Jason Kucherawy

    They’re definitely from Toronto. #blackcoats

    John Browne

    We won't hold that against them.

  57. Farmgirl hawley


  58. SilentBob731

    An awesome tune by a great band.
    This one really resonates.... ;-)

  59. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    And people trying to murder me

  60. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I know ur watching over me well I fight cancer

  61. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I miss you my Thelma now I know why we where always on the run mom I miss u I need u more then ever

  62. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I love you never forgotten the princess dutchness the queen catharine cindy wiliksion

  63. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I miss you mom why did u leave me when I need u the most

  64. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I miss you mom why did u leave me when I need u the most

  65. Carla Reddick


  66. Carla Reddick

    If you're listening to this type of good music you are awesome

  67. Lisa B

    This song is absolutely amazing. The video is captivating and the emotions it resonates is profound.

  68. Jack Stephen

    Lost but found

  69. Carol Bear


  70. Mike B

    Damn song touches my heart still today.

  71. ave millz

    Seen blue rodeo with my wife miss her and my rikia so much

  72. Jeff Hornung

    I'm from Buffalo New Yorkand I know them. Blue Rodeo is awesome.

    Kirk Cather

    I saw them once at Lafayette Square. It was great show.

  73. laurie mccarthy

    never stop

  74. laurie mccarthy

    I lose myself in the lyrics

  75. laurie mccarthy

    this music makes my soul sing...thankyou!

  76. John Ramsden

    It's all subdivisions now...😢

  77. Jodi Brown

    Best Canadian band in my eyes. This song was played at a friends funeral. We went to see Blue Rodeo every time they played in Edmonton Alberta.One year ago we laid Marcus to rest while listening to his favorite band. Thank you for the incredible memories ❤️

  78. Susan m

    One of my favourites. Blue Rodeo has so many great songs, I couldn't pick just one. Sad Nights, Rain Down on Me, Try, Bulletproof etc etc etc. They are so underrated!

  79. Lyndon Tree

    We played this album ice fishing on Lake Manitou this year.

  80. MrBluhorseshu

    Studying for the LSAT at LU back in the 90's. And now some famous Co. wants to take over the waterfront in Chranna. Moving on...

  81. Sean Dools


  82. Andromeda Galaxy

    A place I fit into. Yay

  83. George

    Black and white. Using a cardboard cutout over the camera lens. Brilliant.

  84. I am Funny Brian

    top 100 written songs eva

  85. jim lourie

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful

  86. David Johnston

    It doesn't mater where O have seen Blue Rodeo, but they always let the audience fill in on this song. It's almost like a test: if you know the lyrics you are a Canadian. Cuddy and Keelor are Canadian treasures. Greg remind me so much of my father-on-law, who was also a Cape Bretoner.

  87. J B

    Into the waves of my heart


    Its just like going home.

  89. Mike B

    Beautiful video back in the day of a tragic event in my life.

  90. Mike B

    love the walk away.......

  91. Susan Brown

    one of my fav's of to turn up the volume and sing along

  92. Al al

    well ... it has been said .... it is about a suicide ..... it is thee sadness song of forever ..... love it but ..... it is sad

  93. P.A.W.

    I love this song so so so much.

  94. scott


  95. Dr. Matthews medical research

    Canadian here too😀

  96. Dr. Matthews medical research

    This song make we reflect on what ive gone thru over the years. And today, those moments made me no worse, if anything so much stronger. Anc sometimes "it hasn't it me yet" lol