Blue Rodeo - Phaendra's Meadow Lyrics

I was walking thru the forest
One cold and dreary morn
My heart sick with jealousy
And memories I need no more
No I could never kill a man
But I would do him harm
Knowing that you're there
Lying in his arms
My flesh was ripped and torn
By the bramble and the thorn
I was lost but well-prepared
To offer up my soul
Because the greater misery
Is to live with what I know
The moon concealed by April's storm
No bearing I could find
Until I fell into a clearing
And a road I recognized
I was far
Far from my home
Further from her smile
Not sure if I would return
Or just lay down and die
As I stood in Phaedra's Meadow
Well the dawn did break the sky
And from the highest up in heaven
The Weaving Star fell into my eyes

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Blue Rodeo Phaendra's Meadow Comments
  1. Tracee Chambers

    My special friend Julie Cochrane has just lost her fight with cancer. We have seen BR many times in Bala and today I honour her and our friendship with this song. I will miss you. You are now free like these horses. Ride On my dynamic friend. xo Tracee. xo


    I'm so very sorry for your loss, Tracee.... ((hugs))

  2. BRBluebird

    @danoh40 Thanks danoh, glad you liked it!! :)

  3. danoh40

    Great, calming song. I love the images! <3 :D