Blue Rodeo - Are You Ready Lyrics

Are you ready
Ready to cry
Are you ready
Ready to cry
This is the saddest story we all know why
So cry cry cry

Are you ready
Ready to leave
This life we love
You know what I mean
No more whiskey
No more cigarettes
And your last breath just like a sunset
You know I love your old bones
I love your story but you’re going home
Are you ready

Are you ready
Ready to die
Are you ready
Ready to die
Is there anything I can do
Cause saying goodbye to you
Will be the hardest thing I ever do
Don’t worry buddy we’ll see this thing through
I’ll cry the river that carries you through
Are you ready

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Blue Rodeo Are You Ready Comments
  1. Stella Ercolani


  2. Harriet

    I got my plans from trembling hands
    I knew just what to do
    Follow each step carefully
    And hope they pulled me through
    My father ran to different lands
    And not a word we spoke
    But I was here to conquer fear
    And bring some glory home
    There's a world of hate and sorrow
    Out there standing in your way
    There's a load of compromise
    Before you die
    And each time you step forward
    You get burned a little bit
    No longer know the way
    To say goodbye
    Now I'm down here underneath
    Your bedroom light
    Oh, Rena please come out
    With me tonight
    I look in through the window
    And I thought I'd take my chance
    I taught myself to play
    So I could be where people danced
    No higher call than stars that fall
    I waited patiently
    A thousand miles of pavement
    That became my destiny
    You can wait a lonely lifetime
    Wondering when it's gonna come
    You can while away the hours
    Getting stoned
    Yeah, one day you get lucky
    And you look in someone's eyes
    That tell you, you don't
    Have to be alone
    Now I'm falling back
    Just out of your sight
    Oh, Rena please come out
    With me tonight
    Oh, now I know the way things go
    And what I put you through
    'Cause when they try to get to me
    They get to me through you
    I know it's not the kind of hurt
    That's easily set right
    And I know you got your reasons
    To stay inside
    Oh, but nothing ever happens
    When it's left out on it's own
    You locked in there with
    Just your wounded pride
    I'm down here and I'm
    Way too tired to fight
    Oh, Rena please come out
    With me tonight
    Oh, Rena please come out
    With me tonight

  3. LadyAries CDXX

    I deadass just found mother in law is the reason this song was made....

  4. holly pietrzak

    this takes me back to summer 2005!!!!

  5. Ka Mac

    I LOVE BR!!

  6. Kat Stewart

    Love when he jams w/ harmonica---👍💜

  7. leafsfourever

    I grew up around Donna, we came from the same area, I had no idea she was in this, way to go Donna !

  8. kateA1445

    Donna Knapp looked gorgeous in this. Just thought I would mention that.

  9. incub8

    Blue Rodeo: One of my "Top Five Desert Island Bands."


    incub8 Problem becomes choosing one desert island album! 5 days in July? Lost together? etc?

  10. Darren Rogers

    I love this band.

  11. Timdog Wells

    Anyone know which bar blue rodeo were playing in?

  12. AlbertCoRecords

    Cannot believe this album is from 2005. Time is going by too quickly. Great tune. Love seeing Greg slinging a tele.

  13. MrDjstead

    Blue rodeo never disappoint! Great song

  14. BRBluebird

    WOOHOO, it's finally been uploaded, awesome!! :)

  15. 4Kids and a Husband

    great song