Blue Oyster Cult - See You In Black Lyrics

I'd like to see you in black
It'd make me feel like your husband's dead
I'd like to see you in black
We could make him suffer instead

I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black

You can't lie to me Ann
You can't pretend he isn't beating you up
I saw the marks on your hands
I saw the blood on your coffee cup

I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black

The wind plucks your black lace gown
You're standin' proudly beside his grave
I see you wearing black
Gently smiling and oh so brave

We'll run away to Greece
We'll walk the ruins of the Parthenon
We'll drink ouzo in our tub
Watch the dust billow 'til the night's gone

I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black I'd like to see you in black
I'd love to see you in black I'd love to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black
I'd like to see you in black
In black
In black

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Blue Oyster Cult See You In Black Comments
  1. dave jet

    good stuff

  2. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    #BOC on the Sabbath...oh no!! 👏👏🖤🖤🖤☎️👑🎸🕯🖤 #Oysterboys🖤🎸🎸

  3. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    😎💋🖤👑 my favorite color. Is black a color or the absence of white? Ha! No such thing as cold only the absence of heat..did you know? Xo trivia queen!!!

  4. Keith Leeuwen

    JAMMER !

  5. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Well actually that's all I wear sweetie🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤for that reason!!!! Past life past life past life omg. Past life.

  6. Del Shoemaker

    total song about beating up assholes

  7. mark biedermann

    Certainly one of their best!

  8. John Shirley

    lyrics by The lyrics given for this (and the credits, which should be Don Roeser, Eric Bloom and John Shirley) are wrong...great track of course...there is a NEW BLUE OYSTER CULT album coming late this year or early next. I've heard one of the songs from it (my lyrics) and it's great.


    John Shirley really? New BOC album in the works after all this time?

    Gerge Malone

    They signed to frontiers and are releasing new music and the two only released in uk releases plus more

  9. parm leven


  10. Tym .Network

    The ONLY song Blue oyster cult actually plays with aggression.

  11. Bombastic Lion

    This has to be one of the worst comment sections on a song ever

  12. R Griffith

    this song rocks. Between it and DAMAGED!!!o.m.g. SO rocking

  13. Kevin Michael

    This is the riff from Master of puppets. Nicely done

  14. craig wallace

    Soft white underbelly rules underground metal BOC rules

    elf man

    Saw them play as soft white underbelly. They were huge then and wanted to do a smaller gig.

  15. Curtis Smith

    This album and 2001's Curse Of The Hidden Mirror easily stand up to their 70's era and Fire Of Unknown Origin in my opinion.These albums kick ass!

  16. kostas1984 Respect,Honor & Pride

    bobby rondinelli on drums,...............

    Steven Wilkinson

    John Micelli is the drummer on See you in Black, BR only plays on one track on the album later on ...

    Tommy Zvoncheck

    @Steven Wilkinson No, it's Chuck Burgi on drums on this one.

  17. Del Shoemaker

    I saw the blood on your coffee cup!

    Tym .Network

    It make me feel like your husband was dead

  18. Stixnfeet

    Absolutely KICK ASS !!!

  19. Gordian

    Epic masterpiece! A B.O.C. fan from Italy!

    Tommy Zvoncheck

    Chuck Burgi.

  20. randall scott burress


  21. randall scott burress

    I am just dying to meet you?

  22. averagebodybuilder

    sounds like a rip off of rainbow's kill the king.

    elf man

    BOC and Rainbow were good friends. Toured together many times
    Both great bands...

  23. Atom Aunt

    That guitar is evil.

  24. Mike m.

    They finally did a full on metal album

  25. Shut DaFuqUp

    Whoa! Drummer kicks it dead in the Ass!!! \m/

    Tommy Zvoncheck

    Chuck Burgi.

  26. Samuel Bull

    HOLY CRAP my heads still bangin!

  27. LeatherRebel75

    Helluva way to kick an album off. This song crushes!

  28. T.D.E. Bachmann

    Heavy metal

  29. Joseph Gleissner

    Kick ass!

  30. elf man

    Under rated song by BOC but what else is new.

  31. Daniel Medina

    Absolutely hard rock

  32. Bintz

    Ou la branlette a vie au choix !

  33. robert Jr.

    Buck is absolutely scorching on this album

    elf man

    Buck is a rock god

  34. Doc Hollliday

    To my Son in law for hurting my baby I will find you ,Jesus may forgive but a Daddy don't forget

    O A

    Did you find him mate


    I don't have a feminine side, but I do have in inner momma bear.

  35. Bintz

    Le pauvre il va mourir les c...... plaines !

  36. Juliane SC

    Delícia de música

  37. Metalheadgamerguy

    Possibly the heaviest song BOC ever made.

    Steven Wilkinson

    This is borderline Thrash Metal to my ears ... & guess what BOC can pull it off sublimely ....

    Samuel Bull

    oh it definitely is that.

    Samuel Bull

    lips in the hills, oh yeah!

    Damien Thorn

    I unliked this song to keep it at 666 likes. Lmao.

    Makis P

    @Damien Thorn love your comment :P

  38. Søren Petersen

    OMG!!! What a track!! This music really kicks ass!! THANKS for posting


    tremendo guiño a metalica

  40. Del Shoemaker

    No came out ywenty years before it! 


    Im confused? Curse of the hidden mirror was out 20 yrs before this album?? Do you mean the Mirrors album?

    Del Shoemaker

    @MAGNUM II you know i did man

    Del Shoemaker

    @MAGNUM II Mirrors album!

  41. JoeTyler85

    sounds like late '90s Metallica, but a lot heavier and ballsier


    +JoeTyler85 This is what late 90s metallica should have been like.

    Kent Smith

    My wife thought it WAS METALLICA for about 3 years!! I introduce this to all my friends since it came out.should have been at least 5 minutes long!!

  42. David Greenwood

    I'd Like To " SEE YOU IN BLACK"

  43. Adam Priest

    Possibly as GREAT as ANY BOC album....
    Best album of the late 90's by ANY group....

    elf man

    This is a great cd

    Søren Petersen

     I totally agree !!

    Søren Petersen

    @elf man
     Absolutely...I enjoyed BOC on stage here in Copenhagen a few months ago!!

    Steven Wilkinson

    A storming return Adam ... Eric says he was proud of this record (in Popoff's BOC book) ...... he has every right to be .. a better album all round than Revolution By Night & Club Ninja for starters imo.

    Simon Wilson

    Awesome track! Best modern since 1985 BOC track in my humble opinion! Love it!

  44. Rob Dotzler

    Magnum II, check out Curse of the Hidden Mirror, it came out a few years after this.


    Yeah got it rob. I have everything they have ever done. Fave band ever. I have the hidden mirror cd autographed by some of the band too, great album it really is. Just wish they'd bang out some newer stuff....

  45. somuchface

    BOC are sublime

  46. Magnum

    Marvellous underated album. Shows boc still had it back then. Would love to hear some new stuff....

    elf man

    +Pat Gawne It was better back then..haha

    Samuel Bull

    yeah. this was their first album after like 10 years out of the studio. if you count Imaginos. i didn't think is was as good as this one i'll have to stick it in and re evaluate. i doubt they make anymore tho.


    @Samuel Bull
    They're making one last studio album, scheduled for 2020. Also, this was technically after a 4 year hiatus.

    Samuel Bull

    @ZXKW oh yeah? f ing GREAT! Looking forward to that coming out, just wondering how to make my first download purchase....

  47. PinkFlying Menez

    I'd like to see in black as in id like to kill your abusive husband and see you wearing black clothes to his funeral

    TIM Kohn

    Hey pink thanks for explaining the lyrics for us

  48. Killers455

    I think he's asking where the name came from

  49. Nickolaus Pacione

    When I first heard this track I was going, "They picked up a trick from Metallica."


    Other way round bonehead......Metallica openly admit to being influenced by BoC, and proved it by doing a great cover of their "Astronomy"

    Justin Wilkins

    52kevoc I think they influenced each other.
    Because this song came out arount the reload era and sounds alot like 90s Metallica.

    Boc never sounded like this in they're earlier records.

  50. Nickolaus Pacione

    This is their entry into thrash metal.

    Ryan Soltess

    Flotsam !

  51. Luis Carlos Dávila

    Their heaviest material...heaven forbidd

  52. Juliane SC

    Uma das minhas preferidas de B.Ö.C. Amo essa música!

  53. AngryPostmanSthlm2

    For that important and eager try to pass the survivelkit in form of Straight KICKASS music - Not to mix up with sadness of Metallica, black, church, speed .. Metal? Dont ride on that name, give it back you silly growlers.

    So fatgreen, We send you a "After Kicked"- pillow so you can sit proper. ;)

  54. Clifford Lee Schlosser

    Good seen from the movie (The Roadie)!

  55. fuqjootube

    at least something came out of the movie 'Roadie'

  56. charadeyouareha

    alrighty then

  57. Rick Rodriguez

    Actually it is on ITunes now. Just bought it yesterday! Listened to it three times alaready.

  58. iinsidiousLexx

    Ugh I know right!? Have you found it anywhere since you've posted this comment?

  59. XngelAMV

    Check out my comment I made 4 comments ago. And leave me alone.

  60. Caleb Willis

    guess what i'm an athiest does that piss u. off. hell its a lot better being part of some damn sensless organization honoring something that doesn't even serve an important purpose

  61. bigdaddyc78uptheiron

    This song and Eye Of The Hurricane are my two favorites from the newer BOC.Love it that they showed their heavy side!

  62. adoremusful

    Being a traditional Catholic, yes swearing is a sin. But the music rocks! :)

  63. Davis Mcghee

    Metaladick ruined this song.

  64. XngelAMV

    Another one of you idiots fuck with me every year. Look at the original comment, look at the comment you just replied to. Now think HOW MUCH someone can change in 2-3 years. And who said swearing was a sin kid? I'm thinking of deleting my original comment made when I was fucking 13 but I vote of keeping because I never seen one of my comments this old. XD my grammar sucked ass.

  65. Super Shadeyin

    Being Catholic, I wouldn't say swearing that much is very Christian of you.

  66. Nomad154

    Roadie also brought me here....

  67. Rick Rodriguez

    P.S. Also heard it for the first time in the movie Roadie.

  68. Rick Rodriguez

    I wish I could buy this song. It is not on ITunes.

  69. Magnum

    stunning song from underated LP...

  70. hs2112

    This song was featured in the movie ROADIE. Best scene in the movie....

  71. melikegolf

    Buck = Most Underated Guitar God of All time!

  72. Simon Wilson

    Fuckin Awesome modern BOC track! One of their heaviest ever!

  73. daunt Silver

    @jdubcbr600 I know man, just saw the movie "Roadie" today and it had this song in it. I was like wth? this is BOC?

  74. JoshW817

    I never knew the Cult even made music like this until today, this song fuk'n rocks!

  75. Bhaltazhar

    Light Up!

  76. Magnum

    @Thepinkfloydmaster Yes it is mate, really underated...

  77. Caleb Willis

    this album is so underunderated

  78. jason collins

    B.O.C. Rocks!! This is a great album!!!

  79. Drizzlerman

    This song and album focuses on vengeance and elements of violence way more than any of their other albums. I think this is partly due to the fact John Shirley was writing most of the lyrics on it. This is a heavy album and it is still rockin and amazingly done.

  80. Michael Kuhn

    This is the first time I've ever heard this song and I've been a big BOC fan for 35 years. It is NOT in the normal motif of BOC songs. This is about the only song they've ever done that has the chugga-chugga-chugga rhythm that other lesser heavy metal bands are known for. That said, this is a great song that is as sinister and evil as any they've ever written.

  81. TheMiggitymark

    This album is incredible. To me it's their 4th best album -- right behind the first 3.

  82. nate556

    @narutospearman I'm not a satanist at all. Long story short, you're an idiot.

  83. XngelAMV

    @midnightmare16 I shall rip your guts out of your impalled body with my penis. come to chicago 28051 south king dr. my adress and i shall show you how i can use a wooden chair. or if you fancy a iron chair i shall utilize that as well. Hollest thou mortem!

  84. Joey D

    People think this band was satanic??!?!?
    Dumbasses!!! this band was either political or party oriented...

  85. magtownrep

    Love the song. Love the album cover. Love the lyrics, we'll drink ouzo in our cup! Love how these guys somehow got heavier in their advancing age.

  86. nate556

    @narutospearman People like you are why christianity sucks. Who wants to be apart of a brainless organization serving an impotent god ?

  87. TheDensley7

    @ drizzlerman: what a fucking brilliant description!

  88. carrienurse

    Thanks for the postings Wizard. "Heaven Forbid" was worth the wait when it was released.

  89. taritata

    GREAT band ! Love to find these vids here ;-) Many thanks !!!

  90. Marcelo S. Rocha

    Great Band !!

  91. AlbertMondback

    There's a digital bootleg of a 1994 show out there called "The Symbol Remains," which has an uber-early live version of "See You In Black." They also played it at the 1998 Sweden Rock Festival, and there's a bootleg of that.

  92. Mentor666

    How bout a live version of this??? Saw this album tour and this was the opener.....Bobby Rondelli was killer!!!!

  93. b1-66er

    "i spoke the word of god. DIE DIE DIE "

    I for one, gave you a thumbs up cause that actually made me laugh! xD

  94. XngelAMV

    no comment, what ever i'll say would be flaged down because i'm a christian. go to hell, wait you want to go there -.-????!!!!

    werido, all of you, no one even reconizes satanist as a main religion. it's JEWS, CATHOLICS BUDDIST, SHINTOIST CONFUCIMS, VUDDO AND MUSLIMS the others aren't even RECONIZES YOU. what a shame, all of you. i hope NONE of you guys have children,proboly burn babies. idc if you flag it down give me a thumbs down, I WANT YOU TO it meens i spoke the word of god. DIE DIE DIE

  95. b1-66er

    Yep. Making way for the antichrist.

  96. XngelAMV

    what is blue oyster A satanist organzation??? no offance