Blue Oyster Cult - Make Rock Not War Lyrics

Moments of pleasure, in a world of pain.
Working together, only to fight again.
If we wait for the world leaders to decide, who will die first?
So don't wait no more!
Tell me, make rock not war! What are we dying for?
Rock not war! Nobody wins!
Rock not war! What are we trying for?
And the fools rush in, don't they,
For the grand beginning of the end!

Pulses are racing. You know the blade may fall.
Destinies tracing. I sing to a great star-fall.
And you know there's a real answer, but they've already been told.
We've heard our lies being cold!

Tell me, make rock not war! What are we dying for?
Rock not war! Nobody wins!
Rock not war! What are we trying for?
And the fools rush in, don't they,
For the grand beginning of the end!

The hourglass turns over, and time is running low.
Will the sandman's pollen bring sleep before we know?

Yeah, you know there's a real answer, and we've died more than been told.
So don't wait no more!
Tell me, make rock not war! What are we dying for?
Rock not war! Nobody wins!
Rock not war! What are we trying for?
And the fools rush in, don't we,
For the grand beginning of the end!

Make rock not war!
Make rock not war!
Make rock not war!
Make rock not war!
Make rock not war!

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Blue Oyster Cult Make Rock Not War Comments
  1. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Agreed Guitar 🎸 master💋

  2. randall scott burress

    Sorry you is a YAM? ...this A TuRNiP ...TrUCk?

  3. Dr Yx

    Super vocal and super backing!

  4. Dr Yx

    Most great band in the world Blue oyster cult Big pleasure!

  5. Alex M

    Club Ninja isn't as radical as I thought.



  6. Steven Wilkinson

    Huge, HUGE BOC fan since 1978, this is one of about 5-6 tracks from their ENTIRE catalogue that does little for me (Buck tries to save it briefly!!!). Outside writers were present on Ninja (Albert's loss & all that) and whilst Dancin in the Ruins could have a genuine BD track (it's good) this one and Beat Em Up are mediocre and not worthy of this seminal band (IMO).


    That is all fair comment, but it still has a good lyric, so obvious in a way, but no one since Sabbath with ' War Pigs ' has done it so well. All the best from London, England. ( Saw them twice, 1975 and 1988 )

    Steven Wilkinson

    Also from England, the Midlands .. seen them in 81, 84, 85/86?, 88 & hoping in a few weeks time in Nottingham if it works out .. Cheers.


    They are nothing if not long serving. I dispute the usual rap that the best stuff was the earliest albums. They are great, but they gradually got better. Imaginos is fairly unimpeachable as a piece of lyrical hard rock, yet no one ever praises it. Saw them on that tour at Hammersmith, front seat, by chance. Brilliant, and without making a thing of it, I have seen many rock bands from 1970 - 1980, English Welsh Scottish and American.

  7. JLipnicki

    ' Fools rush in'


    JLipnicki DONT THEY?

  8. Diego Leija

    un rolon chevere

  9. Willian Mayerz


  10. Cush Atlaunch

    BÖC's music is under appreciated as the vehicle to which it allows access. Listening to their music, in my opinion, is best appreciated by dividing focus between listening and the task at hand. Doing so will reveal insights relevant to technological progress that was, for the most observable part, nonexistent.
    Just sayin'.

    Sentinel Eye

    Not judging but I think you should put down the joint and step back. I say this being a massive BOC fan for over 25 years. i own almost every album they have out.


    +Sentinel Eye (SE) i know im late but i can kinda see what he means. from a producers stand point, the rifs cords, notes hit perfectly with the tine and focus of the words. the background singers ad a unique but familiar vibe, the drums are not overpowering. actually nothing is overpowering. it gives you a sense of ell what he said. if you try to focus on everything at once it it blows your mind

  11. Anton Smith

    Why ALWAYS the need to compare? To be honest. I probably think this is the weakest Blue Öyster Cult-record.. But it's still pretty good. Rather listen to this than most of the stuff coming out today!

    Zenyatta Mondatta

    Yeah, everyone needs some 80’s now and then!!

    Stefano Dall'Agata

    It's a good album.

  12. John Houlgate

    Mark of a great band - ability to change with the times.

  13. Romero Rebelde

    i wonder if the fan base of this band are named heretics or something?

    Zenyatta Mondatta

    It’d be cool if that were the case

  14. AngryPostmanSthlm2

    Best band ever..


    Worth considering. Far better than Led Zeppelin.

  15. GrekuSigh8

    Ultracool short guitar solo

  16. Jody Golden

    i think the reason at least i know i like this stuff better than the 70s material is specifically because i was born in the late 80s, and grew up listening to 80s hair metal bands and van halen and such, along with the thrash metal and grunge from the start of my life. but this material carries a certain power about it that screams the 80s and i guess that would be the reason i think the 80s BOC is kickass.

  17. Jouko Heikkala

    Lousy crap compared to the 70's stuff from BÖC.

  18. TheKennykk

    perfect song from a perfect album from a perfect band!

    Zenyatta Mondatta

    TheKennykk and you gotta love that main guitar riff! Lol

  19. hambone9119

    @foppa123 DONT KNOW WHY PPL DONT LIKE this album im 23 this shit is awesome, better then The 90s cult albums. Hope Cult do one more album and live dvd as a swan song to say goodbye, because im so young and would by legs to see Blue Oyster Cult live in my town of Perth western australia, The BOC rock, and are not stupid and very clever in song lyrics, Love this album then Fire of unknown origin then Agensts of fortune.

  20. MrSplubbers

    Too bad music like this isn't appreciated anymore, BOC was awesome


    MrSplubbers was and still are 😁

  21. Basil II Macedonia

    This song is as good as anything else recorded in this era by other bands, but of course because its by BOC it can be ignored and/or derided. Can anyone remeber the garbage that Rainbow, for example, came out with at the same time??

  22. Basil II Macedonia

    @foppa123 I do, and I remember quite liking it.

  23. 1whokncallthethunder

    lovin dis.

  24. groovyastrodude

    Man, I've been a BOC fan for a while, but this gem has evaded me for so long. Such a great, prolific band!
    I love the geetar, and Eric Bloom is great, as ever.

  25. Basil II Macedonia

    A really good song, IMHO.

  26. Basil II Macedonia

    Yeah, I did.

  27. Danomite

    omg! this song came on and the pop synth with teh guitar in teh intro gave me big smile and butterfleis haha i never expected teh pop synths

    Zenyatta Mondatta

    Danomite it's my favorite part of this awesome song besides the solo lol

  28. ReMldr

    I did ;) Not my fav track of the album but...
    it's stil BOC

  29. AlbertMondback

    It was based on a comic book which (I think) started in the '70s.

  30. AlbertMondback

    Howard the Duck was great.

  31. azmarkus

    What was the band thinking when they recorded this track of guano? Sounds like they should've hit the 'Easy Button' about that's in the middle of the space-shipped logo on the cover.