Blue Oyster Cult - Fire Of Unknown Origin Lyrics

Death comes sweeping through the hallway
Like a lady's dress
Death comes driving down the highway
In its Sunday best

A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby away
A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby away

Swept her up and off my wavelength
Swallowed her up
Like the ocean in a fire
So thick and grey

A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby away
A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby away

Death comes driving
I can't do nothing
Death goes
There must be something
There must be something
That remains
There must be something…
There must be something…

A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby away
A fire of unknown origin
Took my baby
Took my baby away

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Blue Oyster Cult Fire Of Unknown Origin Comments
  1. J B

    Alan Lanier and the Keyboards made this song and Album one of their very best.

  2. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo ⚘


    2020 lets gooo

  4. Beatriz Oliveira

    😍 💙 💯

  5. Ace Breaux

    Praise Lord Helix

  6. Conley Hogan

    my mom showed me this song when i was 17 I love listening to it in the shower :)_

  7. Broken Teeth Album Reviews

    Now I see where Ghost got some of their sound from

  8. ror ecks dee

    The Agents of Fortune version is leagues better than this one.

  9. Adrian Cooke

    Such an underrated band

  10. Napoleão Bonaparte

    Que linha de baixo fantástica!
    Os teclados também estão sensacionais!
    Isso que é música!

  11. Robot Gore

    Kinda awkward when you’re just a casual BÖC fan and suddenly the comments section is filled with Supernatural- now I know how older people feel seeing Jojo comments on 80s and 90s songs I guess lol

  12. Trurl190

    What the fuck is Supernatural?

  13. starwalker600

    Asome tune!!!

  14. Adrian Cooke

    One of their best songs

  15. david rubio

    this, by far, is the best album from the mighty Blue Oyster Cult

  16. Tommy Vercetti

    Supernatural 😎

  17. Douglas Murphy

    one of the all time great coverart lps 13 mystical members of the cult of the blue oyster

  18. Crippled Argentinian

    Am I the only one here not because of supernatural and only because this is a great song

  19. Cube

    no idea where the fire came from but it's probably safe to blame the clown.


    @ John Winchester

  21. Squidward ?

    Perfect anime intro

  22. Rui Silva

    quando Supernatural era bom

  23. Youwouloubounkafé

    My Friend just told me it soundes like Niagara - L'Amour à la Plage
    I'm fuckin dying rn

  24. Lx Dead

    New album coming out in 2020 ;)

  25. Elizabeth-Jayne Collins

    Thank you supernatural for this amazing song

  26. john Pena

    Used to jam out to this 8 track in the seventies yeah that's right I'm that fucking old

  27. Ilgner Lacerda


  28. Del Shoemaker

    Another "bill payer"!

  29. Chunst Bogner

    Blue Oyster Cult is one of the best art rock bands ever. Totally mislabeled as a heavy metal act, and written off by some as a one trick pony for Dont Fear The Reaper, which is not even close to their best song. If a new audience is discovering them, with fresh ears, maybe BOC can get a much deserved and worth while second round of success. This band was so misunderstood in the 70's and 80's, Only the true fans actually get it, and BOC fans are weird anyways, me included.

  30. damjan resek

    This song is a perfect example of why Blue oyster cult is my fav band. Like not just that its fucking dank music, the lyrics are really smth else.

  31. Killer_Indigo

    Supernatural introduced me to this group, thanks Sam and Dean!

  32. Chop Top Sawyer

    I swear to God they move

  33. Gustavus Adolphus

    Irony. I found this song the day before the Notre Dame fire.

    Chunst Bogner

    Please explain how that is irony

    Gustavus Adolphus

    Chunst Bogner at the time I wrote this, they didn’t know anything about the fire.

    Chunst Bogner

    @Gustavus Adolphus Oh, so you thought that maybe Blue Oyster Cult set the fire.

    Gustavus Adolphus

    Chunst Bogner my God, you can’t read the name of the title, can you? It’s “Fire of Unknown Origin”. As in UNKNOWN.

    Chunst Bogner

    @Gustavus Adolphus When you say unknown, it still makes me think that you havent ruled out Blue Oyster Cult as the arsonists. Do you really think that MAYBE they caused it?

  34. Clifford Ototivo

    Noone is talking about how hard this shit slaps?

  35. Radioactive Turtle


    Old music fans: ugh all thees pleebs only listening bcz it was in som tv sheeow.

    Jesus let people listen to their music

  36. Ahmed Abdelrahman

    A fire of unknown origin took my pp away :(

  37. LilGamez21

    I like the show, but I didn't get here threw that I got here threw a rabbit hole of Rock and Roll Music.

  38. Jason majocchi

    Supernatural 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Z!(*-*)!Z @[email protected]


  40. Todd Sundell

    Haven't heard this for years...I forgot how good this song is!

  41. Franc Von Villion

    Didnt know this version exsisted

  42. cody barnett

    Never seen supernatural 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just like BOC

  43. Anki Hansen

    Lyrics by Patti Smith.

  44. Виталий Шевченко

    Дееемон тьмы поглотил мою детку!!! хэлло и 2к19


    WTF is a Supernatural?

    Revelator Phoenix

  46. why cant i be you

    Can everyone shut the fuck up it doesn't matter where they came from we all like it. Be happy young people like them it means BOC will live on like they deserve to. I first heard them 6 years ago when I was 7 with my dad. Some people have loved them for years. Some people found them from a show. Cab we just love the music

  47. Darth Soros

    Faggy, low protein, gen z kids be talking bout: supernatural
    I'm here because I actually have a mullet and drive a z28, fuck you posers ruining music

    Velderoth Productions

    Darth Soros Egotistical show-off. 🙄


    Ok boomer👍🏼...

  48. Maca Roni

    Is this one of the best band i tried

  49. BÖCForever

    My favourite Band for more than 30 years now.

  50. Jurica Galekovic

    It's actualy quite ironic that Dean sang this song to Sam while knowing that Sam's girlfriend burned in a fire of (at that time) unknown origin. Hahahaha

  51. Matvey Shymaher

    Sypernatyral 1 sezon 17 seria

  52. Vanei Pontes

    I Love is B.O.C. 😎👊

  53. Ismo Latham

    I remember when my dad put this lp on and I was just fascinated, I needed to be able to sing like this! Just need some injections of this and then I might be able to XD

  54. Glauber Gheros

    rock pra caramba..

  55. Tanush Yadav


  56. SOSmusic828

    funny how "stoner/psych" bands today are still trying to reach this sound...not hating on any scene just saying BOC was ahead of the pack before i was born and now lol...this shit is timeless

  57. phil needham

    This is classic rock at it's finest!

  58. Anastasia •

    I already knew BÖC before i watched Supernatural, and when i went in the comments i was like "they're exaggerating, it doesn't matter if teenagers are coming" but seeing all these "Dean <3" or "I love Sammy !"...
    Now i understand you, why did they had to add BÖC in Supernatural.... :'(

  59. Jonathan Tromp

    Is every comment gonna be about supernatural

  60. Dorothea Wilhelm

    "Not a lot of scenery here in East Texas. Kind of gotta make your own" - DW, likes to put spoons in Sam's mouth.

  61. George Kabouris

    We also have the blue oyster religion that became a band. In fact, the band is called (a blue oyster) heresy for even bigger plaque.

  62. ぎおりぎもでばぜ

    I'm here because I have great taste in music, not because some kinda crappy tv-show

  63. death llama

    must have been flaming telepaths

  64. Roudra

    * Dean turns up music *
    * Sam wakes up with a start and spits out spoon *
    * Dean imitates drumming *

    killjoy that one

    I don't know about the best scene ever but it was definitely top ten.

  65. Masoud Mansori

    supernatural used to have a great soundtrack

  66. Montadar Urahara

  67. KFE' M

    I didn't even know people discovered it with Supernatural (which isn't a shame, it just strengthens the BÖC family), I thought this band was still a bit esoteric. I started listening to them not so long ago (~2 years ago) cause my dad was like "Here, son, listen to that, that's good.". And damn was he right

  68. Alexandra V

    I'm pissed off by all these people hating the ones that came for Supernatural. Come on man, aren't you glad young people are listening to this? Like how's that a problem for you?

    Steven Wilkinson

    It doesn't matter how people find BOC ... just find this great band anyway you can ....

  69. Salvatore DeBella

    Best rock album in the history of rock. Period.

  70. Wayne King

    “A fire of unknown origin took my baby away” that reminds me of fallout 4

  71. X Wade

    B.O.C evil is killer don't you hear from you anyway

  72. foleys17

    This song rocks

  73. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Damn nice

  74. ShutuP !

    I like this version better

  75. Chris Damon

    Yet another great one from my favorite band of all time. BOC rules forever!!!

  76. Male _k

    His must be John Winchester’s theme song OK NO

  77. Evan Branham

    I like when he says T H I Q Q Q Q

  78. Slippery Beagle


  79. Isabella Felipe de Oliveira Campos

    So the KKK learned how to kidnap babies from the fire of an unknown origin? Damn fire and racist groups kidnapping the babies of rockers!

  80. The Mothman

    I'm disliking everyone who has something to say about supernatural or Dean Winchester

  81. Solar Plex

    just now i realize that the bass line is actually riders on the storm :p

  82. Zerato

    Who is from Supernatural here?😂 Nice music

  83. Dan Calestini

    Supernatural that's hilarious it's my wife's favorite show I call it the Sam and dean variety hour I do love that 67 impala 👍👍

  84. Gabriel Frost

    do any of you like blue oyster cult because there a good band?


    I have loved them since I first heard them 40 years ago!!

    Steven Wilkinson

    Same ... exactly 40 years ago as well ... no one like BOC ...

  85. Luís Eduardo Borges

    BOC is pure gold

  86. menimEisevoLyrics

    Hell House

  87. Sage daslayer

    Am I the only one here because I had a good childhood education on music...

  88. Maria Ayanyan

    A fire of unknown origin took my baby away... This just perfectly fits with Supernatural

  89. João Brasil

    Esse som é atemporal.

  90. Scannatovivo

    I discovered blue oyster cult long ago thanks to the Simpsons...

  91. stivendog

    Here's to my old buddy Jon Wollmann from Honolulu who put this in the tape player back in 82 😎

  92. 『 Phagalizer 』

    is there anyone here that found this song by themselves and not by a tv show? im just very curious because of all these "supernatural" comments seem to have taken up the whole comment section. It is a really good song tho.

    Luís Eduardo Borges

    PhANt0m A55aUlt7 I found this album after listening to Burnin For You (that I discovered after listening to Dont Fear The Reaper (that a friend from class told me to listen))


    PhANt0m A55aUlt7
    You don’t just find these things “by yourself”. That’s just silly ego stroking BS. You found this song through another source.

  93. fast woah

    i found this from wanting more blue oyster cult idkwtf is up with everyone else and this supernatural shit

  94. phydeauxddog

    BOC IS SUPERNATURAL. You could make a movie from any of their albums.

  95. PrettyPaul

    I totally forgot the BOC did a pop/bubblegum version of this...its not all that bad...silly sounding for a Jim Morrison tribute though

  96. Oswald

    people who listen to music are trash
    a real human being listens to stones thrown in washing machines


    Nice one

    Chad Mearhoff

    filthy frank much?

    john w

    you make no sense, my son.

  97. Mr. Zoinks

    Shit, I guess I've gotta watch Supernatural if this is its soundtrack

  98. papa squat

    fuck supernatural

    Sam Edwards

    hyepbbe no. Fuck you. No wait...I totally agree with you. Cas and Dean should Fuck. It's about freaking time though.

  99. Steven Wilkinson

    Hmmh ... Blue Oyster Cult are sublime ... I have known this for 39 years but it just really hit me square on listening to this song tonight ...