Blue Oyster Cult - Dragon Lady Lyrics

Out of the smoke of the dawn of man
Out of the ocean across the sand
Reaching forth with an ancient hand
Dragon lady

Out of the flames of a man's desire
A hair raising voice from an evil choir
Raining down like a freezing fire
Dragon lady

She appears mysteriously
You don't take her seriously
Until you're under her spell

Dragon lady takes you by the heart
Dragon lady takes you by the heart
You try to run but before you start
Dragon lady's got you by the heart
Dragon lady takes you by the heart
Dragon lady's got you she won't let go

Eternal lightning flashes across the sky
When the dragon lady shows you how to fly
Eternal lightning flashes across the sky
When the dragon lady shows you how to fly

Out of the cage in the center ring
Out of the crowd and straight to the king
Who's out of his mind with a mystical thing
Dragon lady

Out of the dream and into the night
A final look makes you die of fright
No one there in the candlelight
Dragon lady

She appears outragiously
You take her courageously
Until you're under her spell


Eternal lightning flashes across the sky
When the dragon lady shows you how to fly
Eternal lightning flashes across the sky
And the Dragon Lady's laughing as you cry...

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Blue Oyster Cult Dragon Lady Comments
  1. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Ok sry...Children... sassy ...can’t accept they ain’t all that. And won’t they be surprised it’s so not what they even think! Shhh. Ha! Thank you luv 🔥ha..when I’m done I will 🐉

  2. Giuseppe Circiello

    I dedicate this song to my beloved queen Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen!

  3. Edwin Bitsoe UNFORGETTABLE YEAR.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rocker01ndomablE

    Some 17 years before the first DSLRs hit the shelves,
    BOC already featured artistic impressions of long-exposure amateur astrophotography
    on their album sleeves...

  5. Duncan Bleak

    The momentum of this song gives me an adrenaline rush every time.

    Ten minutes before I go to sleep.
    Oh well. Might as well "Feel The Thunder".

  6. The Train

    This song is Game of thrones

  7. Michael Coleman

    Dragon lady got me by heart and balls both!

  8. Mesaque Elias

    Unico BR '-'

    Maverick Hiro

    Outro BR viciado em BÖC aqui broder!

  9. Josep Duran

    Underrated album but I love it.

  10. MEROX

    45k views for this song and for this band???? So much underrated

  11. Useless

    This is my guilty pleasure

    Where Am I


  12. Pedro Imitado

    I've always been a BOC fan. Even before they were a band. I just didn't know it yet.

  13. ant der

    This should have been an anime opening

    outrageous cheese

    100% agreed

  14. Corpse Desecrator

    I’d Play the OG Spyro games on PS1 while listening to this but seriously classik BÖC song underrated album pure genuine 80s Rock N Roll that could be soundtrack to a classik Slasher film back in dem days!!!

  15. rudy colas

    J'adore les Blue Oyster Cult, chanson que je connais.

  16. kenton jones

    more from ISAAC WOLFE go big i

  17. Marco Temperini

    Chinese triads. Fuckin' yeah!

  18. Isaac Wolfe

    This could be Daenerys Targaryen's theme song.

    John Houlgate

    Isaac Wolfe Dracarus!

    Frodo Bolsista BR


  19. kenton jones

    don reminds me of your playing! better than me !

  20. kenton jones

    Weird Wads Eat Me! FREE COUNTRY!

  21. kenton jones

    Eat my shorts!

  22. Alessio Leone

    There's something in this track that feels mystic to me. Gives me chills any time I hear it. And I think that this is one of Buck's best guitar works, I really love every guitar lick, is just perfect. Kudos to Mr. Roeser.


    This song is true BOC. Buck fingers that Axe superbly..

  24. Jim Lapine

    Amazing song

  25. lydia elena pascal bonilla


  26. Nikolaii2571

    Does this mean that a billion year contract has little, if any, validity?

  27. JayPixx77

    mysterious, and fuckin' rock'n'roll! Great 80'!!

  28. MarMar da Dog Pilot

    wats a soul? how do u kno we have 1? why do we have1, if we do? and how do u, n how is it possible to sell it? soooooooooo basically WTF DOES IT MEAN WEN PPL SAY THEY SOLD THEIR SOUL...................... seriously.

  29. thegrim450

    this shlould be the song played when fighting a dragon on skyrim :D

  30. gretzinabluehat

    Buck Dharma is an endless source of cool ideas and supernatural fretboard powers, I want him in my band.

  31. batman66ism

    very good track these guys don't fool around when it comes to good rockin

  32. TheDrunkenHer0

    @dykecookie what the fuck this rocks!

  33. Basil II Macedonia

    Could have been a great album, but was ruined by having several producers working on it, IMHO.

    jamie wesson

    lmho its a great album


    Dude... go listen to BOC for another 20 years, then come back to us

  34. carrienurse

    IMO opinion the most underrated song on this most underrated 80s Cult release. Thanks for the post Wizard.

  35. rudy colas

    Je suis fan de ce groupe vraiment j'aime les rebelles

  36. Radon8472

    Year, you are rigth cool song !