Blue Oyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult Lyrics

I am becalmed in virtue
Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams
Warm weather and a holocaust
The tears of God flow as I bleed

Left to die by two good friends
Abandoned me and put to sleep
On a shore where oyster beds
Seem plush as down
And ripe enough for the luxor dream

Recall the dream of luxor
How fluids will arrive
As if by call or schedule
Resume through the morning tide
Where entry is by seaweed gate
And plan the plan of dreams
To lose oneself in reverb
In all that is and all that seems

So ladies, fish, and gentlemen
Here's my angled dream
To see me in the blue sky bag
And meet me by the sea

The oyster boys are swimming now
To claim me back from the dead
The creatures back from vertigo
They fear to fall but haven't fell
Will reclaim tries and try again

The oyster boys are swimming now
Hear them chatter on the tide
Of the lost and language lost
Hear them chatter on the tide

We understand, we understand, we understand
And so do I
We understand, we understand
But fright is real
And so am I

So ladies, fish, and gentlemen
Here's my angled dream
To see me in the blue sky bag
And meet me by the sea

The entry to lost vestibule
Opens on the bay
An instant shape of mercury
Lost and then retained
An instant is an eyelash
Caught on the tide
Below this bay
And then besides...

The oyster boys are swimming now
One deal is what we made
Forest keys and whirlwind cold
Green keys too and keys of gold
Even locks that won't explode
When the skies become a scroll
Having lost its interest
See that's the deal we made
Just to join the Oyster Cult
The Blue Oyster Cult

We Understand, we understand - Blue Oyster Cult

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Blue Oyster Cult Blue Oyster Cult Comments
  1. T S

    Somehow I have always liked this version more than 1974 Subhuman

  2. Adrian Cooke

    Just magical

  3. Kjell Axel Östman Nostalgic inc.

    I do not understand the story of this album, its complex and deep as hell... BUT.. there seems to be a deal you can make to join the The Blue Öyster Cult!!! "Even locks that won't explode When the skies become a scroll Having lost its interest See that's the deal we made Just to join the oyster cult The Blue Öyster Cult" I would rather not be Abandoned and turned into a clam but if that´s the deal then sign me in!

    sputnick jones

    Sign me in also

  4. Tony P.

    Love this album. Dam. Played it to a buddy of mine 1988 summer. Brand New . He didn't know it was!! Lmao. I said, it's blue oyster cult ! Mofo haha. Holy shit! He said lol. Good ole days lol.

  5. Damien Thorn

    Devotion to a cause...
    The destination solitude.
    Perfect contempt for an imperfect universe.
    Perfect control, over the every consequence of design.


    I love the little OOOOOO in the beginning

  7. Matúš Knapec

    Do someone have a tabs for this song please???

  8. BOCfan

    Keep in mind that this is not really a BOC album, it was written and almost completely recorded by their former drummer Albert Bouchard. It was only released under the BOC name because the record co. Would not release it as an Albert solo record.
    Eric and Donald were brought in for final production to lay down vocals in place of Alberts already recorded vocals. This is the main reason Eric and Don don’t want anything to do with this album and why they don’t play any of it live. They know it’s really not a BOC album


    sun jester all you say it true. BOC has been my favorite band since The Rev by night album, from there I progressed backward in the catalog and discovered the greatness that is BOC.
    My favorite sci-fi character at the time prior to discovering the Rev by night was Elric! Imagine how my mind was blown when I discovered my favorite band had actually written with Moorcock about freakin Elric! Blown that’s all I can say. I know the catalog inside and out up to the Imaginos album after that I stopped buying their releases, however I’ve seen the band probably 10 times stadium to rib fest, never a bad show, unfortunately I came too late to see them with Al but I did catch them with Joe.

    sun jester

    ​@BOCfan Have you picked up the Columbia collection yet? It's only $70 on Amazon right now. The sound quality is much improved, even though Treaties and Tyranny still sound like crap.

    I also recommend getting the Buck Dharma Archives and his solo disc, and the post Al and Joe stuff. It's not as good as the classic line up, but still worth getting. That includes the Bad Channels soundtrack, Cult Classics, Heaven Forbid, and Curse of the Hidden Mirror. It's also worth getting Al and Joe's solo stuff.

    I actually learned about Moorcock from the band. I still haven't read any yet though, other than some comic adaptions. I'll have to get around to it some day.


    sun jester Have not picked up that collection as I had already purchased most of them as a re-release with the expanded songs. I did however recently get stalk forest group I have enjoyed listening to that. I’m also currently reading Martin Popofs book on Blue Öyster Cult. The Moorcock champion eternal cycle are good reads if your into high fantasy with dark themes. It’s Eric who loves that stuff and was of course the co writer with Moorcock.
    I have had the pleasure of listening to Blue Coupe and had purchased “Like Vampires”, good tune. Also agree with you regarding quality of material. BOC were definitely the sum being greater than the individual parts. The bands transcendent nature is clear given the fruit of the members post 81’.

    sun jester

    @BOCfan I put off buying it for awhile for the same reason you said, that I got the re-issues with the extra content. But that only goes to Spectres. The difference in sound quality is pretty significant. I heard things on The Vigil, for example, that I missed on the original recording. Plus, it's got the rarities discs.


    sun jester thanks Great Sun Jester I’ll check it out

  9. Leaf Shinobi

    I didn't even realize subhuman was this song lol

  10. Magnum

    subhuman. wonderful to have 2 complimentary versions, i prefer this one as its the bands name as a song...

  11. Blackwood Richmore

    If you could shag God... this is how it would feel. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Miranda Miller

    Robbie Krieger playing lead

  13. michael jones

    Woke up this morning with this song in my head. Listened to it for the first time in many years. Love Albert's vocals then Buck's choruses make my hair stand up, especially the first one. Simply amazing!

    michael jones

    ...meant to say Buck's bridge before the chorus...
    "Recall the dream of Luxor
    How fluids will arrive
    As if by call or schedule
    Resume through the morning tide
    Where entry is by seaweed gate
    And plan the plan of dreams
    To lose oneself in reverb
    In all that is and all that seems"

    Just Wow

  14. Muzzbustr

    Oh yeah.... We understand....

  15. Muzzbustr

    There's a GOOD argument to be made that THIS song should have ended up being their "signature" song, but how you gonna fight crass commercialism?

  16. john smith

    great solo!

  17. Rod Boudreau

    This is the best by far from. B.O.C.

  18. Steve Ravely

    the vocals are so emotional in this version, it's great

  19. Elektra •

    bu tarihin tozlu sayfaları arasında kaybolacak yorum ekinci zencisi gang tarafından yapılmıştır bu destansı şarkı için teşekkür ederim ekinci zencisi

  20. Sir Tontonolous Macouten

    And now, for ons of the most notoriously hardest songs to search for online. If you made it here, congratulations, you've won at Google.

  21. Andreas Meyer auf der Heide

    BLUE ÖYSTER BOYS...Unbelievable Magic...🎸🎼

  22. Mr. Troy

    Yeah, but, what, if anything, does this song mean? The lyrics, I mean?
    On the western end of Coney Island, Brooklyn NY, lies a gated community called "Sea Gate," whose sea-wall was smashed down by Sandy, the hurricane.
    "Where entry is by seaweed gate..."
    Could that be a clue to this song?
    RSVP, ladies, fish, and/or gentlemen,
    Perplexed Fishermann

    “...So ladies, fish, and gentlemen; Here's my angled dream: See me in the blue sky bag And meet me by the sea. The entry to lost vestibule opens on the bay.... Imaginos Below this bay and then besides The oyster boys are swimming now One deal is what we made Forest keys and whirlwind cold Green keys too and keys of gold Even locks that won't explode When the skies become a scroll Having lost its interest See that's the deal we made Just to join the oyster cult The Blue Öyster Cult "We understand, we understand, we understand"”

    (“It's Time: Tyranny and Mutation.”)

  23. Desdenova


  24. jimmyu rodriguez

    Still one of my favorite albums. Peace

  25. Joe Potts

    I knew, ever since i saw the album cover for the "Fire of Unknown Origin" that has hooded figured holding blue öysters, that the BÖC would have a song go into a little more detail on it. I have found it.
    "I understand. I understand. Blue öyster cult..."

    Steven Wilkinson

    Yes this is the Blue Oyster Cult origin song ...where Desdinova is rescued by the Aliens ..

  26. Krivobog Petrov

    Why this band so magical?

    Jonny ogy

    Krivobog Petrov I know right...isn’t it interesting how there are great bands, and then there are certain bands that just have that extra umphh no one can seem to explain. It’s not like other people suck it’s just there’s something different with some bands

  27. Rolo rmg

    Who else is listening this song right now? Best of the best!

  28. dok holidej

    Oh my God I love this album. Emotions and madness up to extreme limits.

  29. philboboggins

    bought this album on vinyl on a whim while looking for something "different" many many years ago, i still have and i still play it, i dont pretend to understand the story, or all the subtle nuances of this n that, that the hard core fans comment on.. i just love the music its fuckin great!!!

    michael jones

    We understand
    We understand
    We understand

  30. Dennis K

    that is deal that we made......

  31. Alan Fox

    We understand - how fucking AWESOME this CD is

  32. Roger Towle

    Albert Bouchard an underrated singer, I love all his vocals in their songs......great lyrics in this one "ladies fish and gentlemen"...and "meet me by the sea"...and "we understand, we understand, we understand"

  33. egagnard

    This is completely inferior to the original Subhuman off of Secret Treaties. I love this band however this is completely shit and the embodiement of the late 80s shit rock.

    Steven Wilkinson

    That's your opinion ... yes Secret Treaties is their greatest album, but there are many BOC fans who enjoy this album. This song does complete a circle & make sense to many of us. It's an Albert & Buck vocal trade off that sounds great to my ears ... as with the Astronomy remake it has no hope of topping the original but back in 1988 I was delighted to hear it, still am ...


    Its nice, I respect your opinion as well. I just prefer the original.


    A band's sounds changes and even matures over the years. It would have been impossible to make Imaginos at the time Secret Treaties was released.
    Obviously Albert (and Buck) thought this version good enough to include on what is arguably their magnum opus. I agree with their decision. This one isn't perfect but, it represents the maturation of the BOC sound over a nearly two decade period of time.
    And until I head Albert and/or Buck say they "hate" this version or regret recording it, I will continue to appreciate it for the excellent track it is!

    John Goodemoot

    It's nice to have opinions, but to assert one's own as if it were metaphysical certitude is really rather douchey.

  34. The Iron-hearted Wolf

    this is the ONE song, isn't it?

  35. John Houlgate

    I consider it a capstone to their whole body of work. The icing on the cake is Robby Krieger soloing. The Doors were a huge influence on this band.

    Steven Wilkinson

    I just read a great interview with Joe (highly recommended, covers everything from him joining in 1970 up to Imaginos) ..he seemed to suggest that Robby recorded guitar pieces for this album & they were all left off in the end ... Joe also recorded for 2 days & only has background vocals on this one ...

  36. Louis Guzman Jr.

    There best song since burning for you A+ killer

  37. Tom Slaton

    Plus sign here: Whirlwind Cold & Keys of Gold #&%& Recall the dream of %*#(* / How fluids will arrive/ as if by call or schedule/ resume(d) to the morning tide--->

  38. Luca Simmons

    This song is really their magnum opus. It should have been their last farewell because it incapsulates their sound and completes the story from Secret Treaties (and Sandy Pearlman's work).

    Justin Mathewson

    It's a great song. But I would have to say their Magnum Opus is either Astronomy or Flaming Telepaths. Secret Treaties as a whole is DEFINITELY their Magnum Opus...

    Damien Thorn

    Cultosaurus Erectus, then scroll around, and you end up at Imaginos.

  39. Commander Boom

    This song and flaming telepaths are their best songs. They have three versions of astronomy, but the third one seems to be lost in time. I used to live in El Paso tx, a radio station that used to exist called 99.1 the bandit played the third lost version of astronomy. They said it was impossible to find, even with todays advanced Internet search capabilities, it still cannot be found. It was a never before heard style of playing for them. It's not the shitty mecrappica cover. That didn't exist yet.

    Dean D aka TheLaughingMann

    There's four versions according to Wiki: The Secret Treaties version, the Some Enchanted Evening version, the Imaginos version, and a fourth that was re-recorded for A Long Day's Night (originally part of Cult Classics and was also used for Stephen King's The Stand TV miniseries from years ago).

    The Iron-hearted Wolf

    Dean D can you provide links please?

  40. Craftym Gaming

    I wish music like this was still made...

    Simas Kasparaitis

    it still is but you have to look deeper.

    Lx Dead

    You've got to check up "Ghost" - they are actually making music in BOC style.

  41. Zatoichi444

    Who can help someone that is lost in a world that probably doesn't even exist?

  42. Magnum

    always been a fave of mine...subhuman is just a piece of art...

    Steven Wilkinson

    The lyrics are monumental ... the music is crafted & unique ... it's BOC.

  43. Keith Gordon

    A brilliant song, the best on the album, and one of the best songs they have ever made........For my two good friends.......666......13.

  44. Alma Martinez

    Ladies, fish and gentlemen! o3o glub glub

  45. Maximus Quavius

    San Francisco's Cliff House hotel, burned down to it's foundations on 9/07/1907

  46. Mike Pierce

    This song was released in a different style earlier on the Secret Treaties album. The track is called Subhuman. Both versions are amazing.


    Subhuman on the live "on your feet or on your knees" double lp is phenomenal .

  47. Fear Gregor

    my childhood...thnx guys to find this forgotten song

  48. Jesse Leos

    Thank you!! My friends didn't believe such a song existed because it didn't show up on Spotify -.- but now I've got proof. No, we're not children.

  49. twin72

    incredible song

  50. Games On Flames

    As an eponymous song, it captures their sound. Synthesized, heavy, a bit weird, I can dig it.

  51. The Death Twitch

    *Searches BOC songs to jam to,scrolls down to like the video, already liked about four years ago.* Every time! I need new BOC vids to like lol

    Garrett Holomon

    The Death Twitch tell me you have heard harvest moon from their heaven forbid album then? I had never heard it till i saw them in concert. Its my new favorite song of theirs.

  52. stephen mcauley

    my first cd .takes me back

  53. Taylor Ritsema

    Poetry and lullabies


    Moon shadows know of thee for she never forgets whence them come hitherto Enchanted yet demystified ? diversive you may say but if one may...

  55. Barah Holloway

    Thank you for sharing...............I would also love to know the lyrics for all IMAGINOS album. 

  56. kingpinXXX100

    Man, this is probably the most underrated album ever....

    Rolo rmg

    Agree, my fav too!

    Jerome Kovach

    By far my favorite BOC song ever. Then again my favorite Led Zeppelin song is Tea for One.

    Mike Ober

    Imaginos is what got me to go track down older BOC albums.

    Damien Thorn

    This is my farewell song to the f...ked up human race.

    Cole Dixon

    nah, that is club ninja. This is in the top 5 though.

  57. ZZombyWooff

    always as beautiful and awesome song \,,/

  58. Prince Black Elf

    This really is the better version, lyrics tell the story better and the music is more atmospheric

  59. Rob Dotzler

    Amderjack, F*CK YEAH!  Ladies fish and gentlemen, just killer, nobody writes lyrics like BOC, period!


    Rob Dotzler So true!

  60. masago1015

    I'm a BOC musicmania,please poster all of lyrics of this album,I want to know them,thanks!

  61. Larry Frazier

    My New Years tradition since the album came out is to listen to this and Astronomy song as my last songs of the year.  I don't have an explanation.

    Markku Koljonen

    ;D A very good tradition! Tinja&Markku Have a Merry Xmas :D


    We understand, we understand, we understand.

  62. Myles Pawlessa

    What about the guitar orchestra? Marc Biedermann, Kevin Carlson, Tommy Moringiello, Aldo Nova, Jack Rigg,, and lastly but surely foremost (and right beside Buck Dharma) Joe Satriani whom all played on this glorious album....where did they all play in.?


    Dr. Jack Rigg

  63. Albert Bouchard

    Thank you. To answer some of the other threads on this discussion. The Blue Oyster Cult were not supposed to be human. All of Robby's guitar parts are on this particular song. I find it interesting that Tommy Price played the break before the first chorus as 8 beats and the second break as 7 (fright is real).


    Albert, what is your thoughts on this version some 30 years after its release? Do you prefer it to the ST version or the live capture from On Your Feet...?
    IMO fans can like what they choose but, you'll always get the final word.
    BTW, thanks for all the great music.

    Andreas Meyer auf der Heide

    ALBERT...forever Magic in Germany🎼🎸


    I was surprised to learn this album wasn't a commercial success. I bought it and loved it back in the day. I guess I just assumed everyone else did too. They don't know what they missed.

  64. Wes Clark

    "Left to die by two good friends..." This is such an interesting song!

    Steven Wilkinson

    on a shore where Oyster beds seem as plush as down ... & ripe enough for the Luxour dream ....
    This song has incredible Pearlman lyrics ..

    jamie wesson

    left to die with two good friends to my ears

  65. jfarrar19

    I for one think they are somethings that were created by Destenova (Spelling?)

  66. Bennebri Mohamed

    Thank you for all that moments of pleasure, can't stop listening it.

  67. Salasay

    is this on itunes?

  68. Garian

    I think that the wikipedia entry covers most details that casual fans are looking for, from what I've seen in my own recent burgeoning interest in BOC/Imaginos it seems like Roeser and Bloom want nothing to do with the album, Pearlman has gone AWOL, and A. Bouchard is constantly being asked the same things over and over, poor guy! I'm curious about J. Bouchard's demo of "In the Presence of Another World", and whether the Oyster Boys are human cultists or fishmen similar to Lovecraft's Deep Ones

  69. A A.

    imaginos is in my top 3 albums of all times. i think i played the cd until i learned every note and sound. :) the guitar solo on this song was (and still is) particularly interesting to me when i used to play guitar 15 years ago, i loved to play it. :)

  70. chip buhl

    at least i got to see em

  71. Amberjack1973

    "Ladies, fish and gentlemen ..."
    Some how that little line is one of my favorite B.O.C. lyrics


    How about "I know you want to make it - with my big black dog - but you just - don't know how to ask"
    Cagey Cretins - Secret Treaties

  72. Seclusionos Exalogicianos

    02-24-2013 ; On an historically "hard-to-find" album, This studio cut'd been dubbed "Subhuman" ,not "Blue Oyster Cult" ... Watch ot , this tracks' My favorite also , trust ... Potentially the finest metal band of all time , further trust ! It would be great to learn if BOC got more studio - time deployments' in contention -I'd get it by the pallet
    -Seclusionos .

  73. AngryPostmanSthlm2

    Its almost more than music..its a state of mind..holy shit they give me so much feelings,thoughts,happiness,sadness *sob*.


    Finn Foody

    Them or Dio

    The Iron-hearted Wolf

    Finn Foody and anathema

    michael jones

    Truest YT comment I've read this month!

  74. metallooney

    in a way I'm glad that this album wasn't popular--I can enjoy it more without it being overplayd to death.

  75. metallooney

    Happy 68th b-day to Eric Bloom(12/01/2012)!!

  76. TheZmeisterr

    2:57 'ladies fish and gentlman' what a line lol

  77. chip buhl

    man now i'm hungry for sea food

  78. altie29

    why is this version not on itunes?

  79. clubninjarock

    I have a version somewhere with all of your lead vocals. Is that Robby on those tracks or was he already removed?

  80. dizzaztergirl

    I love BOC ... And all the acid I took. Oh wait, you ruined my life! ;) Better luck for me next time around?

  81. Leif Ryd

    My favourite song of all time, all categories!

  82. chip buhl

    they put on one hellof a show

    sputnick jones

    Iv seen them more than twice I think

  83. 315alted

    Albert hey it's me, the scott muni guy "we understand" love this song and album

  84. Seclusionos Exalogicianos

    04-09-2012: Unkle BOC been crumplin' that mighty steel ever since the skys' begin to snow,trust! This Imaginos' studio-time initiative brutal ,for the day ,further trust ! This collegial subscribee anxiously awaits the empowerment & deployment of unkle BOCs' next YouTube album-ware .Sick !-Seclusionos .

  85. gbruceisgod

    Even BOC fans look at me strange when I mention this album but for me it is beyond awesome. The vibe on this track has always sent shivers down my spine. Genius.

    sputnick jones

    I love this of my favorite by them


    fantastique chanson ! toujours aussi beau ! merci de l'avoir postée. J'adore la mélodie, le piano qui swing, la batterie puissante, les guitares rock, la bass funky et sexy; le morceau Astronomy est superbe aussi avec ses guitares mélodique toute en finesse.

  87. nazzare79

    one of my fvourite BOC songs ever...maybe only 'Jhon Crawford' is better

  88. Albert Bouchard

    Robby Krieger (of the Doors) plays the lead on this recording. He played on most of the original leads for the Imaginos album but this outro lead and some bits in Magna of Illusion were all that were used in the final mix. I share the lead vocal with Buck.


    Al Bouchard you and the rest of BÖC are awesome! Your music got me through high school!

    Disaproving anubis

    Discovered you guys by accident while i was roaming the internet .just gotta say this is getting me through high school


    It was from you and your band mates that I learned rock music could have a mythology behind it. Many thanks.

    Brent Alan Adam Landgrave

    Albert Bouchard ...BOC's finest work, sir. Highly commendable. I always wished the band would've explored more occult rock. It was the most-natural niche you guys occupied. Thank you for everything.


    holy shit it really is you! the drummer of BOC! amazing work dude.

  89. Larry Frazier

    Thanks man. This and Astronomy are my favorite. My Son is into Metallica. I love them too. I am 48. I just wish he could understand subtle also. Buck is amazing!!!

  90. Alec Crawford

    @SuperAkebono Joe plays lead guitar on "The Siege and Investiture of Baron von Frankenstein's Castle at Weisseria".

  91. SuperAkebono

    The liner notes say Joe Satriani played guitar on this album, but it doesn't say which sounds like Joe not Buck in the outro solo. Anyone know for sure?

  92. Blaž Zdešar

    one of the best! Thanx for the upload

  93. Desrin

    @justinsibbald Thanks, it's one of my favorites too. I wish the quality was a little better, but I think it's youtube's fault because it sounds great on my laptop.